Customer Reviews

Its great!! uyou31 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I have you used it for three rounds and love it. the gps compared to my upro is the same and golfshot has much more for a 10th of the price. it really helps to show what you need work on.

1.6 reveiw justaskbarry - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I really love this app with 1 major acception. Golfshot needs to be a lot faster about updating the courses. I helped layout a new course and sent in the info, they never came out and finished what I wasn't able to. been waiting almost 6 months for them to finish and find areial images for my favorite course. Not really sure what is different about version 1.6

iPhone as GPS on the Course thersant - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

My buddy and I have used Golfshot at 38 different courses here in southern CA. Only once have we not been able to use it because of reception issues and once it did not find the course we had chosen. He has a subscription range finder and we find them very closely calibrated (within 5 yards) on most holes. He envys my ability to keep score for the entire foursome and mail everyone their game score and stats automatically. Also of note was that my GolfShot does not limit me on the number of courses I can carry in it since it just selects the nearby courses based upon where we are. He has to download each course before we leave to the site. I value the stats on whether my shots go left or right, short or long and the clubs I used at the tee box. A most useful tool for game improvement. My sole complaint is the slowness in getting a precise yardage reading, his is faster. I'm hoping that the speed improves when I get the new version of iPhone, my current one is the 3G. The sharing features on the 1.6 version are not my cup of "tee", perhaps because my game is nothing to brag about.

Simply the Best! IronicNicknameHere - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

This is by far the best application to date for the iPhone. I rivals any handheld GPS for yardage and exceeds any based on ariel imaging. You can pay $400 and still have to carry another device or you can just bring your phone. For the price and quality it's not even worth looking into other alternatives.

How many yards to the pin? million21 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Golfshot works well. a) Every course that I play is in the system. b) Yards to the pin works great. I also like the layup function. c) Score cards by email and on the web is great d) The distance of last shot function is a little funky.

Golfshot on iPhone is excellent cjh111 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I have owned two stand alone GPS devices. I like the Golfshot best. I get all the information I'm used to, and don't have to pay per course fees or yearly subscriptions. All of the courses I've needed have been available. I particularly like the scoring, and statistics. Switching to aerial view and the ability to select a point and get yardage is very valuable to me. As a fairly short hitting golfer, I frequently need to know how far it is to the end of the fairway, etc. I can easily get that.

A must have! GormMS - Version 1.5 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I love this gps. Works great and speeds up play. Very reliable.

As accurate as golflogix JCRobertson - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Great application. Distances as accurate as playing partner's golflogix. Excellent upgrades this last version. Keep them coming. Have made it 27 holes on same charge with 3g iPhone!

works GREAT! skwieland - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Fantastic Application. Within a few yards of the most expensive hand held GPS.

Golf Shot GPS BigDaddyAwesome - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Excellent views with fairly accurate yardages to key points. Tracking of shot direction, clubs, gir, fairways and putts is very helpful. An effective golf tool.

If you play golf, you need this app! 28green - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

This app has a great interface & easy to use while playing. Follow their recommendations & you should have plenty of battery to make it through a round (I only went through 40% in 18 holes) using GPS. The support staff gets back to you quickly. All the stats are great to have and the auto-handicap is another great feature. The free app is great on it's own and the GPS is worth the price if you find you need it.

The Golfshot App is a better buy than a dedicated Golf GPS for a fraction of the cost! AppraiserAl - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I purchased the Golfshot app at the same time that I purchased my i phone. The reason for the i phone purchase was to upgrade from my former phone and to not pay $400 for a dedicated GPS. Golfshot works well. No problem seeing the screen on the course in any type of light. I have found that with a fully charged phone and using the recommended battery conservation measures suggested in the program's instructions, I can get in a full round of 18 holes. I've played 12 rounds so far this season using the app for my own score and the others who were playing in my foursome. Only ran the battery down the first time I used it by not following all of the instructions. It does pay to have a car charger to use after your round or you will have a low battery as I've had low battery warnings in several rounds. I've found yardages are acurate and using it has taught me a lot about how far I hit the ball which has improved my game. So far, I've found one course that I played which wasn't on the list of courses. I copied the score card and it was added a few days later. I may never get back there, but, at least it will be there for others when they play that course. I enjoy the feature that emails my scorecard to me and the others in my group. There are a lot of good analysis statistical features that I'm starting to use having played a number of rounds. I purchased an Otter Case for the i-phone which is more waterproof for those wet days on the course and also adds protection if you drop the phone (I've done so). I truly believe that I'm better off with the flexibility of a new i-phone and a low cost golf GPS app than I would have been if I had purchased a $350 to $500 dedicated golf GPS!

Good for the average golfer mikbaker1 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Very useful for the average golfer. Maybe not enough stats for the 12 and under guys.

Golfshot Wenlee21 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Awesome app!

I love the app. It works well on every course I play. orobert89 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I use it constantly. Recommendations:

Can't beat it Jlfrank - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I'm just an average Joe golfer. I really enjoy this app. It's right on with all of the other devices out there that cost 5x or more.

Golfshot Affliction golf - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Of all the apps I seen and used golfshot is hands down the best

Great app The Profsr - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I used it and got through all 18 holes on the battery. Barely. But I then charged the phone in the car as I left the course, so it does work, battery-wise. The distances were accurate. After my round I was given the option of emailing my scores to my phone's email that I can keep throughout the golf season for comparison. I really like that. It was a sunny day and I had no problem seeing the screen. This sure beat buying a handheld GPS for golf. I rarely buy apps and usually go with just the free ones but this is one I am glad I bought.

Love this app SamSchredni - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Golfshot is terrific! It does everything I want and need in a golf GPS. It is easy to use and captures the data that I need to help improve my game. I would recommend it to everyone. Oh by the way, I haven't found a golf course in southeast Florida that isn't on Golfshot's library.

Best golf tool I ever purchased Sid Richison - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Amazingly accurate. Used it on several courses with yardage marked on sprinkler heads and it was never more than 3 yards different. Battery issue is real, but easily overcome by turning off 3G, disabling notifications and data push, and following the advice included in the program. Has all the golf courses on my rural county. Overall, this is a GREAT value! Others I have played with who bought dedicated GPS units for $399 or more are jealous that I can carry Golfshot on my iPhone and get scorecards and statistics for such a bargain price.

Mr. Markwilson345 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Very good program. I have no problem keeping track of all my scores and stats.

Golfshot Arnie96 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

I like keeping score with Golfshot. The statistics are really great to find where problems are and improve game. Need more battery life to do more than I am.

Gets Better & Better! KPinKY1947 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

For several years I used a Sky Caddie but when I purchased an iPhone 3Gs the first app I went looking for was a golf GPS. After looking at several that were available, I decided on Golfshot and have not been disappointed. It is more accurate than my Sky Caddie and does a lot more, including keep my scores and statistics! The only downside to the program is the somewhat slow response in settling on a yardage, but after 30 seconds or so the number that it gives is generally accurate to within a yard or two. The last couple of updates to the program have added greatly to its usefulness and tell me that the Golfshot developers are hard at work to keep their product on the cutting edge.

Great App Lsrdoc - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

This is a great app. It does well as a GPS, exceptionally well as a golf stat program. Linked with Golfplan it is a great way to analyze your weak areas and start to correct them. The GPS distances sometimes change slowly, but that is more a reflection of the GPS on the IPhone. I have been very happy with it and have used it for aver a year. The link capability has no allure for me as of yet. Maybe it will in the future.

Keep track or you're a hack Ozzy58 - Version 1.6 - 6/10/2010 - United States

Easy to use while playing. Love the statistics and ability to e-mail scores