Customer Reviews

Superb! GolffLoverr - Version 2.0 - 6/30/2010 - United States

Love this app. Use it on every round and track all my stats. I live in Europe and it has most every course around. I highly recommend though I don't find myself using the gps so much, so maybe the free version would be enough. Either way, compared to the other golf tracker apps this is by far he best.

Great! Jwbuckeye - Version 2.0 - 6/30/2010 - United States

I thought this app was a great value for 30 bucks. Some of the past reviews I had read said they were having problems with the battery life but if you use the lockin button of the top of the phone it doesn't use much. The only downfall is it doesn't let you just select just 9 holes at lot of the courses I play. Overall great value for it's price!

Golf Shot GPS Geordieboy$$$ - Version 2.0 - 6/30/2010 - United Kingdom

Great piece of kit. would get 5 star if it did not drain the battery so much, No good for 36 holes?. But everything you could want in a satalite hand held instrument. Love all the stats it holds too.

Love it! Razzoou - Version 2.0 - 6/30/2010 - United States

Well, I played my first round with the Golfshot app and I am very pleased. I was hoping the reviews were correct about how people really enjoyed the app and its accuracy. The reviews were correct. The course I played had a GPS Link System in the cart so it was great to compare the distances on the app with the course system. I would say about 95% of the time the distances on the app were within 5 yards of the course system. It might have been a higher percetage, but I was playing with 3 other guys and it was my first time using the app so it was taking a little time for me to get a handle on how things worked. Overall couldn't be more happy with the app. Battery life was no problem for me. I didn't shut off the auto-lock, but did turn off the 3G and WIFI. There were plenty of times when I knew the distance and club selection so I didn't need to reference the app and having it shut off was fine. I would simply turn it back on when I needed it and the app would acquire the info quickly. I love the scoring and statistics. I have never kept a handicapp or reviewed my statistics after a round. I just like to play for fun. But this featue is great. Definitely, would recommend the app for the GPS and course info, but really nice for keeping score and your statistics. Update Version 2.0 released 6/2010: Great update addressed all improvements I would have suggested. It just keeps getting better. I have played many rounds with the app now and almost every course I have played has had GPS in the carts or a friend had a Bushnell Range Finder. Every time the app was within 3-5 yards of all readings if not exactly matching the cart or range finder. You might ask why get the app if GPS is always available? Because I have just happened to play courses that have GPS, not all do and there is a lot more info besides distance to the flag. It gives you layup distance, bunker distance, distance to carrier a hazard and club suggestion. All of this info is not available with cart GPS or range finders. Get the app!

Really good, but missing some basics BocaBoy - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

I use this application all the time. I think it has better course coverage than SkyCaddie, and at a much lower cost. The problem is that some of the basic features that you'd expect, like being able to enter a note(s) on the website about your round, is missing. Another improvement would be how scoring is done. It just takes too much time, especially on a busy course. Trying to move the scoring wheels to the correct number with a glove on, or with a sweaty hand, is just not easy. The entry should be accomplished by a numeric keypad, and there should be an option to either have a very granular scoring system, or a basic one that would just take the number of strokes. It also takes too long to add an additional golfer. Heaven knows what the phone is doing, but it seems to take forever to add the second, third and fourth golfer, even if they've been predefined in a previous round. To overcome that, why isn't there a team option where you could choose the same group of people rather than having to rebuild the play list each time? It's the lack of these obvious improvements that makes me take a star away. I'm also disappointed that when any idea is submitted to them, Shotzoom always responds, "Great idea! Check out the next version!" In my experience, the "next version" doesn't ever have any substantial changes. I guess the idea is to monetize the current code rather than spend money on development and refinement. So if you purchase this app--which I think is a really good companion to have on the golf course--be aware that you'll most likely never see any improvements, or a rethinking of the interface, that would continue to refine and improve the application.

Great app BUSHY81 - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - Australia

Just used it for the first time on my home course. At least 4 times I changed club selection because of what the gps was stating and each time I had the right club giving me more birdie chances. The best part is when your on the wrong fairway(semi regular) it gives the right yardage to the heart of the green. Instead of guessing through the trees I picked the right club on put it on the green. Some of my playing partners have the $300-$400 golf gps units and this unit for the money is right up there. Only problem is battery life but if you turn airplane mode on it lasts much longer. Plus scoring is much easier I've been using that for months. Great app well put together and easy to use. Well done.

Current 9regmac - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United Kingdom

Awesome but fix it

Fantastic App!! Jaquesy - Version 1.6 - 6/29/2010 - United Kingdom

Very good app. Very accurate and a pleasure to use.

Excellent Golf GPS golfhigh - Version 1.6 - 6/29/2010 - United States

For the price and no yearly subscription fees golfshot does an amazing job. All the features listed on the website and here are very good. I have another non subscription GPS which is a standalone unit from Sonocaddie v100. However that holds only 10 courses and I need to remember to charge it and it's monochrome and no aerial imagery. But with golfshot we get aerial imagery which is very helpful when playing a course for the first time. Even if the google map image of the course is outdated by a few months no big deal atleast one gets the general idea of the hole layout most importantly water hazards and traps. The other thing I like about golfshot is it emails me my scorecard after every round and the stats that's the key to help anyone improve their game. Our bodies keep changing and so does our swing and the stats tell you exactly what's going on. I've yet to try the Azinger app. The only thing I've noticed is there is no auto increment hole feature one has to manually do it. Again no biggie. If you're a iphone 3G user I'd higly recommend getting a battery power pack to extended the usage of the phone while using golfshot.

