Customer Reviews

Awsome Bill Allen - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

WOW!!! I am very pleased with this app. I had know problems and the yardage seemed right on against my laser and the markers on the course. Only used 30% of my battery for the iphone 4 with wifi off. Highly recomended.

Mr MacinKnox - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

really great App for the price it cant be beat. I have friends who have spent hundreds on Golf gps & rangefinder devices and they are always looking at my golfshot to check their accuracy! haha keep up the good work. looking forward to new updates

Best Weapon In My Bag... dnunes1964 - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

...helps the learning process: distance, club selection, course views, etc. Being able to see your stats, to know the things you need to work on is priceless. And best of all, when you turn the handicap option on and golfshot automatically calculates that score along with your actual score means you feel like your playing better than...well.

Awesome app, great value Mr. 300+ - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

Outstanding app. Works great and gives accurate +/- 5 yards readings faster than expected. Can't believe my friend bought the skycaddie for $400!!! Golfshot is awesome!

Great App TIM'S JUKEBOX - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

Easy to use, and works flawlessly. wish it would keep track of every shot

Golfshot June Casey - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

This is the best golf app ever. It keeps track of you drives and putts as well as regular things like your score

New Golfshot version for iphone jtanis - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

Excellent improvements to this app!

Game Improvement Just Retired - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

Absolutely fantastic. I have played over 50 rounds with GolfShot and have been amazed the value it has brought to my game. Not only do the distance measurements help during play but the statistics and game analysis data allow me to work on specific aspects of my game. I can measure and see the improvement in my game.

Golfshot juniebug2 - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

This is the best golf app ever. It keeps track of you drives and putts as well as regular things like your score

Best GPS out there Brandon.Robb - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - Canada

By far the best gps out there. It's accuracy is within 2 yards and it it's super easy interface is not only easy to use, but incredible. It's a $500 gps for $30, and more.

Best Golf GPS app available breakeighty - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - Canada

I did a lot of research on the available golf gps apps available and downloaded a couple for a trial but didn't find anything that even came close to Golfshot. It is not only the best of it's kind, but it is so far superior that it should be in a seperate category to be fair. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use and if you follow their suggestions for extending the iphone battery life it quite easily gets through any round, even up to 5 hours like it was today. The feature of sending the score card to your email at the end of the round is great. The accuracy is spot on and with in 1-2 yards of Sky caddy and the one on the golf cart. Very impressed with the amount of thought and work that has gone into this app. Five stars for sure and many thanks for the great app.

Great Software Lizzle84 - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - New Zealand

Very easy to use and means at each shot you know exactly which club you could use, made golf that little bit easier. A Must Have!!

Awsome ballen7873 - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - United States

WOW!!! I am very pleased with this app. I had know problems and the yardage seemed right on against my laser and the markers on the course. Only used 30% of my battery for the iphone 4 with wifi off. Highly recomended.

Brilliant David Stevens - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United Kingdom

Absolutely the best golf app, I like others have downloaded a few but nothing as simple to use s golf shot. Was concerned about paying another £17,99 for golf app, but so glad I did. Not had any problem with crashes using my iPhone 4.

Fantastic app on the iPhone 4 RON JOHNSON - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

This app is great on the course. Works as well if not better than the $400 Skycaddies. It was a little slow on the iPhone 3G but now that I have the iPhone 4 it instantly gives me the correct distance. Well worth the $30.

Excellent for me yasican - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

When I play golf, the Golf Shot always manage my shots, scores etc.

yardage finder goldtee - Version 1.6 - 7/2/2010 - United States

Very handy and worth the money. A lot easier than the laser style range finders. Sometimes a little slow on the distance settings where you must wait to get the correct yardage.

Worth the $$$ Hankamo1 - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

I have used this app since it came out and for the money it is the best on the market. I sold my $400.00 Sky Caddie after 5 rounds after using Golfshot. Amazing Value and the stats are invaluable if you play often.

Golf GPS App Roberto William - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

Have used this app for two years now and love it. Accurate, lots of courses and easy to use. Have recommended to many (on & off the course) and even have them siging up on the course for it!

Pretty good when course has gps coverage Kevin Thorne - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

Downloaded it and used it the same day. Worked easily and intuitively. Gave good distance yardage from the pin. Did not like it when I went a course where there was no gps map available though it still had the scorecard. When can you guys add Cutter Creek in Snow Hill NC? That like my home course!

Golfshot review Jer01Jer - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

Have a $400 laser rangefinder and wanted to try Golfshot GPS. Its been 5 rounds and I feel its a very good program with many positves and some negatives. You can decide what bothers you or not. First the quick negatives - Most holes distances are very good and im feeling better trusting them, but I've had an instance or two where I was 122 yards and it said 90 something (but that isn't very often). The other issue is it only gives front, middle back of greens. Laser rangerfinders are dead on the flag. Sometimes you can't clearly tell where the flag is on the green and have to guesstimate from the middle using Golfshot (or any GPS I should say). I never feel totally confindent and find myself still using the laser, which is simply to - point, click, read the yardage. Another thing is when keeping stats there are times when I literally just roll off the fairway a foot or so and my only option is to click on "Right or Left". To me going a few feet right, or right all the way to the next fairway are two totally different results. One was a great shot that just missed and i'd like to keep track of those differences instead of grouping them together. Also doesn't keep stats to let you know you made a great chip. The stats are good but could be more specific. Would be nice to include weather/wind etc so you know what kind of day it was. Positives - The stats it does keep are done well and its fun to see. Also the program helps to recognize 100 yard lay-ups and dog leg distances etc. There has been a lot of talk about the battery draining. In my five rounds, three of them I still had 50%, two rounds had 25% when done. Yes it uses battery, but im not sure what these people do when they play. They must have the phone on constantly. Probably the people that slow the course down. I get the yardage then hit the powersave button. Then enter my scores after the hole. I dont play around with the thing the enitre round nor do i want to. (So far) the battery isnt as bad as people say. But that is still to be detremined. Overall this is a great program and very easy to use/understand. It does need some tweaking or additions and I plan on sending in my comments to help improve it. I would totally reccomend this program and find myself using it more and more. Deep down the old fashioned laser is ideal in terms of pure yardage to a flagstick. But this program isnt just about that, its about managing your game, placement skills, and keeping stats.

Easy to Use and powerful app Jake123456778 - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

I thought that it might be to hard to fumble around with, imputing data into the app while golfing, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's has a Very simple interface to put your score, drives, and putts in, it was a breeze. In fact it's easier than using a paper card and pencil, not to mention the statistics it keeps track of. I was pleasantly surprised to know it emailed me my score card right afterward, very cool. Can always go back and check your scorecards at any time. And of course the GPS is spot on for distances to the green. If you're a golfer Get it, you Won't be disappointed. I love it, my new killer app !

Great golf app! Matthew Schmidt - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

Yardages are super accurate and load quickly.

Great! phrogpilot73 - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - United States

I found it to be accurate and love the scorecard and statistics info. I wish I could tell it when I took a shot, so then it could measure my shot for me. Love the facebook integration as well!

Mycket bra statistik Foppa65 - Version 2.0 - 7/2/2010 - Sweden

Har ca 20 rundor sparade och man kan se mycket väl vad man behöver förbättra/träna på. Går jag ut med fullt batteri så har jag ca 60% kvar efter rundan [men jag är noga med att sätta den i "viloläge" när jag inte använder den]. Avstånden stämmer bra ute på banorna. Lite småmissar på översättningen till svenska med inget som spelar roll. Rekommendera denna starkt till er med hcp under 10, som har kolla på hur långt ni slår med varje klubba.