Customer Reviews - Norway

Super Oppgitt - Version 1.6 - 5/30/2010 - Norway

Easy user friendly app that supports the game. Glad I found the app as I now easily can analyse my game development. Golfer Norway

Excellent ! iPhonesailor - Version 1.6 - 5/29/2010 - Norway

Have used GolfShot for 3 months now - covering courses from Japan, SE Asia, the Mediterranean and Scandinavia. Never missed to find a course yet. GofShot provides a huge amount of information on the course and on each hole. When I got the functions & functionality under my skin, it's all fun!. Aggregated statistics unveils valuable patterns in the game. I'm addicted - but bevare - 3G roaming costs are redicilous. Golfers should demand total WiFi course coverage included in the green-fee:-)

Señor Aatoris - Version 1.2 - 9/24/2009 - Norway

Great app, very attentive developers; going to Sweden this weekend and sent the website-links for the courses. Less than 48 hours later they are ready to use on my iPhone. Hope I can Play up to their level!

Bra golfprogram OlavG - Version 1.2 - 9/22/2009 - Norway

Ser ut til å være rett løsning - og suveren service: 1 døgn etter at jeg etterlyste lokal bane og sendte inn scorekort var banen mappet med satelittfoto. Det er ikke deres feil at Google Maps er dårlig oppdatert på Nordmøre... Kan ikke finne Stableford-beregning, skal etterlyse.