Customer Reviews - United Kingdom

Just Downloaded - First Impressions Soundgreat Bob - Version 1.0 - 8/1/2009 - United Kingdom

Looks excellent and great value. Easy to load scores from cards retained from previous cards.Stapleford is a much played game in UK and it would be good to include points by hole, cumualtively and in stat's Looking forward to getting out to try it for real in a couple of days.

Amazing. Extremely useful and accurate. aktivemac - Version 1.0 - 8/1/2009 - United Kingdom

I bought this because I love my golf and I'm always eager to try the latest gadget! For the price its an unbelievable product, you can buy GPS devices with similar functionality and they cost £300-£400 and most only have monochrome LCD screens. You can send them a scan of your course and they'll add it to the system and the detail is great, distances to front and back of green, distances to fairway bunkers, layup points, etc. The only slight drawback is that the iphone battery life drains quickly due to constant GPS use; however, my solution is that I bought a Mophie battery case that triples the battery life. Seems to work well. Definitely purchase this app!

Casual? Professional? Social? Big Thao - Version 1.0 - 7/30/2009 - United Kingdom

Whether you are a pro, casual or beginner this app is up there with some of the best. So

Best golfing app yet Danny Rosso - Version 1.0 - 7/29/2009 - United Kingdom

i don't usualy spend a lot on apps, but i love my golf and bought this mainly for the rangefinder and the score card then i realised they programed your course in and all you have to do is tell them where it is and take a picture of the scorecard it took them a day to do my course and its unbeleavably acurate. However the best bit about this app in my opinion is the graphs it shows you after your round, and eventualy over as many rounds as you chose. I could not recomend this app enough. Take it from me this is the best app for golfers hands down and ive tried alot of golfing apps.

Great value for money! W21LSY - Version 1.0 - 7/24/2009 - United Kingdom

I had been looking for a dedicated gps unit but thought I would give this a try. Accurate to within a few yards and very slick system for stats. They had my course uploaded within 24 hrs of request. Great service. Only thing I would reccomend would be a uk h'cap switch!

Excellent sgee - Version 1.0 - 7/23/2009 - United Kingdom

Downloaded this software, found my course wasn’t on it, e-mailed the provider who informed me that they were just starting in the United Kingdom. To get your course on the system is a breeze, it’s a lot easier to go through their web site and scan your scorecard as the camera on the iphone just doesn’t give enough detail for them to work with. It took about 3 days for them to load my course on to web for me to download, BRILLIANT customer service wish everyone was as efficient. Overall: A great software application if you take the time to fill in the relevant club selection distances, handicap etc. Tip: Get a scorecard before you play a new course, scan it, send it, give it a week, download it and the software will even tell you what club were to place the ball to get a par score what more do you need! Five stars easy.

Great value Toonster JB - Version 1.0 - 7/23/2009 - United Kingdom

This is a brilliant app and when compared to a £200 golf GPS unit this is a bargain, the process of adding a course was simplicity itself and was uploaded within 5 days. Highly recommended.

Best stats reporting GizmoDG - Version 1.0 - 7/5/2009 - United Kingdom

A polished product with good product support. Use of iPhone camera to submit example scorecard very clever -and it works!

Great product GGBratz - Version 1.0 - 6/27/2009 - United Kingdom

Apart from having to wait a few seconds every time your iPhone suspends itself the software is great! Much better value than other golf gps units plus it's an iPhone!

Brilliant App! Dave in Hants - Version 2.5 - 9/8/2011 - United Kingdom

First time using this app and it's great! I was able to take a look at the course using the arial views before I played it which was useful. The GPS worked really well and gave pinpoint distances. I love the statistics feature will prove to be very helpful. Shame my golf was so bad! :-)

Stonking RK Livingston - Version 2.5 - 9/6/2011 - United Kingdom

Great App. Easy to use. Accurate. Most of all, very helpful on the course. One drawback...its very scary when you look at your stats after a round!!!

