Customer Reviews

Great App bnsprof - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

I've played 7 rounds now with Golfshot GPS and it has performed flawlessly. Initially I was locking the iphone between readings to preserve the battery which required some forethought to unlock it a min or so before needing a reading to allow the GPS to get a good lock. However, I now have an external battery case which allows me to keep the GPS on continuously. This app is CONSISTENTLY more accurate than my stand-alone Golflogix (Garmin GPS). Probably not because the GPS receiver is more accurate but rather because there is less human error in the way that Golfshot accesses GPS data. It also performs way better than several other iPhone apps I have tried where I had trouble getting through a round without crashing the app. Golfshot is bulletproof (the app has never crashed), if you accidently close the App, when you turn it back on, it takes you right back to the point you were in the round. I've found that I can easily record scores of a foursome and input my stats while going from the green to the next tee, no time lost. You do have to manually advance to the next hole (unlike my Golflogix) however, if you're keeping score with the app, which I can't imagine not doing with this app, you don't want it to automatically advance (at least until you've recorded the scores). And all the extras are really nice, automatically e-mailing the round to all your playing partners, keeping cumulative statistics, computing a USGA handicap. This is clearly the Cadillac of iphone Golf GPS apps. Don't buy any stock in stand-alone GPS units!!

CPA Anamu - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Excellent product I use it every weekend

Golfshot is Pretty Good Buffdriver52 - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

I've used Golfshot for about six months now in many rounds of golf. Once the GPS settles in It's very accurate, but you have to be patient because it can take up to 2 minutes for the GPS attain acceptable accuracy. Until then it can be up to 20 yards in error. The crosshair feature in the aerial view is not very user friendly or easy to adjust accurately. Aside from these two very small problems, this is a very handy app for golfers of all skills.

Great App Sven Schaefer - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Can't be without it. The only thing: it eats battery thru the GPS real fast. So put it to standby as much as you can and/or get an aditional battery pack.

CPA William Soria - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Excellent product I use it every weekend

Brilliant App etherealbody - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United Kingdom

Wow, I bought this hoping to avoid having to purchase a dedicated golf GPS and I am delighted to have succeeded. Not only is the GPS great, yardage seems accurate to within a couple of yards, I now have stats to hand that have helped me understand where I drop shots and what to practice. As others have said, the only issue is battery life. I have solved this by using a charging jacket that also protects the iPhone when on the course.

Great App SvenTomcat - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

Can't be without it. The only thing: it eats battery thru the GPS real fast. So put it to standby as much as you can and/or get an aditional battery pack.

Golfshot Wallstreet27 - Version 1.5 - 3/28/2010 - United States

By far the best GPS on the market. All my buddies have Sky Caddies and evry other GPS devise available. They all agree that mine is bar far the best. The only problem you run into is battery life. I bought a Mophie to extend my battery life.

Complete Package Macgregs - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - Australia

I have a Sureshot GPS and this application Golf Shot GPS. Golf Shot GPS is as accurate as the Sureshot but this application is a little slower to adjust to the length of shot, only by 5 seconds. Then it has the golf stats package which is far better, it stores a large amount of games and emails each game at completion to your round. I use the stats package every game and the gps is a great backup as I already have my Sureshot. If you are looking to buy a GPS use this first you won't beat it on price and even if you don't like the GPS for distances the stats package is a must, you will always have the GPS as a backup when you forget your other device. CAN"T BE BEATEN FOR PRICE.

stewart carr not got one, don't want one - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United Kingdom

this app is brilliant. Simple easy and well worth the price. Its made me realise how far I don't hit the ball and made club selection more accurate. Its lowered my scores! The graphics, course selection and updates are excellent.

President Jerry Scalpone - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

Golf Shots is the best GPS and golf analyzer with respect to keeping track of my shots. It has allowed to know what part of my game needs work. Thank You

Best app for golf ohp251 - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I've used this app for a couple of months now and love it. Easy to keep my scores and stats. My friends like that it sends them an email after our round with their scores and selected stats.

Only Better if had Iphone Poor Man Golfer - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I would rate this 5 stars if I had a Iphone, with the Itouch the scoring is really nice and it keeps track of GIR, Putts, Fairways. I like it.

Best golf App Ajk5 - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

Great Application that is well worth the money.

awesome! boxta - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

very accurate, good scorecard feature, and just very easy to use and pretty... pair it with an external battery, and i leave it on all thru 18 holes and don't have to deal with slight inaccuracies while acquiring GPS again (after standby)

Superb golf app Staflo - Version 1.4 - 3/27/2010 - United States

Have used Golfshot since October 09. Well worth the small cost. I was using a dedicated golf GPS when I started using Golfshot. Laser rangefinder before that. Yeah, if there is a gadget I'll try it. Golfshot works great for me.

Best Golf application on iphone and mobile devices Jimmy Ng - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I have used several application - on Windows Mobile platform and on iPhone. This application is the best. I started without my course as part of the database. I sent my scorecard and it is now completely available. All courses near my location is also now available. The GPS works very well. The scoring system is simple to use. It sends an email to me and I forward it to my golf club. They now enter it after I email them. It is so convenient. There many other features like statistics.

Great app Can't putt - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

Golfshot is a fantastic app. Well worth the money, I have owned a Skycaddie for 3 years, not anymore. I carried both for 3 or 4 rounds on different courses to make sure it was as accurate as the Skycaddie. I didn't renew my subscription.

Worth every penny. JaredTrombetta - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

Worth every penny. This is a great app. Not only does it help guage distance for you, but the statistics tracking of each round you play, is amazing. I would recommend this app to anyone asking.

Very impressed! LFA Golfer - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I am a very avid golfer playing a minimum of 2 games every weekend. I have been using this app for several months and could not be more pleased. SG5 doesn't even come close.

Satisfied customer American in Australia - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I have just used the application for two rounds and am thouroughly satisfied with it. It is very easy to use and checking the accuracy against set markers on the course, it is accurate. While I have a mophie battery extender, I have not needed to use it by following the suggestions on saving battery life. My golf partners have liked receiving a copy of their golf card on their email site. The application immediately identifiied couses in my area and there have been no gliches on speed or reliability. Although I have only used it for two rounds I am sure I will continue to enjoy the Golfshot GPS. I would recommend it to others without reservation and have.

Great value for the money Lazykd1 - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I am very tight with my money. I thought many times about paying $30 for this app. It is worth every penny. If you play golf and have a 3G iPhone, then buy this app. It is accurate and easy to use. It will speed up your round because you won't spend time finding the nearest sprinkler head and then walking off the distance. Using the aerial view you can calculate the distance to any obstacle. Fun statistics on your rounds for the number junkies. Using the sleep mode built into the app ensures your battery will last through the round.

Director M. R. Yardy - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I have tried all of them and been playing golf for 28 years, (Currently a 6 hcp). If you want to save time and have the best, save money, inprove your game, this is it. I have been using Golfshot for 2 years and have played all over the United States. It really is the best.

Golf golferoutof control - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I love this application and got rid of my other range finders. Even when I went to a course that was not on Golfshot, I followed the directions (picture of scorecard, etc.) and it showed up on my Iphone.

Love it Bowmanclan - Version 1.5 - 3/27/2010 - United States

I love it. It is easy to use, keeps track of all statistics and even e-mails you a scorecard when your round has. I had Sky Caddie and I like this much better.