Customer Reviews

1.6 david41073 - Version 1.5 - 6/12/2010 - Australia

i cannot fault this app

Great app, lots of Aussie courses! Andrew McGowan - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - Australia

I was worried at first how many courses would be listed but it has them all, best of all if you find one you can inform the makers and they'll update it. Cool features, running stats, easy to enter scoring, gps works great, and when you finish a round you get emailed a copy of the scorecard! Awesome! Must have for golfers of any skill!

A1 AdrienBarrieau - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - Canada

Great value for the price of the App. Remember to fully charge your iPhone

Too good to be true NIckname? lol... I'm not 12 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - Canada

I'm waiting for the punch...the flaw... that whatever. this app is unreal. I have a skycaddie. clumsy crap. I have greenfinder. it's like a baby's version of this. I can't believe I didn't find this app when I was searching. Or I simply didn't open my eye. this app is head and shoulders better than anything out there. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Excellent MarkDurban - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United Kingdom

Very useful app. Yardages are spot on for most holes (although sometimes you have to let the gps catch up once you get to the ball). Love the stats very well designed interface and the fact my friends get emailled their scores to their phone before they have totted up their own cards!!! As for battery life on a 3gs i have had no problem. I use the top button once I have got my distance and although you have to wait to Refond the gps this only takes a few seconds so get the phone out whilst you walk to you ball! I hardly ever see my battery go below 60% after a full 18 by using it this way. Great app and worth the steep price!

Great golfing aid Pete1991 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United Kingdom

Golfshot is a great tool. I know it's incredibly accurate as our course has been laser measured and the marks they've put on the fairway correspond exactly to the yardages in Golfshot. It's especially useful when you're out of position on the fairway and looking across to the course yardage markers wouldn't help. Some people complain that you can't get around the course without the iPhone battery dying, if you turn off the Bluetooth and wifi, turn the screen brightness down and put the phone on standby between shots you can play 36 holes. Complain to Apple, not Golfshot!

Mr Dean1960 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United Kingdom

Accurate and as good as Golf SAT Nav's when measuring distance. However, this offers much more with its "statistics" option. Excellent value at £16.99. Thoroughly recommend this App.

Excellent value Gunbies - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United Kingdom

Excellent app. Saved me the £300 on a standalone gps device and does exactly the same. Best app I have downloaded so far.

CEO, Elite mortgage & lending, Inc. Jon Parker - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Best app ever! Why would anyone waste money on a 300-400$ gps or rangefinder when this is far better and always updated! Don't know what j would do without it.

Very good app, useful, Oo Hyon Kyong - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

A little too busy to punch input. Perhaps 'save' could be automatic as punch next hole.

Great app! Shawn Bond - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

This is a terrific app for the price. A little slow and innaccurate a few times. Otherwise it's great.

Very good product Nailedit - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I have been using Golf Shot since August of 2009 and have been pleased for the most part. It does take time to acquire satelites when updating yardages but not so long as to be problematic. If you lock your iphone it takes a long time to acquire satelites and get yardages going again so if you don't have a problem with battery power, keep the phone unlocked. Many of my playing partners have seen me using Golf Shot and have been impressed with the program and its accuracy on the course. I know of one who has since gotten the app and several others implied that they were going to get it also. The biggest drawback is if your round takes longer than 4 hours the battery power will get below 20%. Also if you use shot tracking frequently you may have a battery power problem.

Best so far Seifus - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I've used all the Iphone golf gps' that are out there and Golfshot is the best. I play with a friend every week and he uses a hand held gps that cost several hundred dollars, and now he leaves it at home and we just use Golfshot. The other day while playing golf, another player saw me using it and downloaded it to his Iphone right after the round was done. Great Product. I've also been usine Golfplan, it's a great complament to Golfshot.

Golfshot Alvis1228 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Great app., works as advertised!! The email of the scorecard is really a nice feature. Does everything a Skycaddie and more without the high initilal cost and the cost of yearly updates.

