Customer Reviews - New Zealand

Pakuranga Country Club KokeK - Version 1.2 - 8/25/2009 - New Zealand

Has been loaded but is currently listed as being in Australia not Auckland New Zealand :-(

golfshot aotearoan - Version 1.0 - 7/9/2009 - New Zealand

One of many golf apps, this one is easy to use, fast, and my home course in New Zealand was available overnight. While it may not have lowered my scores - I am the envy of my fellow players.

Excellent John Worthington - Version 2.5 - 3/30/2011 - New Zealand

[V1.5] I've had this app since it was first available in NZ. Had only 2-3 courses then, now nearly all are loaded. Vendor is VERY responsive (courses added overnight when requested) and is updating application on regular basis. GPS distances are usually very accurate and even with 3G is pretty quick. Easy to use on golf course.

Stats galore! PandaBoer - Version 2.5 - 3/24/2011 - New Zealand

What an awsome app! And its got all the rural courses around me out in the country! Waikato, New Zealand

Great Software Alistair Draper - Version 2.0 - 7/3/2010 - New Zealand

Very easy to use and means at each shot you know exactly which club you could use, made golf that little bit easier. A Must Have!!