Customer Reviews

Great job Alsolo56 - Version 2.5 - 8/7/2011 - United States

Great application. iPad user. 4.5 hour round of 18 and I still have 50% battery. Loved the stats at the end of the round.

Best app ever MGA99 - Version 2.5 - 8/7/2011 - Canada

Dead accurate on the course. Love the stats tracking. The best app I've ever purchased.

best golf gps for iphone 4 Alberto Manzanares - Version 2.5 - 8/7/2011 - United States

The best one ive used. worth the money..saves paper .. likes the score card

best golf gps for iphone 4 Bleon IMK - Version 2.5 - 8/7/2011 - United States

The best one ive used. worth the money..saves paper .. likes the score card

Wow BuzzLightBeer73 - Version 2.5 - 8/6/2011 - Canada

Played with it for the first time today. Great app, yardage are very and gotta love the stats portion of the app. Really easy to use and was surprised at the battery usage. 25% of my battery for 18 holes

Great App Andre SA - Version 2.5 - 8/6/2011 - South Africa

I used the App twice, it works wonderfully. I switch off between shots and have no battery problem. Distances are perfect. Would have been great to keep stats for more than one player,for family use. Makes getting the iPhone worthwhile.

Awesome! Docolove - Version 2.5 - 8/6/2011 - United States

Works great as gps!

I LOVE THIS APP!!! Mary Arch - Version 2.5 - 8/5/2011 - United States

I LOVE to golf and I was excited to find this program.

Totally worth it Buckeye golfer - Version 2.5 - 8/4/2011 - United States

I've played three times with it and won't play without it ever. Pinpoint distances to all major features. Totally reliable.

Spontuz CaptSchulz - Version 2.5 - 8/4/2011 - United States

Awesome app! Does everything it says it will. Will improve anyone's game..

#1 Golf GPS App Vegas 60+ Golfer - Version 2.5 - 8/4/2011 - United States

As a senior average golfer, two rounds a week, this is a great App. Use with my ipod with a Dual GPS with no problem with not having enough battery for the complete round. Just with the ipod on stand-by when not using. The yardage is accurate and scoring is easy. Statistics function is great to see where you need improvements. Highly recommend this App far over the other golf GPS Apps that are out there and have tried, Golfshot is the BEST!!!!

Best app I ever purchased! Cool_C - Version 2.5 - 8/4/2011 - United States

I've had GS for over two years now and have over 100 scorecards that I can still pull up and view when I want. It's been instrumental in helping with my game. For the price, no other golf app has compared. Golf logix claims they are the number one golf app but their gps is so shoty that the trial version didn't even function properly. Neither did the full version I was told by a friend who had it. If Golf Shot is left as is I would never complain for a second! The only thing I wouldn't mind seeing added would be second and third shot club selection and result and putt distance similar to G Logix options. I love the distance tracker on G Shot it would be cool if it recorded my occasional 300+ yrd drive somewhere though. As is like I said it's still my favorite app. With those additions it would send it into the stratosphere and would have to be crowned #1 Golf App! Thank you for your years of service GS and I only paid one time! You rule!

Works good now guerrin - Version 2.5 - 8/3/2011 - Canada

Initially this app would not work. Golfshot support was very good they helped me troubleshoot my problem and eventually I ended up taking my phone in to apple for diagnostics. My GPS chip was found to br faulty not allowing me to get a good signal. Apple replaced my phone and now Golfshot works fine.

Golfers Must Buy IgnorinMyWife - Version 2.5 - 8/3/2011 - United States

This is a great app for golfers. Keep track of your score, stats, and shot distances (not automatically). The app allows you to keep score, greens in regulation, puts, penalty stokes, sand saves, driving accuracy, and clubs used off the tee. I played a course that need updated... I sent a photo of the scorecard (within the app) and they updated the database within 2 days. Awesome! The yardages are very accurate and the aerial view allows you to pick a point on the green you want to hit. You will NOT be disappointed.

This app is great! dsfkh;fshdf;ajshdfs;aldkfh - Version 2.5 - 8/2/2011 - Canada

On Thursday last week I purchased this app as I was planning to play 4 rounds on the long weekend. A number of my friends have hand held golf GPS units and I am always asking them how far I am to the green etc. I figured I would give this a try. It over-delivered across the board. It is a fantastic, intuitive app and a great help on the course. This is the first time I have written a review for an app but I was so blown away at the value (1/10th the cost of the GPS offering similar features) of this I had to. Well worth the $30.

Excellent agolfer - Version 2.5 - 8/1/2011 - United States

I used sky caddy for 3 years, I like this just as well and I don't have to pay any annual fees.

Outstanding!!! Brian Bullerman - Version 2.5 - 8/1/2011 - United States

Used this first time at a course near Toledo. Never played before. Distances loaded up in 1-2 seconds every time, super accurate, distances to front, middle, back, hazards, it's all there. The aerial view is also great as you can gauge the distance to key layup spots on the course. This app saved 3-5 strokes easily. I was nervous about the $30 price tag, but if you are a semi-serious golfer, it's worth every penny

Love it Seids - Version 2.5 - 8/1/2011 - Canada

Scorecard and stats are amazing. Shows me how brutal I am really playing. GPS accurate enough, no reason to buy a $300 dedicated golf GPS.

Excellent ChuckG9 - Version 2.5 - 8/1/2011 - United States

I used sky caddy for 3 years, I like this just as well and I don't have to pay any annual fees.

Amazing!!! darthfarber - Version 2.5 - 7/30/2011 - United States

This is a $400 full color GPS for $30. Works Perfectly! this alone is reason to buy an iphone

Does what it says iluvtech007 - Version 2.5 - 7/30/2011 - Canada

My neighborhood course layout wasn't correct. I wrote to them and they had it amended promptly! I have played more than 50 rounds of golf using this app and find this app an absolute necessity when I am on the course. The GPS works fine, the scorecard and statistics are great. It does tend to crash at startup though and when I am reviewing statistics and press close it closes the app! Apart from these annoyances...I am a happy customer!

Everything you need and more asdsgc34 - Version 2.5 - 7/30/2011 - United Kingdom

App was recommended to me and downloaded on that basis. Works brilliantly and the score tracking/stats are great too.

Awesome! ar0706 - Version 2.5 - 7/29/2011 - United States

This is a great app. Yardage is within two to three yards. Scorecard is great to use and the statistics are awesome. Best golf gps app there is!

Very good Rcin - Version 2.5 - 7/28/2011 - United States

Application works very well. I love the emails with my score card and data after the game.

Amazing app!!! mk920 - Version 2.5 - 7/28/2011 - United States

What a great app!!!! Golfshot was spot on with the yardages and so easy to use. The stat tracker is an awesome feature because it helps keep track of your game and it shows you what part of your game you need to improve. Love this app!!!!!!