The best and getting better Joseph Shipley - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I have used this for over 50 rounds. It's super easy to use. Accurate as the units in the carts and really amazing for score tracking and stats. Love that I can keep the stats of the golfers in my group too and all get emails when we are done. Keep up the good work.

Awesome app once you learn how to use it well Thomas Browning - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Wanted a Golf GPS for xmas and instead my wife got me an iPhone plus GolfShot for about $100 less. Have played two rounds so far and absolutely LOVE it... VERY happy she went this route. First round one of the players had a skycaddy and second round one had a Garmin G5... this app worked comparably with both on the GPS side... but kicked their butt as far as the picture, scoring, etc. Every golfer was jealous and wanted to get an iPhone just for this app! VERY important to learn how to use it and conserve battery. First game I had trouble keeping the GPS on and ran out of batter... learned to use the GPS standby mode (phone standby but GPS active) and had huge improvement on the back 9 and second round. Finished 4+ hour round today with 30% remaining on my battery... Garmin guy had to replace his batteries half way through the round! Key to good accuracy is to set the phone still for about 60" before you take the reading... if you are in a rush, use the map to determine your location and drag the 'layup' to your point... quick linear distance. Very surprised after my first round when I got an email at home with my completed scorecard! Can't praise it enough... well worth the price.

Two Words. It's Fabolous law n - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

It's easy to use the app, easy to see and very accurate on yardages. I would buy it again n a heart beat. I wasted my $$$ on a Sky Caddy in the past.

Golf Shot rhino5150 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

does everything you could wish for at a great one time price

Golfshot Fluffy0310 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Application is awesome. Easy to use and provides me with great information about the course I am playing and my statistics. I highly recommend to all my golfing buddies.

Best app ever! Brent0410 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Very accurate yardages and gives very valuable stats that help me to see what i need to improve on.

General Comment Diver806 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Good improvements

13 handicap Wanabrd - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

Great App. 80 rounds and it is perfect for me

This application is perfect DWC69 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I have used this app while playing about 100 rounds of golf and it never ceases to amaze me. A few highlights: 1. It seems to have every golf course charted. I played a goat ranch 9 hole course in Atoka, OK a month ago and it was in their data base. Unbelievable. 2. The distances are remarkably accurate. 3. The map view is awesome. The ability to see right where you are on the course and to use your finger to determine the length of shot you wish to hit and the remaining distance after that shot is really unique and useful in course management. This is especially true when you are playing a course with which you are unfamiliar. 4. The email it sends after the round is very useful if you are tracking a handicap. 5. The statistics (and your past scorecards) it keeps online is very useful as well. 6. I love not having to worry about broken pencils or missing erasers. 7. It keeps everyone's score. 8. I like the fact that it will accurately mark the distance of the last shot. Because of this feature I stopped hitting my driver and now hit only my three wood. My score has dropped from low 90s to high 80s as a result. Previously I didn't think I could give up the yardage for the accuracy, but using the app convinced me the yardage loss was not that great. Good decision. 9. I have a 3G(s) and have not noticed any unusual drain on the battery. Certainly no worse than an application that is streaming audio. My only dislike is that it takes about 60 seconds to find its location, so you have to wait a bit to make your final club selection. But I cannot recommend this app more highly.

Good App Jeff2121 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I like the app but it is taking a long time for the yardage to get accurate. All of my friends have the app and even standing side by side it takes several minutes before our phones will show the same yardage. I love the aerial view of the hole and the ability to pick out any spot on the hole and get a distance to that spot. Last I would like to see the yardage from the score card for the tees I'm playing listed in the program. That is necessary information on dog legs and par 3's. Instead I have to carry a score card.

Golfshot PawPaw24 - Version 1.6 - 6/12/2010 - United States

I just love this program and you get a lot of bang for the bucks. Keep on improving the program as time goes by.