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A satisfied customer comments Utilboss - Version 2.0 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Golfshot 2.0 runs faster, uses less power and has enhanced functionality compared to Golfshot 1.0. GS 2.0 takes advantage of the new features available on iphone software V 4.0. Many thanks and keep the improvements coming

Keepin it classy Trep101 - Version 1.6 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Distance, score, putts, aerial images,layups,hazards,32000 courses....one fee!!!! Thx golfshot!

Golfshot: Golf GPS markwoods9 - Version 1.6 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

It works as described. What a concept!

Has improved my score through course management Donato Albano - Version 1.6 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

This app provides such accurate data about the course that I'm able to select the right club and more importantly avoid the incorrect club with each shot. There's no refuting that I'm shooting lower scores due to these decisions. Love the App. The only improvement I'd suggest is that you allow entry of the club used in the tee box before and separate from the total score and putts. This is a more logical sequence of events. Other than that, the app works great and the stats are awesome.

Golfshot w/iPhone 3GS Lisa Holden - Version 2.0 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

This is a great program! You will need a battery backup for your iPhone if you plan to play more than 18 holes or use your phone for emails or talking during your round. After 18 holes, the battery was down to 23%.

It works!!! jsh1177 - Version 1.6 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

I was VERY hesitant to purchase this app for $30, since I was thinking about getting a skycaddie... All I have to say is save a few hundred buck and get this instead, it works. The only downsaid I could see to this is that by the end of the 9th hole my iphone displayed the 20% battery warning. Still you can get a quick charger, a really good one for under $50 so no matter how you look at it you still save over $200. I'm very happy with the product, its GPS, the aerial view as well as the scorecard function is top notch.

Really well done !!! Create-a-Nick - Version 2.0 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Very nice app, well written and works great on a 3GS. I like that you can add other players via you address book and at the end of the round it will email them a copy of the scorecard.

The greatest skycaddy for your iPhone! daweeda2427 - Version 2.0 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Five stars easy. Every course I have ever played on was found by Golfshot and provided perfect yardage. All I need now is a car charger in the golf cart.

Great App! Bccoleman33 - Version 2.0 - 25.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

This is an amazing app that is great value for the money! I have no idea why anyone would sound hundreds of dollars to get an actual GPS unit when this one is so much cheaper and always in your pocket! I also love how I never have to deal with writing on score cards anymore and it keeps all my stats!

Working great dartmouth01 - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Version 2.0 worked great during the 9 holes I played yesterday. However, there doesn't seem to be an option to turn off the GPS with the power button press on top, so now the gps runs in the background the whole time you are playing, and not just when you turn on the phone. Great if you have 100% charge, but if I'm trying to conserve power between shots, I'd like the option to turn off the gps with that button press. without having to force quit the program. Little nitpick, but maybe they can add in the next revision. Also, if there is a way to track shot distances and have them recorded for each club, so over time you can see what your average distance is for each club, that would be cool! Also, I've been reading about how high accuracy GPS mode can be turned on when plugged into a power supply. Is there any way to toggle that option on and off when using Golfshot?

Golfshot 1.6 Broken1T - Version 1.6 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Great application. Love enhanced areial views. Also very helpful to be able to pick starting hole. Sometimes I start on back nine rather than on front nine, and it was a pain to have to scroll thru the first nine holes at the start of the round and then scroll back to hole no. 1 at the turn. Only shortcoming of this application is the time it takes to zero in on distance to the pin. Sometimes you have to wait a bit to long before being able to decide what club you are going to hit. But for the price...you cant beat this app.

Used on iPhone 4 today (right before 2.0 was released) Jsdn - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

LOVED this app on my 3GS, was very accurate. However today on the iPhone 4, yardage was off by 10-15 yards, which I never experienced on my 3GS. As soon as I finished playing this afternoon, 2.0 was released. Hopefully they fixed the gps issues on iPhone 4 with 2.0.

