Customer Reviews - United Kingdom

Excellent App!! GolfPlod - Version 1.5 - 3/8/2010 - United Kingdom

Used this for the first time today, it is first rate only losing the 5th star due to being thirsty on the iPhones battery life. Will complete 18 holes if left on constantly but I would recommend turning it to standby for the longer walks on the par 4 and 5's!!

Fantastic SingingDentist - Version 1.5 - 3/7/2010 - United Kingdom

Without doubt the best app I have ever bought. Works a treat and the stats function is fantastic. Well worth 18quid, and then some. Save your cash on an expensive Skycaddy and get this now.

Worth every penny Alwhithing - Version 1.5 - 3/7/2010 - United Kingdom

Save your money on expensive handsets & buy this app! Used for the first time today and could not fault it.

Nuggy1982 - Version 1.5 - 3/7/2010 - United Kingdom

Best app out for the iphone

Best golf app ever Golf mad block ed - Version 1.5 - 3/6/2010 - United Kingdom

Best golf app around,n I've tryed them's a bit pricey,but u get what u pay for in this day and All my local courses in the uk.gps works great,only about 1 or 2 yards's got all the stats u need.this is the the dogs!!!!a must buy

Fantastic !! Scotland 15 England 11 - Version 1.5 - 3/6/2010 - United Kingdom

This is a fantastic application. It literally turns your i phone into a Sky Caddie SG5 !! Very accuarte and easy to use. I have a 3g and had no problems re battery power - just followed the suggested tips - As a result i still had 33% battery power at the end of a 4.5 hour medal round. Now i just need to decide what to spend the £250 purchase cost and £30 annual fee that i have saved ! Maybe a new Taylor Made driver .... Thanks very much

Amazing, better than dedicated gps! cabutler5 - Version 1.5 - 3/5/2010 - United Kingdom

This app is so good, it works really well and the gps is very accurate. I compared it to my brothers dedicated gps and we were both reading the same distance. If you contact golf shot too add a course it's done in under 12hours and at no extra cost where as my brothers device charges £5 per course. The stats are also very good and really let you see where you can improve! The battery does wear down but I can easily get 18 holes completed with 60% life still left. If your in to golf and want a great app then get this now!

Fandabidozie Potty8 - Version 1.5 - 3/4/2010 - United Kingdom

Great app been using in UK for weeks now and love it, a real shot saver. Ditched my sky caddie for this well worth it...

Well worth the money Robert Dunford - Version 1.5 - 3/3/2010 - United Kingdom

Firstly, Max - you are an eejit. This app is a must for the regular golfer. Will last you a life time as long as you stick with an iPhone (why wouldn't you?!). One suggestion I have, would be the option to record matchplay. Other than that; perfect.

Well worth the money rubin12 - Version 1.5 - 3/3/2010 - United Kingdom

Firstly, Max - you are an eejit. This app is a must for the regular golfer. Will last you a life time as long as you stick with an iPhone (why wouldn't you?!). One suggestion I have, would be the option to record matchplay. Other than that; perfect.

Just the ticket! Swanpot - Version 1.5 - 2/22/2010 - United Kingdom

I have got the skycaddie that cost £300.00, this app is as good if not better, in fact it's that good I've given the skycaddie to the mrs! I've had no problem with battery life and would recommend this app to any golfer, used it here and abroard and it's always been fantastic, great value for money, I think this will save you several shots per round and you'll really find out how far you hit each club.

unreal app young tartan - Version 1.5 - 2/21/2010 - United Kingdom

used this app twice at st andrews old course and muirfield and i couldnt fault it. an unreal and very helpful app loving it

Great It's good - Version 1.5 - 2/20/2010 - United Kingdom

I really wish people would use an app before writing rubbish as below. All uk courses are listed. Battery life seems ok and picks up gps no probs at all. Best app I have yet.

Excellent App! Golfer123456 - Version 1.5 - 2/19/2010 - United Kingdom

All my usual UK courses already Mapped up! Used both Golfshots and Golfcard and Golfshots GPS system much better! Battery life also excellent and have never run out of juice! Thanks for great app!

Great app jonah 43 - Version 1.5 - 2/15/2010 - United Kingdom

Great app tested it on my home course and it was spot on with distances.Glad i didnt spend a couple of hundred pounds on a dedicated golf gps device. Would recomend this to any golfer.

Best app to buy Fred the red 75 - Version 1.5 - 2/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Best app I have bought and will ever buy,score card is brilliant keeps all your stats and you can find out how to improve.if u love golf this is the app for you

Brilliant Thorneyr5 - Version 1.5 - 2/14/2010 - United Kingdom

Was debating getting this app as the £18 price tag seemed alot to waste if the app was no good .

