Customer Reviews

'nough said..... Ryan FB - Version 3.4 - 2/10/2013 - United States

it is a very useful, accurate and informative tool to track a current round, and review the positives and negative trends in your own swing/game. ....get it

Great App - Great deal Vishal Makhijani - Version 3.4 - 2/10/2013 - United States

While I think some of the stats features could be improved, I have little else to complain about golf shot for iOS.

Better than my SkyCaddy SGx Lloydjohnson84 - Version 3.4 - 2/9/2013 - United Kingdom

Amazing quality, all the courses I did pay for on my SGx at a fraction of the cost. Great signal and tracking of scores, fantastic app, a must have for any techno-golfer!!

Awesome app Kevin Venus - Version 3.4 - 2/7/2013 - United Kingdom

Has all my local courses. Brilliant!

Great App west141 - Version 3.4 - 2/7/2013 - United States

I tried several different apps before this one. I stopped looking when I found This one is the best and has every course that I play and the surrounding area. Now, most of my playing partners has switched to it. It is a must have if you play golf.

Fred Fred adeg - Version 3.4 - 2/6/2013 - United Kingdom

Best apps ever for Golf and no subscription just one off payment

Golf shot Simon Ring - Version 3.4 - 2/6/2013 - United Kingdom

Great app, very useful. I have heard tho that you can not use this app when playing club completions is this true?

Great app, very accurate and all courses I've ever played are available Alexander Hoffmann - Version 3.4 - 2/5/2013 - United States

5 thumbs up

Super APP Flynhog1961 - Version 3.4 - 2/3/2013 - United States

I have used this app all over the USA and in Europe, it is TOP SHELF! So fast and really sips the battery in the iPhone V!

Very Good Golf App DG1-A - Version 3.4 - 2/3/2013 - United States

This is one of the better iPhone apps. The designers paid attention to the text and icon colors and sizes making its use without reading glasses practical. The course layout and score keeping features operate very well. The course databases seems extensive, but I have only used it in the Atlanta Metro area. General navigation is not as intuitive as it should be, thus a bit of research and trial and error is required to become proficient with the app. The main negative is with score distribution. It does not seem possible to keep scores for other Golfshot users and directly post these to their GolfShot profile.

Skycaddie beware! WARDINO1 - Version 3.4 - 2/3/2013 - United States

I am fully converted! After years of using my Skycaddie SG5 I am now retiring the device. Golfshot is far superior in views and options. Love it!

Rapid Mattman7655 - Version 3.4 - 2/2/2013 - Australia

1 of the best apps I have

Golf shot davy carpets - Version 3.4 - 2/2/2013 - United Kingdom

Best app I've bought to date don't think you can beat it

Great App Sarnow76 - Version 3.4 - 2/2/2013 - United States

I love this app. Great for keeping score and tracking progress! I would highly recommend it!!

Great App Giantswin - Version 3.4 - 2/2/2013 - United States

Great app for the money

Bang on. massiftoe - Version 3.4 - 2/1/2013 - United Kingdom

Can't say a bad thing about it.

Bargain :o) Big Perch - Version 3.4 - 2/1/2013 - United Kingdom

Very pleased with this app!

£20 !!!!!! tuggles wilson - Version 3.4 - 1/30/2013 - United Kingdom

What a bargain.

Choice of Number of Holes to Play Missing Keys1906 - Version 3.4 - 1/30/2013 - United States

I love this app! This is more of a recommendation than a review. Please consider the choice (in the beginning) to choose either 9 holes or 18. Currently, there is only one option - 18 holes. Other than that, I've used this app EVERY time I play!! Great app!!

If only my game was as good as the App! pretty sorry - Version 3.4 - 1/29/2013 - Australia

The app is very good. I've bought a couple but this stands head and shoulders above everything else.

Fantastic Apethatisbig - Version 3.4 - 1/29/2013 - South Africa

Best app of its kind, all features you would need on the course

Great for numbers freak! mizuno_bbcha - Version 3.4 - 1/29/2013 - Thailand

I find this app really helpful for those golfer who wants to review their rounds and trying to be better. it does help you with the bird eyes view so you can make a better decision each shots. recommended app!

Good, but... GaDuffer - Version 3.4 - 1/29/2013 - United States

This is a good app. It was a great app until the last update. Then being able to view the scorecard by turning the phone horizontal quit working. Once this gets fixed will be great again.

Scorecard view freezes C540 - Version 3.4 - 1/27/2013 - United States

Great app, have used it for several years and would recommend it. One issue in the current version is that the scorecard view freezes the program. This started happening after the last update. Needs to be fixed ASAP because it is very irritating to have to reboot your iPad just to continue to use the program. Other than this, the app is great.

Excellent tool! Bolarious - Version 3.4 - 1/26/2013 - Canada

This app is a must for any golfer whether serious or casual. Dont waste your money on a golf gps that costs a monthly or yearly service charge. The gps is nice but the best part of this app is the score and stats keeping. Recommend it to EVERYONE!!