Customer Reviews

Excellent Franco214 - Version 1.5 - 5/9/2010 - United Kingdom

I'm not usually one for spending more than 99p on an app but i took the risk on this (based on the reviews) and was not dissapointed!! It offers the whole package, yardage calculator, scorecard, handicap calculator & round statistics. The handy sleep facility stops the application from draining the battery and awakes virtually straight away to give you yet another accurate yardage calculation. Excellent app well worth the monet!!

Best App I've Owned! Nickname here... - Version 1.5 - 5/9/2010 - United States

I have used all the features of this app now and I can't think of anything I would change. The GPS, course maps, and other information is all extremely accurate. One of my courses recently changed the holes around and it is already updated on the app. I tried another popular golf app that requires a yearly fee and it doesn't come close. I've tried other similar apps and this one is by far the most intuitive, packs the most features, and is easiest to use.

Great App! JonTheKing! - Version 1.5 - 5/9/2010 - United Kingdom

Great app worth every penny, if you play golf then this is a no brainer as it's extremely useful.

Brilliant Brilliant Golf App Maverman - Version 1.5 - 5/8/2010 - United Kingdom

Have used this 4 times now and it's superb. The game stats are very impressive and the e-mailing of the score card is fantastic. I think some of the yardages are a bit off especially on the 'track last shot' function. I'd walked a good 25 yds before it started tracking and came up with 3 yds !!! Anyone know why ?? Anyway, if you play golf buy this app. Finally battery power is ok so long as phone is fully charged.

Awesome Zed Muir - Version 1.5 - 5/8/2010 - United Kingdom

Quite simply, it's brilliant.

Great Tool ewga golfer - Version 1.5 - 5/8/2010 - United States

I love golfshot and find it extremely useful and easy to use. My only issue is that it uses up the battery quickly. I have purchased an extra battery in order to get through 18 holes. Any improvement in that area would be appreciated.

Köp Nikon69 - Version 1.5 - 5/8/2010 - Sweden

Jag säger bara KÖP!

Great GPS! Great customer service! Buy this app! jbfeenstra - Version 1.5 - 5/7/2010 - Canada

Well I just played my first round using this app and it was worth every penny I paid for it. I had never played the course before and the arial view and all the distances to sand and water helped a lot. The yardages were very acurate. There was one small 9 hole course that I play, that wasn't on the course list, so i emailed in the correct information of the course, and in less than week the course was added! Great GPS and even better customer service. For the $30, it's an unbeatable value!

excellent application mattwinspear - Version 1.5 - 5/7/2010 - United Kingdom

excelllent application for the money, even emails you and your friends rounds for you once completed. Needs a battery expansion pack to complete round so in all for around £50 I've got what others have with their £300 pound systems....

Golfshots Okcranger05 - Version 1.5 - 5/7/2010 - United States

Pros - No annual fee. Seems to have every course in my area. Customized layup yardages. Movable marker in aereal view. When GPS is locked the yardages are very accurate. The scorecard function is great. I actually like that it doesn't auto advance to the next hole. I was able to pull my golf cart and enter the scores for my group while walking to the next hole most of the time.

Buy it 9barDave - Version 1.5 - 5/6/2010 - United Kingdom

Premiere League App. Me and my fella Softhands use it all the time... When we're not in bed!

Golfshot: Golf GPS Dizzyz - Version 1.5 - 5/6/2010 - United States

I have used this program about 6-8 times in Florida - Naples and NC. Every time it found the golf course and provided accurate information. It may take some time to get used to the "sequence of things", but once you do, it works well. The only negative that is consistent is the fact that it does take some time to get accurate yardage infomation -- current position to the green, bunkers, water, etc. Many times I've had to wait almost a minute or so, for it to "count down" to the accurate number of yards from my position to the green. I really like the fact the it sends me an email after the round of golf with my score card completely filled out. Unfortunately for me, the sat. photos of my home course were shot during the "brown" winter time, so everything is a bit ugly with the arial views. My net on this program is that it is very, very good. I would recomment it to others.

Grym app! Disiznxt - Version 1.5 - 5/6/2010 - Sweden

Lätt värt pengarna, köp

Brilliant Barry Ward - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United Kingdom

Brilliant app and superb service. They even added my local pitch and putt course at my request. :D

Excellent value Delrankin - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United Kingdom

This is 'the' app for keen golfers. Works perfectly. All you have to do is know how far you hit the ball with each club!

Great Scott brazil - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United Kingdom

Dynamite, doesn't have my new course which has only jut opened but has every other course in my area. Fantastic.

Terrific chiefed - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United States

This app is terrific. At less than $30, it's almost a no-brainer for anyone in the least bit serious about improving. Take the time to learn how to use the program before going on the course. I was embarrassed my first time out. Everyone I show this to can't believe the low price for such a great program.

Awesome! Chris Skypeck - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United States

It works great! Make sure you read the guide, makes things very clear. Well worth the $$!

worked well JF001 - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - South Africa

I have used this app on 4 courses in the Pretoria region and it works great!!

Brilliant 8a22a - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United Kingdom

Brilliant app and superb service. They even added my local pitch and putt course at my request. :D

Awesome! Chris in Boston - Version 1.5 - 5/5/2010 - United States

It works great! Make sure you read the guide, makes things very clear. Well worth the $$!

Tried and Tested aro48 - Version 1.5 - 5/4/2010 - United Kingdom

Purchased this App back in November. Used it at many courses and it is the real deal. Useful stats and info if you enter your scores. Only drawbacks ar that recent course changes are not always there as some satelite images might be a year or so old. (Yardage books are rarely up to date anyway). It is quite heavy on the battery so you could do with a back up, even in GPS mode only. Worth every penny though. Gone from 8 to 6 handicap.

trouble with stableford Cescisking - Version 1.5 - 5/4/2010 - United Kingdom

I have used the app a few times now and think it is brilliant,i didnt know you get an email sent to yours and a playing partner of your round,very good indeed.The only problem i have is the stableford scoring system seems different from the normal one i use? Would appreciate if anyone could shed any light on this for me,overall a great app and you will be very happy you purchased it!!

Golfshot - Excellent App Arnmanus - Version 1.5 - 5/4/2010 - United States

I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical, when I first read about this app. Up until now, I’ve not been impressed with some of the other apps that use GPS which includes the “Tom Tom” APP. I used the GolfShot app this past weekend and absolutely loved it. It was easy to use, gave accurate yardage information and I also loved flipping to the different views. The app also gave great statistics, now if they can only figure out how the app can improve my swing, we’d have a perfect program.

Saved me 10 strokes Cabana2008 - Version 1.5 - 5/4/2010 - United States

I can now say that I can shoot in the low 80's and no more 90's....thanks again for making a good app!