Customer Reviews

Fabulous app but I have been told that it may not be used in competions? twoshortplanks - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United Kingdom

Apparently because of other apps that an i phone can use ( weather details and spirit level etc), it is not legal to use this app in a competion. As mentioned elsewhere it is extremely power hungry in use and unless you disable other functions of the phone the battery will not last 18 holes. In use the app is excellent, I particularly like the score card function and the fact that it emails you a copy of your saved scorecards.

Golf Shot Review John Sokolowski - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

I have had GolfShot for over six months and love it. All the guys I play with keep asking me how far they are from the pin and I always help them out (wish they would buy it themselves). Some of my buddies have other expensive systems and when I tell them how much GolfShot is they are flabergasted. In particular I love the statistics that I can access anytime.

Golfshot is the best MrMac2010 - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

Golfshot on my iPhone is the envy of every other golf GPS purchaser. My friend has a SkyCaddie which he paid about $350 for and it doesn't do anything like my Golfshot program. Under the current purchase program which requires no further payments, this is an absolute must for an golfer iPhone owner.

great app andypp - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

I bought this app even though the course i normally play has gps in the cart. When i golf somewhere else i find i really need the yardage, alot of courses aren't marked well. I've played in San Deigo, Nevada and Lake Tahoe and all the courses were there. this is so much better than buying $400 unit. It works great and its right there on your phone.

great for travel imurhuckleberry - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

this is a great application! I have used it in 3 different states. You have to use the stand by feature between shots otherwise you'll need to wait approximately 30 seconds @ your ball before you'll get accurate distances. Great for storing your stats, tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are. I have other range devices and this is as accurate as any.

The Very Best Golg App alex134 - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

Amazing app. Very accurate and easy to use.

Blessed on the Course Mr Insurance - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

Last summer my Pastor and I were playing a round of golf and we were using my Sky Caddie . He told me about Golf Shot so I ordered it through Apps while on the fifth hole and compared the two for rest of the round. It was spot on and you can keep the foursomes score if you choose to, track your fairways hit, yardage of drives, number of putts, etc. and it even e-mails you a copy of your score card. It does everything they claim it will do with ease. I gave him my $300 Sky Caddie, but now he has to pay the annual fee, my Golf Shot was a one time great deal and makes the IPhone that much more justifiable.

Great app 2euce - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

This app is great- just make sure you turn down the brightness on your screen to extend your battery life. The yardages are very accurate. Make sure you sync to the golf courses in your area regularly. I have been VERY HAPPY with the consistency and accuracy WITHOUT a subscription.

My favorite app. gordonkl - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

Great deal if you are interested in keeping your score, saving your scorecard, getting distances. One low fee with no yearly renewal. Has the course layouts for all the courses I have played.

Love this app but Kevin Gomes - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

This uses a lot of battery life. what can I do to stop this from happening. Otherwise it is fantastic.

Mr Malsell - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United Kingdom

This is excellent used it now on 3 courses, the aerial pics are brill, even with my little trips onto wrong fairways it shows distances to hole in straight line from where you are, already started to save shots. No problem with using in competitions on home course.

Love this app but KEVGO1 - Version 1.5 - 3/29/2010 - United States

This uses a lot of battery life. what can I do to stop this from happening. Otherwise it is fantastic.

Great tool to improve your game Geoff Nicholson - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - Australia

Fantastic App!!! Does everything a Golf GPS should and has really helped with my game. Five Stars

Impressive accuracy to help club selection mbm3 - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - Australia

I have been using Golfshot for a few months now at about seven Perth courses. I find its accuracy astonishing and very useful in trying to decide whether to carry a hazard or lay up. Most importantly, the scorecard, complete with auto email to my playing partners impresses non-users as well. Initially distracting when trying to concentrate on your game, you can soon settle into a level of comfort. Great app!

Great application PoorGolfer - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Arab Emirates

This application works really well. The statistics are great and provide a great deal of usefule information on where I should improve. The GPS is really accurate and locks-in quickly enough to avoid disruption of the pace of play. I found only one hole wrongly mapped so far out of 5 courses I've played, but this is only a minor glitch which does not compromise the overall quality of the software.

Golfshots Bart64 - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

An excellent application for the price. I haven't found any aspect of it not useful. It saved me the expence of buying a handheld GPS device which I intended doing this year.

Golfshot GPS weehuggy - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

I can thoroughly recommend golfshot gps for the iphone. I have wanted a golf gps handset for some time but could never figure out which one to buy and justify the costs involved. So when I got my iphone I bought golfshot gps - wasn't exactly a difficult choice as a friend had golfshot and had raved about it. Anyway I have found it to be a fantastic gadget and very useful tool - for yardages etc and also for analysing scores. If you turn off all unneccessary applications and turn on "location srevices" only then you will have no battery issues at all. You turn on golfshot whenever you arrive at the course and you are off and running - no subscription costs - it takes a few minutes to figure out how to the use the system but quick and easy when you get the hang of it. I have used the system on 4 different courses and all worked perfectly - great help when playing an unfamiliar course.

Brilliant App David Dommett - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

Wow, I bought this hoping to avoid having to purchase a dedicated golf GPS and I am delighted to have succeeded. Not only is the GPS great, yardage seems accurate to within a couple of yards, I now have stats to hand that have helped me understand where I drop shots and what to practice. As others have said, the only issue is battery life. I have solved this by using a charging jacket that also protects the iPhone when on the course.

Awesome Pdxtal - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

If I could give it 6 stars I would have, very very good, well worth the money... Recommended to every one I know

The BEST Daz Keech - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

Used this app a few times now, easily the best I and playing partners have seen and used. Recently emailed Golfshot the new stroke index's for my local course and had an email reply and software update within 2 hours, awesome!!!

Golfshot David Chesnut - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

By far the best GPS on the market. All my buddies have Sky Caddies and evry other GPS devise available. They all agree that mine is bar far the best. The only problem you run into is battery life. I bought a Mophie to extend my battery life.

Great johnmitosinka - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

This is the best and easiest Golf GPS made. I have bought two others and they don't nearly compare to Golfshot. Thank you so much.

A "Must Have" App! Tattooed Golfer - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Golfshot GPS is a must have app for any true golfer. We know who we are...obsessive compulsive golf fanatics that track each week based on when our next round will be played. Anyway, this thing is legit. The scorecard interface is tight and convenient. The GPS distance measurements are pretty accurate. Although if you're like me an addicted to the certainty of laser rangefinders like Bushnell's, then this will be your "b"-grade alternative. What really makes me love this app is the online statistical tracking feature. So awesome to see where the different aspects of your game is improving or suffering from month to month. Really helps identify where the off-course work needs to be focused. I am addicted to golf, AND to Golfshot GPS!

Well Worth the Money mikede26 - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Excellent tool. So easy to use. I enjoy reviewing my games on the score card which is automatically sent to my email. I can see what I did wrong on each hole including what club I used. I need to improve my putting.

Golf gps E-PODLER - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

This app is awesome!!