Customer Reviews

Awesome App. Worth the $$$ Walkdiesel - Version 3.2 - 4/29/2012 - United States

Initially, I was really turned on by the scorecard and shot tracking features. I wasn't really wanting a range finder. However, once I started using it, I starting selecting the right club more often and it's been a big help. The scorecard is crazy easy and fast to use. I really love stats. And being able to keep track of my progress is just great. Love it.

Awesome App! C'mern - Version 3.2 - 4/29/2012 - United Kingdom

Does everything it needs to do very well. Such a useful tool. Money well spent.

Amazing app! Raiden1338 - Version 3.2 - 4/28/2012 - United States

This app is awesome. Everything you could want from a gps app and they even email you the scorecard after the round.

Golfshot baldybouncer1960 - Version 3.2 - 4/25/2012 - United Kingdom

I was looking to get a golf gps but was put off by prices and the thought of so many of them requiring an annual payment etc. I saw this app and I thought it was going some very lame excuse for a golfers accessory but I have been amazed by how great this really is. Once you have had a play around with it and mastered the way to use it, it is fantastic. Sync it with wi-fi to download any course you are near. Just used it in Spain no problem. The gps is very accurate indeed. I would recommend this app to anyone. Forget the expensive stand alone units, this does it all.

Hawkeychic Bohawks - Version 3.2 - 4/22/2012 - Canada

I think this APP is the best out especially for your money one time fee after that it's yours every season. I how where ever you are you can sync any course and it picks up all where ever you are . I compared this to the gps from some courses and it was picking up the same distance I think this is the best APP out there and before you buy one where you have to pay yearly and then you can't pick up all the courses around you buy this one easy to use and has all features of the best.

Great app! Bored of reinstalling! - Version 3.2 - 4/22/2012 - United Kingdom

There's not much more that I can say about this that hasn't been said already, but it has helped my game with regards to club selection massively. The gps is very accurate and all the other info (125/150 lay ups, bunker/ditch carry etc) are also very useful. It may seem a bit pricey, but compared to standalone gps devices it's an absolute bargain! Highly recommended.

Love this app! Duker MMA - Version 3.2 - 4/21/2012 - United Kingdom

I've been using golfshot lite for a while now and have been really impressed with it. I used to use another free app to do the gps but it was too much hassle going back and forth between the apps.

Best Golf GPS by far! AndyB4242 - Version 3.2 - 4/19/2012 - Australia

I have tried many gps golf apps and 2 gps hand held devices. This app is the best I have come across in an extensive search. I have played it now for nearly a year, without any issues. It is very accurate and simple to use, it won't take you long to figure it out. I have played it at several courses with ease . If your phone is fully charged( I use my iPhone) then you will have enough juice to last a round however, I set my default display time to 2 minutes before the screen goes into power save mode ( the same as using the phone in normal mode). I have a back up portable charger bought from eBay for about $20 which I used once when I forgot to charge my phone. All good. This app is very very good. You won't be disappointed believe me!

Very good - but not perfect golf gps Azerndt - Version 3.2 - 4/19/2012 - United States

In general, i think this is a very good app. This is a the first gps app I have tried on the iPhone and overall am very happy. The stats, particularly, are very helpful. I have only played 4 rounds with it so far and it is already helping me understand the areas of my game that need help - the numbers don't lie.

It WORKS DLGolf - Version 3.2 - 4/17/2012 - United States

First... It's a little annoying to not have a phone # to contact customer service. However, I quickly learned that I didn't need it. They respond to my emails very fast. The app is just as accurate as SkyCaddie. Believe me, before I committed to GolfShot I had my SkyCaddie on the course with my iPhone. The stats are amazing. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the estimated handicap ratings. How accurate is this feature?... Other than that... I can't complain.

Great Golf Tool ACDrumn - Version 3.2 - 4/17/2012 - United States

I've had GS for over a year now. It's great. The yardages are just as good as any GPS/range finder. I always compare yardages when playing with other golfers who are using other well known products, and it is always within a yard or two. The scoring and stat features are especially helpful, and shows you what you need to work on. It was the best $30 on a golf product I have ever spent.

Golfshot GPS works just as promised!! Dale Krause - Version 3.2 - 4/16/2012 - United States

Used the app on the golf course for the first time and what a great app!! My partner was using a laser range finder and it proved that the gps was accurate within an average of one yard! I have had the scorecard app for a while now and have always been pleased. The gps made it complete! Thanks!!

