Customer Reviews

Golfshot is Great Rock N Rick - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United States

I am very pleased with the support info you get, ie stats, electronic scorecard, etc. However, my only complaint would be the yardage to pin is slow. It causes a slower round and at times you have the wrong info to base your club selection on.

I think it is very useful. girl golfer - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United States

I have used this at my home club and others in the area. I find it very helpful. Even though I have played there 15 years it still helps you choose clubs and manage your game.

Version 1.6 peterdwight - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United States

Only problem I find is that it is slow updating distance as I change locations on the course.

Golf shot 2dlrbill - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United States

This is a great product. Easy to use and appears to be accurate on the courses I have played. Love the scorecard function and the ability to email the scores to myself and other players in the group.

Most Usable Golf Application Weedend Golferlady - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United States

This application is amazing. As a weekend golfer, it has all the features we could want. Having our scores and other information automatically e-mailed is an additional feature that we enjoy. We would and have recommended it to others.

The stats really help. Bobby P. - Version 1.5 - 6/15/2010 - United States

I have found this app very enjoyable. I am focusing in on the stats, fairways and GIR and my scores are going down. Nice graphics and smooth. I also see I am losing strokes abound the green so I am working on that. Love this high tech stuff.

Brilliant Snuck - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United Kingdom

Great app! I use it for every round of golf that i play. Never use the course score cards now.

the best app ever!!!!! cook dog - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United Kingdom

total cracker i have gone from playing off 12, down to 8.9 due to this app. i looked at sky caddie and other market leading GPS. this app is so low in cost that you simply must buy it. not only do you get the GPS but the statistics are second to none. look at driving GIR and your putting. the best thing i have brough for such a small amount of money.

New version of a great app, worth the money DamianaBBanana - Version 1.6 - 6/15/2010 - United Kingdom

Having used the Golfshot app a number of times new (including the new version) my review is still 5 stars - I'll admit it chews up the battery a bit (even with the various tips, etc.) but it's worth it for accurate, always on distances, course planning, score keeping and instant and post round analysis. I love it! Original review - ** As title says, a great app - better than dedicated GPS units at a fraction of the price and with no monthly fees. Definitely worth the (initially scary) price of £18! **

Excellent app harro a1 - Version 1.4 - 6/14/2010 - Australia

Fabulous app. all you ever need for a round of golf, the distances, the scores and all of the analysis. If only it would hit the ball for you...

Great product for Canadians as well as Americans Eddie Ham - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - Canada

One of my biggest concerns in buying this app was Canadian/Ontario course mapping/availability. Every single course that I play (and there are over 40 I've played at one time or another) was listed as having been mapped for the program.

Good Stuff !! Tengku Farith - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - Malaysia

Excellent app and very reliable. love the new version where i can share my score on FB. I got the Golfplan with PA too. it really helps to improve my game.

GolfShot ntanna - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

An excellent application for the iPhone. Worth every penny. Not sure of the the facility to share scorecard with twitter or facebook, nonetheless I would not play golf without my GolfShot.

Golfshot GPS mick mac 64 - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Have had this on my iphone now for several weeks and very pleased with what it shows you and also does,I think the lastest updates are great.

Golfshot GPS Knockoutthepin - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

All I cn say is this is worth buying an iPhone for. It's a fabulous app and just as good as a Sky Caddy service at £280 and in some ways better. I use it every time I play whether its a compettion or not as knowing the yardage helps me hit a specific shot rather than a "I think its probably a 6-iron" and this commits me mentally to the shot. The aerial view is brilliant for away courses as you can spot the trouble visually and then plan your way around it (hopefully...). Cant give it praise enough. Only nit-picking but it would be nice to go from 1 hole straight to another (eg 3rd to 14th) as sometime I play the course like that of an evening practise hit. . David,

Great app (v1.6) Stregg - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

I play around Europe and sometimes elsewhere. Golfshot has had all but one course on it and that one was new and added soon after. It is a great app and better and easier to use than the others for the iPhone (I've tried them all). I thoroughly recommend it. Don't bother with your skycaddie.

Superb ** Best Purchase so far ** Soulworksuk - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

This is genius. Like most people you will question the £18 price tag, but once you've taken that plunge, you won't look back. Accurate distances, easy to use interface, great statistics engine which has genuinely improved my game, this is based on making sure you provide accurate information on the shots/score - sometimes after a bad hole you can be tempted to just punch in the score with no regard for the finer details - DON'T! It's taken 10 shots off for me, starting at 28 in May 2009, I'm now off 18 and ever improving, it's stable (no crashes ever), excellent tech support for course corrections and most of all it's reliable. Don't delay, get on board the golfshot GPS train today. Destination - Scratch!

Can't beleive how good this App is Jon Rokk - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Have no doubt, this App is phenomenal. It is just as good as any sky caddie costing over £200, but is actually more user friendly. It has every golf cours I have ever played on. Unbeleivably good. Do not hesitate to purchase.

Bang on. Tom Eales - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Can't say a bad thing about it.

Golfshot GPS Tee it up Tone - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Amazing product. If only playing the game was as simple as using the app! Great analysis tool to show your strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

Golfshot v1.2 Darren Webb - Version 1.5 - 6/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Had my reservations about the price but compared to the SkyCaddy type gizmo's available it seemed a no-brained. Even had my home course already held on the database which was a pleasant surprise. Works really well and just as advertised. Well worth the purchase for any golfer considering a GPS tracker, though current version is more suited to iPhone than the iPod Touch, which loses my review a *

great app!!! countrygrammars - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United States

i love this app. its very helpful and i look forward to it getting even better with each update. why buy a just a golf gps when u can get golfshot on the iphone.

easy to use Patricia Kopnicky - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United States

Not a computer nerd, love to golf and this is easy to use

Golfshot GPS Review Winnnad - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United States

This app is great!! I have used it on 25 different golf courses since the first of the year. It has exceeded my expectations. I was not looking for another gadget to carry around and the iphone app from Golfshot was perfect for what I was looking for. Yardage distance was on target for all courses played. Tracking your statistics for all rounds and analyzing ultimatly will help a serious golfer improve. The cost for the app is well worth what you get in return. Highly recommended.

best golf app Munir Ahmed - Version 1.6 - 6/14/2010 - United States

I think this application for golf is the best application for the money.other apps close you in for a yearly subscription.never had any trouble playing in any course