Write A Review - Instructions


  • 1. Open iTunes from your computer
  • 2. In the upper right hand corner of iTunes type “golfshot” into the Search box and press Enter or select from the drop-down box.
  • 3. Click Golfshot
  • 4. Just under the images of the app, there is a Customer Reviews section. Just below the title, there is a link for Write a Review. Click that link to rate the app and review it. The rating scale is based on a 1-5 stars – 5 being the best, being the worst. We hope you choose 5! If not, send us a note at support@golfshot.com and tell us why you are unhappy with Golfshot.

Through your phone:

  • 1. Click the App Store button.
  • 2. Click Search in the bottom navigation bar.
  • 3. Type “golfshot” into the search bar and choose from the drop-down.
  • 4. Click Golfshot
  • 5. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Click the Ratings tab.
  • 6. Click Write a Review, then rate the app using the star scale (1-5; 5 being best) and write a review!

Thanks for reviewing Golfshot – it means a lot for our team and our community.