Customer Reviews

Great app Phillimb - Version 2.5 - 3/24/2011 - United States

Best GPS app out there. Works better than handheld ones and also has almost all courses I've played on map. Definitely worth the money

Fantastic app Craig31 - Version 2.5 - 3/23/2011 - Australia

Nothing but great things to say about this app , accurate , add new courses even in country towns , keeps all score cards and stats emails all 4 score cards to all players , and uploads 2 Facebook and twitter.

App review Preston jnr - Version 2.5 - 3/23/2011 - United Kingdom

Worth every penny!!! For all levels of golfer,the low handicappers like myself to the higher handicappers, this app will help your round and game no end!!

Forget about the cost. Vv good app! Highfigh - Version 2.5 - 3/23/2011 - United Kingdom

I must admit I was sceptical when I saw the price compared to say angry birds. But there were so many good reviews that I bought it. Really really really good app!!!! I have been using it since last year and can't imagine never having it. Without a doubt add golfplan also. It analyses your performance and offers coaching based on your needs. Be sure to ok it with your playing partners though in case they get upset. Although having said that they all ask me to record their scores on it now swell so they can compete. :-) honestly, just buy it you'll love it. Ps. Charge your phone and switch to standby whilst between shots and you will still have charge after a 3 hour round. :-)

Am I missing something? msmid - Version 2.5 - 3/22/2011 - Czech Republic

I purchased this one last week, played one round in Lazne Bohdanec (9-hole course, near Pardubice) while using it, and must say that it was a good buy - nice graphics, intuitive data insert, stats look good (not my result, but the graphics :) ... BUT, I am not sure what CZ courses will I really be able to see in a "Birdie Card" view, if any at all - so far I only could find a "Score Card view", but no maps of holes, no distances, and also I could not find how to monitor length of drives, and approaches, etc... So, am I missing something?

FANTASTIC Bigsmiff - Version 2.5 - 3/21/2011 - United Kingdom

Never thought I would ever write a review but just had to - this app is the best aid available to golfers for many years - would've brought the phone just for the app

Great App!!! Golfer75 - Version 2.5 - 3/21/2011 - United States

I have used this app for almost a year now and it is Great! Everything has works flawlessly. The gps is accurate and I have not played a course that was not mapped. The only thing I would like to see is a side bet tracking ability in the scorecard feature. You can't go wrong with this App!

Perfetto golfshot Romoloremo - Versione 2.5 - 3/21/2011 - Italy

Direi quasi perfetta , ci mette un po troppo a determinare la distanza !

Superb! Bobbygolfnut - Version 2.5 - 3/20/2011 - United Kingdom

Unbelievable value for money. Immensely accurate and really easy to use! It will improve your scores no question.

AWESOME!!!!! gps and golf - Version 2.5 - 3/20/2011 - United States

It did everything advertised and more. The GPS was spot on. If you leave the GPS on continually there is no waiting for distances. It does use a lot of battery life, but with the mophie juice pack and a fully charged phone the continual GPS lasted almost 6 straight hours. I would recommend this app to any golfer.

Noel Ticklemonsternowie - Version 2.5 - 3/19/2011 - South Africa

Initially I was reluctant to download "just another" application, however while playing a round of golf with a complete stranger who was using, and has used, this application to obtain detailed information on every hole and every obstacle or distance reading and for scoring every hole I was converted. I now an avid user of this application and will gladly recommend to friends and fellow holders. A great tool highly recommended

Stunning StuartTP - Version 2.5 - 3/19/2011 - United Kingdom

Used app for 6 months and its great. It's as accurate as my playing partners £150 golf gps. That makes this an absolute steal in my eyes. Must buy for folders

Money App! Bogglewirm - Version 2.5 - 3/19/2011 - United States

I've used this GPS for three straight rounds on three different courses and it has been money with yardages. I would recommend this app to any of my friends. Worth the $29.99 without a doubt. Better than other GPS's I've used that cost 5 times as much.

Great for GPS scoring and stats! dopp10 - Version 2.5 - 3/18/2011 - United States

A couple of tips when playing 18.

so cool! This App settles the Score NEwToGoLFGEEk - Version 2.5 - 3/18/2011 - United States

Just always having a scorecard no matter where on earth (literally) one is playing would be enough to make this app fantastic, but it's just so much more. New or Pro there is a lot of information, analysis tools and easy to use data entry for everyone. I can't recommend this app enough! Happy Golfing!

Love it Blue Jean golfer - Version 2.5 - 3/17/2011 - United States

Great app. Worth the price. Played 2 rounds so far. Yardages are right on. Love the stats it gives me at the end of rounds. I think it's saving me 2-3 shots per round.

Great App Part Time Golfer64 - Version 2.5 - 3/15/2011 - United States

Very good golf app. Lots of stats, fumctions, and easy. Works well on course. Only thing missing is club/yardage monitoring to recommend a club for a yardage as you work with it more.

Best golf gps! Singlefin71 - Version 2.5 - 3/14/2011 - New Zealand

This app is everything you could hope for. Fantastic interface, all my local Manawatu courses were available, great stats, options to change stats etc. Would be nice to have 'crisper' sat images, but that isn't golfshots fault. Well worth the purchase price. I like to keep my tee off distances for reference, could a 'save' function please be integrated into the app to keep this data if you are gps tracking shots? Beautiful screen res on iPhone 4!

Superb App!! Best App I have.. Sean-1980 - Version 2.5 - 3/14/2011 - United Kingdom

Used this app for the first time yesterday and i carded my best round ever at my club. I even managed to hit 4 birdies on the back 9.... Its great value for money and i would reccomend to anyone who has an Iphone to get it. It does everything and more then a £200+ GPS...

Best golf gps app out there Matt Broughton - Version 2.5 - 3/14/2011 - United States

Have tried darn near all of the GPS apps and this one is the all around best. The GPS is accurate, the statistics are great, and you can use those stats in other apps by this company. No more buying a course I may only play once, just get this app and save your money in the future!

简单评价 挖坑机 - 版本 2.5 - 3/14/2011 - China


Best golf gps app out there fireballmatt - Version 2.5 - 3/14/2011 - United States

Have tried darn near all of the GPS apps and this one is the all around best. The GPS is accurate, the statistics are great, and you can use those stats in other apps by this company. No more buying a course I may only play once, just get this app and save your money in the future!

Great App Misterique - Version 2.5 - 3/13/2011 - United States

This is an amazing App. I love just about all aspects of the Program, with one exception... While there are different colors for the Tee Boxes, there isn't anything for the Forward Box for Women. Other than that, I love it...

Pretty good Craig Liscinsky - Version 2.5 - 3/13/2011 - United States

Pretty accurate. It is helpful. A little tricky to get used to though and the GPS drains the battery. Took about two thirds of my batt. life after a full 18 holes; full course.

Prachtige app Johnnnyy - Versie 2.5 - 3/13/2011 - Netherlands

Zeer handige en mooi uitgevoerde app. Scores bijhouden en veel statistieken kunnen worden bijgehouden. Nu nog linken met NGF zodat je handicap verwerkt kan worden.