Great app just needs a couple small improvements Golfer Phil - Version 2.5 - 7/10/2011 - United Kingdom

Have just played 9 holes for the first time with the handicap on and it's has reduced my handicap down to 23.4 from 27.6 when I was only one under my handicap for the round! A fix to this would be good. I would also love to see a stat for your handicap. All the stats are great but I'd like to be able to visually see what my handicap is doing. You cover everything else so well but this is completely missed. It would also be useful to have a tracker for greens hit, missed left/right on par 3's. My tee play on 3's in inconsistent but it doesn't allow me to track where the ball goes in the same way it does on the par 4's and 5's. A couple of little upgrades would make this a 5* app easy. Everything else is spot on. Good work

App good. Battery usage not! Milesmobiles - Version 2.5 - 7/9/2011 - United Kingdom

Great app and well worth the money if you play different courses and always but the strokesaver / course map. Using the gps constantly though killed my battery - phone died by 11th! Need an iPhone 4!

MUST HAVE! scott smith - Version 2.5 - 7/8/2011 - United Kingdom

If your a keen a regular golfer it's a must have, an if your an high handicapper this will defo save you 2-4 shots around, using the right club is key to a good score

Great app - what about the rules! Dommy (BFG) - Version 2.5 - 7/5/2011 - United Kingdom

I bought this app over 4months ago and it is great. I find the yardage very accurate and the arial view a real asset. I do however need GolfShot's help. The new R&A rules have banned most Phone GPS as many have the capability to get weather and direction information. I played in a ProAm yesterday and the PGA official told me that if you can delete any weather and compass apps from a phone then it can be used in a competition. Unfortunately iPhone have a compass app that cannot be deleted so I need GolfShot to help get apple to unlock this app and allow everyone to use this Great App in competitions. Look forward to an iPhone update!!!!

What an app!! Brad Girvan - Version 2.5 - 7/4/2011 - United Kingdom

Got it with a bit of trepidation as I play a lot of courses I am not a member of, however , no need to worry as it works great.

Gps Doggo1256 - Version 2.5 - 7/3/2011 - United Kingdom

Fantastic app, I play off 5 and this has really helped my game...I can be a little 'wild' let's say, but now I recover a lot better as I know my yardage everywhere is correct.

Excellent!! Indiasno1 - Version 2.5 - 6/27/2011 - United Kingdom

Brilliant app, I can't believe you can buy this for under £20 and skycaddies are over a £100!!! My best purchase for my iPhone and the gps save mode ensures your battery doesn't run out...a whole round used less than a quarter of my battery...Happy Days!

Perfect App Tony Spencer-Smith - Version 2.5 - 6/25/2011 - United Kingdom

Basically does what it says on the tin !

Les 007campo - Version 2.5 - 6/7/2011 - United Kingdom

This is the best app for the iPhone it is fantastic five stars .

Golfshot gps Cleankilll - Version 2.5 - 6/6/2011 - United Kingdom

Properly brilliant

Ignore the price! Disco Briscoe - Version 2.5 - 5/26/2011 - United Kingdom

I am honestly uneasy these days about spending more than £1.99 on an app - stupid, but that's the way it is. It took a massive kick up my backside to actually spend the money on this, but once I used it the price became utterly unimportant.

Well Worth the Money Peter Williams - Version 2.5 - 5/21/2011 - United Kingdom

I had used the free scoring app for a while and, after hovering over the "Buy" button for an eternity, I plunged in and took a gamble. Couldn't agree more with the other recent reviews, this app has everything you could want and the score tracking is second to none. It really focusses your mind on the parts of the game that need improving (in my case, every part!) and teaches you, over time, what yardages you are able to achieve with each club. Easily worth it for less than a round if golf at most municipals.

Great App Mike 168 - Version 2.5 - 5/3/2011 - United Kingdom

The most I have spent on an app but the best value! This excellent app seems extremely accurate with its yardages, is great if you are playing an unfamiliar course, and keeps all your records for you. I played a hilly course with numerous marker posts, hidden ditches and bunkers. Toggling between yardage and satellite image screens means you can see, and hopefully avoid, sneaky hazards. The permanent record of putts taken, greens hit in regulation, etc means you will never be short of golf chat to bore your mates with at the 19th hole! It even keeps all of your playing partners stats. It seems like a lot to pay but it isn't at all, probably the price of one round at a basic local course. If you play even a few games a year you won't regret buying it.

Top App Fitlike min? - Version 2.5 - 5/2/2011 - United Kingdom

If your a Golfer and don't have GPS yet this is a must! Out of all the money spent on golf stuff over the past 12 months this is the best at just £17.99.