Customer Reviews

Fast Thomas Borries - Version 3.4 - 10/29/2012 - United States

Very fast on my new iPhone 5. I've used this app on every round in the past 2 years, about 200 rounds, worked great on my old iPhone but is much faster on the 5.

Don't bother with a sky caddie! Dingers1984 - Version 3.4 - 10/29/2012 - United Kingdom

This is even better and cheaper than any thing I have used be it a sky caddie or whatever, easy to use and up to date

Don't buy anything else chris vilkas - Version 3.4 - 10/28/2012 - United Kingdom

This app is the best app I have ever seen plus I have no reason to have to spend money on a sky caddy as this does the job just aswell plus more with no yearly subscription you will save yourself a fortune

Great App. Dasher390 - Version 3.4 - 10/28/2012 - Australia

Best app on the market for GPS distances only problem is you can't use it in a comp because if its on a "Smart Phone" that has a compass or weather apps built in its illegal, if this could be fixed between manufacturers it would boost sales enormously .

Best club I've got RVmcneil - Version 3.4 - 10/28/2012 - United States

This is the best "club" that I have in my bag. I rely on it all the time, especially when playing on a new course. It really impresses my friends when I send each of them a copy of their scorecard after our round. They can see how many putts they've made, track their drives and see their GIR. I use the GIR the most to see my improvement. You too need this app to help your game.

The best Dannnnnnssssss - Version 3.4 - 10/27/2012 - United Kingdom

Very good app but the scorecard does not appear when you rotate the phone....please bring this back on the next update.

Officer STANLEY MAHLATINI - Version 3.4 - 10/27/2012 - United States

Love the app. It is as accurate as my laser range finder, but way cheaper.

Fantastic Dan In OZ - Version 3.4 - 10/27/2012 - Australia

Fantastic app. It is expensive but it works. So easy to keep statistics. Wouldn't play without it.

Brilliant app aaron maxfield - Version 3.4 - 10/26/2012 - United Kingdom

Best golf app ever

Great app Plianthos - Version 3.4 - 10/26/2012 - United States

Simple interface. Great analysis. Easy to use. Great app. Worth every penny.

Brilliant app chubbs008 - Version 3.4 - 10/26/2012 - United Kingdom

Best golf app ever

The best app on the App Store Richard Don - Version 3.4 - 10/25/2012 - Australia

A must have app for any golfer. I would not head to the course without it.

The Best However..! Mark Tennant - Version 3.4 - 10/24/2012 - United Kingdom

Scorecard on rotate is set but no longer works! Tried deleting and reinstalling app without success. It's a hassle without, so please fix ASAP.

The best golf gps. Jebbend - Version 3.4 - 10/24/2012 - United Kingdom

However, please bring back rotate for scorecard in next update. Why did you remove that feature?

Better than my garmin Chris Coelho - Version 3.4 - 10/24/2012 - United States

In all honesty, I use this app more than my $300 garmin. I really like how you can keep score throughout the round, and have the scorecard sent directly to your email. Very happy with this app.

This APP is the sh*t James kristian g - Version 3.4 - 10/24/2012 - United States

Enough said

Awesome!!! BGT2011 - Version 3.4 - 10/24/2012 - United States

10 times better than Golflogix. I trusted Golf Digest and bought both subscriptions for Golflogix ($40) and basically flushed that money down the toilet. Not only was it double the price of Golfshot, but it's also a recurring annual fee and it doesn't even work!!! It's worthless! I was ignorant and did not know there was other options out there like Golfshot, and now that I do I will never go back.

Sick app!! darren anselmo - Version 3.4 - 10/23/2012 - United States

Better than my sky caddie and fraction of price

Easy to use. Raidermaan - Version 3.4 - 10/23/2012 - United States

Just replaced my Skycaddie with this app. Used both side by side for comparison and app was inline with GPS though out round. Took me about 3 rounds to get used too. Best thing is no more yearly fees and got the app on sale!

exceptional David York - Version 3.4 - 10/23/2012 - United Kingdom

I really love this app. It has taken me a couple of rounds to get accustomed to it but I wouldn't want to play without it now. It has replaced my Bushnell rangefinder. The only downside, I guess, is where temporary greens are in use.

Love it!!!! CHRISTEN BRANCA - Version 3.4 - 10/23/2012 - United States

Golf courses need to encourage this to go GREEN even off the course!!! Think of what they'd save on scorecards. More people need to use this app to not only be green but also to seek improvement by comparing previous scores and tracking which courses were played. This app lists tons of courses even the free one in Sharon, pa!!!! Wow nice work great app thanks to apple for supplying it via iTunes Store too!!!! ;-) love ya much cya on the greens!!!! Ciao4now, cb

Sick app!! D-blizz - Version 3.4 - 10/23/2012 - United States

Better than my sky caddie and fraction of price

Exceptional Turradar - Version 3.4 - 10/22/2012 - United Kingdom

Bargain price and brilliantly designed with quality, accurate software.

UNREAL Mackman16 - Version 3.4 - 10/22/2012 - United States

I have been using this app for a few years now. I haven't found a course across this beautiful country of ours not in this app. Distances are all within 2-4 yards of a laser range finder, course layouts are accurate and very helpful. Stat tracking is awesome & the fact you can keep track of your friends scores! Just an unreal application.

More accurate than $300 device Forestuds - Version 3.4 - 10/22/2012 - United States

I downloaded this App and ran it side by side with my two year old gps unit and the app was always more accurate. Not to mention it has great game management features for self improvement. Only comment would be the overhead view is great but an added fly-by would put it over the top. Bravo.