This App Beats $400 Range Finders Any Day MaribelG - Version 1.5 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

I love showing all my golf league friends this app. They can't believe all it does for 30 bucks (esp. the ones that have spent hundreds on separate range finders). They love getting an e-mail with their scores afterward too. This app does it all. Love the aerial view of the hole, ability to measure shots, detailed score and stats. Haven't had problems with battery life either. I've used it on my home course, and on several golfing trips in other states. So far it always had the course (unlike last year's version of Green Finder, which is inferior in every way). Only complaint I have is I wish it would adjust the distance a little faster. Love it, love it.

Great job!! Best golf app for your iPhone! Chef Trygstad - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

This is the first review I've ever written because this was the first app worthy of saying great job! Golflogix dosent even compare to golfshot the accuracy and view is way better. Scoring with golflogix was confusing golfshot was a breeze. The thing I would fix is the ability to track distances with fareway shots and all the clubs in my bag. Great job!!!

Golfshot Pantherrock - Version 1.6 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

A good app at a reasonable price. Very accurate yardages. Has good images of the course too. Highly recommend it.

Tried 'em all Intense5639 - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

By far the best.

Best Golf GPS I've ever used Kevin Rossen - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

I loved the simplicity of the main screen. I really thought I'd want to look at the aerial map a lot, but the main screen gave me all the info I needed.

Best golf gps app, period!! Ukjeep4x4 - Version 2.0 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Best gps app, one tenth the cost of sky caddie and it keeps track of all ur stats, I've stood next to multiple sky caddies and it's as accurate if not more accurate than they are!! Best $30 I ever spent!

Great addition to my Golf equipment. LewesJimR - Version 1.6 - 24.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Great Program! Use it 3 or 4 times a week and love the features. I have been able to add courses as I visit different states and really like e-mailing the completed scorecards to my golfing friends. Can be a little slow when syncing to a new GPS distance but it works great!

Oh Yea Sticks n Stones - Version 1.6 - 23.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Lives up to the hype don't delay but it today. Use the battery savings tips and you won't have any problems. I know my buddies with the Callaway UPro and Sky Caddie wish they would have waited and bought this App instead of having to carry another device!

GolfShot Rocks! KevCarter - Version 2.0 - 23.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

There are a lot of slick looking programs at the Apple Store, but I keep coming back to GolfShot. It works and it works quickly and intuitively. GolfShot is the gold standard used to judge the others.

Golfshot 1.6 CRufus - Version 1.6 - 23.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

This is a great value. However, the shortcomings are: 1) GPS positioning circle does not activate very well. Sometimes not at all. 2) "Distance for this shot feature" is confusing to operate. 3) You can pick your starting hole (shotgun events)-that's good. But when you finish hole #18 you have to scroll thru the entire previous holes to get back to the hole before your starting point. That defeats the purpose of the feature. But you can't beat this for the price.

Golfshot is Great! Rev. Tom - Version 1.6 - 22.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

I love my Golfshot app on my i-Phone. It is as accurate as the other dedicated golf GPS units, and it is easier to read. I use MiLi Power Pack, set the i-Phone to "Never" sleep, and end 18 holes with 100% battery left in the i-Phone.

GREAT APP, GREAT PRICE!!!! i love to eat app! - Version 1.6 - 22.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

I reluctantly bought this app after reading the great reviews. I was reluctant because, there aren't that many reviews. I was amazed that even my local executive courses were all ready in the system. My buddy has a sky caddie and he always gives me yardages when we play. I compared yardages throughout our first round after downloading "Golfshot" and we were always getting readings that were within a yard or two. The major differences are that I paid $30 with no subscription fee, my screen is bigger, crisper, and has more info to help you make an informed golf shot. I had 3/4 battery after my 4 1/2 hour round after setting up my phone the way they suggest. In all I love this app!! My buddy with the sky caddie is jealous and he might just become another "Iphone convert"!

Great App Thomas Schenk - Version 1.6 - 22.06.2010 - Vereinigte Staaten

Worked well in very bright sunlight here in Oklahoma. Sometimes in the aerial view, the movable target would not work. Don't know why.Thanks for a very helpful app. Even played well today.