Great app PoRkS Z3 - Version 3.2 - 4/16/2012 - United States

This app is great, i really hope they continue to work on it to make it better.

best golf course app ever! golfgirl 17 - Version 3.2 - 4/16/2012 - United States

I downloaded this app a year ago and the only time I had a problem is when I drove from NY to Florida and had not turned off my phone at all. All I did was contact golfshot and they told me what to do and one thing was to turn off phone completely and let it reset. App worked beautifully after that. It has had every course I have played on and I use it every day. Love how it gives me all the distances I need plus track distance of my shots. You definitely get your money's worth. Will never, ever have to buy any other golf course gps. Everyone I play with downloads this app because they love how it works on my phone. Keep up the great job golfshot!!!

Golfshot GPS works just as promised!! drk128 - Version 3.2 - 4/16/2012 - United States

Used the app on the golf course for the first time and what a great app!! My partner was using a laser range finder and it proved that the gps was accurate within an average of one yard! I have had the scorecard app for a while now and have always been pleased. The gps made it complete! Thanks!!

Awesome app Dr_El - Version 3.2 - 4/15/2012 - Canada

This is worth every cent you pay for it!

Real review - 5 stars - must have Crash crash crash!?!?!?!??! - Version 3.2 - 4/15/2012 - United States

This is a real review - this app is GREAT!!! Did you notice NO yearly membership fees?!?? VERY ACCURATE gps yardage - NO COMPLAINTS I love the stats tracking, swing tracker is very cool, and at the end of the round it can email your friends a copy of the scorecard! I have use for 5 rounds and battery life has never been a problem for me (but I also limited the gps running in the background since I really don't need on every shot). For me it beats buying a laser finder and no way would I ever get an app with a yearly membership fee vs this one. THIS IS A MUST OWN FOR ANY GOLFER!!!! - again VERY ACCURATE - COOL FEATURES

Works wonderfully Donkeeeeeeeee - Version 3.2 - 4/15/2012 - United States

To the donks that say it doesn't work--turn on your location services!

Great App - Would love to see 2 more features with next UPDATE Chaddddderr - Version 3.2 - 4/14/2012 - Canada

The app is great, for the price compared to other GPS devices is incomparable. Yeah it might be 2-5 yards off at times, but for amateur golfers I'd rather pay the 30 bucks over 200 anyway. Plus the convenience of it always being on you.

worth the money jcbk1234 - Version 3.2 - 4/14/2012 - United Kingdom

I was looking to buy a gps system and then stumbled across this iphone app,im glad i did because it has saved me spending over £100 for a new gps.

2nd time out bull3438 - Version 3.2 - 4/13/2012 - United States

I find the app very usual. A little tricky at first bu you cam kee[ a accurate score card. I do recommend that you go over the demo and than practice before you go out on the fairways. over all for the price it's worth every penny spent

Love it Port Dave - Version 3.2 - 4/11/2012 - Australia

Great app. I use this all the time now. Love how you can get yardages soo easily.

Wow great app denis laplante - Version 3.2 - 4/11/2012 - Canada

Cette appli vaut totalement sont prix très efficace et beaucoup moins cher qu un télémètre

Wow great app boum15 - Version 3.2 - 4/11/2012 - Canada

Cette appli vaut totalement sont prix très efficace et beaucoup moins cher qu un télémètre

Great value!!! Slain79 - Version 3.2 - 4/10/2012 - Canada

Gotta say this program is absolutely great. I've had it for two seasons now and it has gotten progressively better with each update. A lot of people complain that the program eats up battery life and I have also had it happen to me. But fear not fellow users the newest update really did work. The biggest update to golf shot would be the programs ability to acquire satellites more quickly. The battery life issue is still debatable but I have found the perfect solution. Now when I play a round, I keep my phone in my pocket or where ever but I keep it locked. As I am walking up to the ball I'll pull it out, unlock and within 20 seconds I will have acquired enough satellites to get an accurate yardage. After I am done I lock the phone back up and repeat as needed. Using this method on a 100% charge I managed to play 18 holes while getting accurate yardage readings and I only burned through 15% of my battery. That's frickin awesome considering when I keep the program open for the whole 18 it drains the sh$t out of my battery. Mind you my battery is over a year old now. Anyways try the phone lock method and ur phone should have enough juice at the end of your round so you can call a taxi because it was a rough 19th hole