Something is wrong with this app....... Drain70 - Version 1.5 - 2/12/2010 - United Kingdom only costs £18-00. I've used this on my home course and when I played at another club and found Golfshot GPS to be invaluable. I've not suffered from the battery life issues that other users have mentioned but the app can take a while to update. I get round that by ensuring that the phone is unlocked as I walk to my ball. Also on my own course the aerial imagery can be a bit random - sometimes Golfshot says it doesn't have up to date imagery of a particular hole but on other days it has been there. These two very minor quibbles have cost this app the fifth star.

golfingmad MJROBBO - Version 1.5 - 2/12/2010 - United Kingdom

If your a golfer this is the bast app for the iPhone yet!!! I am a keen golfer myself with a handicap if 2. I've used this app on 5 different courses and have found club selection to the green a doddle now! Even club slection off the tee is great when hazards come into play. My freind has a sky caddy that cost him £300!! Which is nowhere near as good as this app...... I don't use the scoring system but this is a good feature to show you which areas of your game you need to improve. All thise comments about the battery life are rubbish, if you press the sleep button on the top of the phone while between shots the battery life is fine, mine uses about 20% over 18 holes which is pretty good I think! Thats even with Bluetooth/push emails/and everything else turned on!! Hope you find this review usefull.

Brilliant Stig99 - Version 1.5 - 2/4/2010 - United Kingdom

I have tried many GPS and golf scoring programs on windows devices some of which were really expensive not only to buy but to add courses as well, so wasnt really expecting much from an app that costs £18 loaded it ,downloaded course for UK and went to play my home course.

THE BEST GOLF APP IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! Cass_no9 - Version 1.5 - 2/2/2010 - United Kingdom

After reading the majority of the reviews for this Application I thought I would take a punt and spend £18 of my hard earned money, as I have been considering buying a standalone range finder but they cost between £150-250. This has been the best App I have ever bought as it is far more than a rangefinder..with over 27,000 courses and more importantly NO YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE. The information you can load into the iphone during a round...what club used of the tee....fairway hit (centre or left or right) hit sand and any penalties strokes, you can ever track the distance you hit your ball so you can work out club distances from this App. Along with the GPS information you can utilise the aerial view (which is taken from Google) to see the layout of the hole and also display at the same time is the yardage or if you prefer meters. So in a nut shell if you are after a Golf Application to act as a GPS rangefinder but does far more useful stuff including sending you and even your playing partners a email with the scorecard from the round, so all I can say is....BUY THIS

Outstanding App!! The_Proper_Reviewer - Version 1.5 - 1/30/2010 - United Kingdom

Such a good app, was wary of price but is so so worth the money! Easy to use interface and the stats are great to see where your game needs improving! Would like to see the additon of a filter on the stats to filter by golfer! Also saving of tracked shot distances would be nice! GPS is accurate as well!

Unbelievable BanditLoz - Version 1.5 - 1/29/2010 - United Kingdom

Why buy an expensive GPS caddy when this is a million times better. On my home course you stand in the 150 marker and this tells you the same, the acuracy is unbelievable. Massive help when laying up infront of hazards, you just tap where you want to hit it to on the map and it not only tells you how far to hit it there it also tells you how far from there to the centre of the green. A must have. Battery is fine too, uses 1/2 to 3/4 of your battery per round.

Tiger this!!! Tom H - Version 1.5 - 1/26/2010 - United Kingdom

This app is superb!!! It will save you a lot of money and does the same thing a normal golf gps would! Just check how much you are charged on data if you go abroad and contact your network if in doubt! :)

who needs a sky caddy? Agustin Prentice - Version 1.5 - 1/26/2010 - United Kingdom

I never write a review but felt I had to this time ! This app is worth every penny, I was realy anxtious about the cost as im a freebie kind of guy but I love golf and had to take the risk . I have a 3gs and had no probs with battery ( I did put in sleep mode between shots) used about 1/4 during 18 holes. First game using it and I was over the moon , pulled up to first tee and flashed my new gadget to the boys , gps found me instantly (club member behind had sky caddy but couldnt get a lock on gps lol), and showed me the hole lay out on this very foggy day ,(advantage me!) whent through the game perfectly all yardages were spot on ,but had a little tantrum on the 18 were the gps got stuck? but I didnt care . This is very good value when compared to the sky caddy wich has a subscription as well as a hight price tag , I havent used other gps units so cant compare yardages but unless you are a very low handicap I dont think you could ever find fault with this app.