Sweet, sweet golf app. No annual fee! Alfresco23 - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

A sweet, sweet app. I hope they come out with a mode that shows the club you used on the current hole when you previously played the course.

Great App Get There - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

Almost perfect. For the most part yardages are within a few yards of stand-a-lone unit. Stats are great, I would like the addition of a better post round summary (number of puts, fairways hit, etc). Handicap calculator is buggy. Would LOVE to have rounds be uploaded to an official handicap site (is

Excellent App!! Reaper2007 - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

Got this app last year and I've used it several times. On the courses I play on, It's dead on the money!! I love the statistics pages and the abiltiy to keep up with my Fairways, Greens hit and my sand saves and Penalty strokes. This really helps in learning where I need to work. My only complaint is that the battery is sucked dry by the end of a round. I bought a battery extended and that helps to get through the day. However, I'll also say this: It's great for us AT&T folks because it's only a one time app charge, those poor suckers with Verizon have to pay a monthly subscription along with their up front charge. GO AT&T and iPhone!!

Must have for golfers Mr. Clean27 - Version 1.6 - 6/29/2010 - United States

This is the best $29 app ever if you play golf an have an iphone it is a must have I played with a guy that had on of those $300 gps things an it didnt show a 1/4 of what this app showed an didnt keep score.

Golfshot Duffer46 - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

Excellent product. I use it for every golf outing. I especially like the yardage feature. Well worth the money.

Happy Golfshot user jakeMick44 - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

Very happy with Golfshot. Updates have made a great app even better.

Happy Golfshot user JOHN MCGRATH - Version 2.0 - 6/29/2010 - United States

Very happy with Golfshot. Updates have made a great app even better.

Great app, professionally executed Stu Mackie - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United Kingdom

Excellent, well thought out app. More importantly accurate and a real aid. Worth every penny and saved me £200+ on a sky caddy etc! Just remember to switch off wifi, 3G, email push and notifications. Easily get 18 holes in : )

Best out of all of them... Dilip Seshan - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United Kingdom

I have ViewTi, Golfcard, Sonocaddie (with 1 free course), and all other free ones out there. And this is by far the best for interface and usability. I wish I hadn't wasted money on the others! The only thing I would like is to be able to record what clubs I used on my 2nd shots (& 3rd on par 5s) to see how far I hit my clubs. With that it will be a full 5 starts. So developers could you please come up with a feature like that? Still a super app.

Boater01 BOATER01 - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

Love it. Used it Saturday for first time. My cart partner had a $300 scope and a $400 Gps device. We matched up and were within 5 yards at most on a few shots. He is mad as h---. Battery ran down in 4+ hours of play since I had used the alarm to get up that morning. Looking today for a supplemental power solution. Still puts me well under the 000's my pals have invested. Aerial view great for showing hidden h2o and sand location. Battery use took it to a 4.

Awesome application!!!! Very informative and easy to use. Rodp - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

I've used this app twice now and I'm amazed at all that it does. Even more impressive is how easy it is to use. The application is extremely easy to use, has an extensive list of courses available and, on the 3GS, it's very fast. What stands out for me is the aerial course view and discovering the distance that I hit each club. I like the way that this app shows the yardage increasing as you move from where you hit the ball to where the it landed. On my other GPS (that I sent over $300 for) you mark from where you hit the ball and you don't see what the distance is until you get to the ball and press the button again. The way this app shows distance is more usable and blends better with my game. Having owned 3 GPS units and 2 laser range finders, I would highly recommend this application. This app competes with the best. Watch your battery use, though.

Unbelivable WarEagleDude1234467890 - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

Gooooooooooooooooooooal! This is great for any I want to play especially when I play in tourneys.

Golfshot JFryd - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

Works just as advertised!

Get this app, don Eagle has landed - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

I used to own a golf GPS before I discovered this app while golfing with someone who already had it. I was totally sold the first time I saw Golfshot in use. $30 well spent and I sold my golf GPS on ebay. Golfshot gives you the most useful and reliable information for a round of golf. Playing a course for the first time? The aerial view will give you a birds eye view of each hole. The scorecard and statistics are great also. If you are a golfer you need Golfshot and if your game needs work don't forget Golfplan. It analyzed my statistics and recommended lessons for my deficient areas.

Great program! Wade Foxworth - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

I've been using the lite version for over a month and loved it. I upgraded to the GPS version when I got a new phone and love it! It's great but is a battery hog. I highly recommend going out with a full charge. Today I started with 87% and finished a 3 1/2 hour 18 hole round with 19% left. So it used 68% of the charge on my iPhone 4. The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is no club tracking. You can track the distance of an individual shot, but I would love to track each shot to get club averages.

A must have for any golfer Devon Gray - Version 2.0 - 6/28/2010 - United States

I'm a high handicap player but this app helped my last round tremendously! Knowing exact yardages allowed me to choose clubs and adjust my swing accordingly for more accurate shots! I love it and highly recommend this app for anyone who plays more than twice a year.