Customer Reviews

Genau & Gut! McHotDog - Version 2.5 - 5/7/2011 - Germany

Habe mir lange überlegt welche GPS Software zu meinen Ansprüchen passt. Golfshot hat vor Expertgolf das Rennen gemacht. Die zahlreichen Statistiken, die Messung zu Hindernissen etc., die Anpassungsmöglichkeit der Teeboxen & vieles mehr sind hier gut umgesetzt! Der GPS Akkuspar-Modus ist top! Komme super mit meinem iPhone 4 durch die Runde. Kaufempfehlung!

Amazing value! Brum456 - Version 2.5 - 5/6/2011 - United Kingdom

I used this app whilst playing along side a friend who had a sky caddie (which he paid £180 for) and there was a maximum difference between them of 2 yards. Saved me at least 3 shots!! And it only drained just over half of the battery. Awesome!

Shot saver Olein1er - Version 2.5 - 5/6/2011 - United Kingdom

I am a 12 hcp golfer and I downloaded Golfshot to my iphone 4 yesterday morning. Played in a medal last night used golfshot on most of the holes to check distances to front, centre and backs of greens which is easily read. I actually changed clubs a couple of times and found this an advantage. I finished 5th in my division. and have this morning been cut 0.4.

Gute App. Golf005 - Version 2.5 - 5/6/2011 - Germany

Die App. hat fast alles was man braucht. Sehr gut. Zusätzliche Statistik für die Schlagweitenstatistik würde den fünften Stern geben.

Golf gps Nduffey06 - Version 2.5 - 5/4/2011 - United States

At first I was using golf logix and my friend had golf shot. There was a couple courses I played that golf logix didn't have. Also I like how easy it is to use golfshot. There are a couple features it has that the other one didn't.

A+ Eric Yongue - Version 2.5 - 5/4/2011 - United States

Yardages were accurate to about 1yd on every marker I found. Works great, still had plenty of battery.

Awesome Wise_666 - Version 2.5 - 5/3/2011 - United Kingdom

All my local courses I play are on there and it almost instant in updating your position. Certainly made club selection a lot easier.

Great App Mike 168 - Version 2.5 - 5/3/2011 - United Kingdom

The most I have spent on an app but the best value! This excellent app seems extremely accurate with its yardages, is great if you are playing an unfamiliar course, and keeps all your records for you. I played a hilly course with numerous marker posts, hidden ditches and bunkers. Toggling between yardage and satellite image screens means you can see, and hopefully avoid, sneaky hazards. The permanent record of putts taken, greens hit in regulation, etc means you will never be short of golf chat to bore your mates with at the 19th hole! It even keeps all of your playing partners stats. It seems like a lot to pay but it isn't at all, probably the price of one round at a basic local course. If you play even a few games a year you won't regret buying it.

Simple David Comiskey - Version 2.5 - 5/3/2011 - United States

This app is great. I've used it for the last year and it has been great. It would get 5 stars if it tracked shot distance including first putt.

Amazing gearz87 - Version 2.5 - 5/2/2011 - Canada

A must have!!

Top App Fitlike min? - Version 2.5 - 5/2/2011 - United Kingdom

If your a Golfer and don't have GPS yet this is a must! Out of all the money spent on golf stuff over the past 12 months this is the best at just £17.99.

Easy O-DOG - Version 2.5 - 5/2/2011 - United States

Used it for the first time to day and couldn't believe how easy it was. Great distance readings and fun to keep score on. It does drain the battery but not that bad. Used about 30% in 2.5 hours. Worth it though.

Me Pal 123 - Version 2.5 - 5/1/2011 - Canada

This is a great app really helped me

Quality app and great value geoffcrow - Version 2.5 - 4/30/2011 - United Kingdom

Bought this app on the strength of the previous reviews having baulked at paying £300 for a tailor made GPS golf handheld. Suffice to say, the app is superb and my only criticism would be the battery life of the phone (mine's a 3GS). First time I used it I had 5% battery left after 18 holes, having had to nurse the last few holes. 2nd time it lhad 17% left - despite turning off everything likely to drain the battery.

Nice App OHS Brisbane - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - Australia

Accurate within 2 mtr on my course.

Great app Mr. iClone - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - Denmark

This is a great app and the support team is Quick to reply and solve problems 

Awesome Tommo1069 - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - United Kingdom

Money well spent. Very easy to use, very accurate and I'm yet to play a course that isn't mapped.

 App-A-Tite - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - United States

Great golf app! Real time GPS adjusts as you do. Great overhead view on most courses I've played in FL. Easy on the battery for such a strong GPS app. A few minor crashes. The stats to the cloud on the web is an awesome feature. I love showing friends my stats online. I also have the Tiger Woods swing app and it also sends my swings to the web page. Really a great and streamlined interface. Nice job! Looking forward to bug fixes and crash resolutions. Thanks for a great and fun golf app that I use every time I play - Even if a course has GPS on the cart I still put my stats in. Well worth the 30 bones as long as they don't get all high and mighty and start charging an annual fee. Love it 1/2

Best golf gps on the market bgolfinalot - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - United States

Golfshot just included an update for the iPad and it's fantastic. Didn't ever think of bringing my iPad to the course but this certainly is reason enough to do just that.

Great app Mr. iCandy - Version 2.5 - 4/29/2011 - Denmark

This is a great app and the support team is Quick to reply and solve problems 

Mr Lnt Dan29 - Version 2.5 - 4/28/2011 - United Kingdom

Best app I have on my phone! Works perfect and as good as the £200+ ones you buy in golf shop

I give it 5 stars, I wish I could give more stars jerseydrew1 - Version 2.5 - 4/28/2011 - United States

This is simply the best golf gps app available today. My friends are jealous!!! For $30, it's just as good as any $300 gps. Totally awesome! At first I was a bit hesitate to spend $30 for an app, but boy am I glad I did. Well worth it!

Best golf GPS app ! Pierre Garant - Version 2.5 - 4/27/2011 - Canada

I have tried a lot of them and it's the best !

Amazing Thomas D1986 - Version 2.5 - 4/27/2011 - United Kingdom

This is a great app. Have used it loads now in the uk and Europe. Checked distance against a busnell and it is spot on. Must have for 17.99!

Info Overload Michael Labny - Version 2.5 - 4/27/2011 - United States

I started using the free app a few rounds ago. I really enjoyed the statistics and analysis. So much that I decided to go for the GPS version. This app combined with Golfplan have helped me identify areas that need improvement, and given me drills to help my game. I would give 5 stars if it would keep a record of shot distances and included a stroke tracker.