Valoraciones del Cliente - Estados Unidos

Simply the best! Super21g - Version 3.1.2 - 19/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

Best golf app, trust me, I tried them all.

Even with the latest version, still not there Bocaboy - Version 3.1.2 - 19/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

[updated 2-19-2012]

Above Average MTS2424 - Version 3.1.1 - 18/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

Overall a great app with precise distances which is why I got it. My only complaint is that I thought it tracked my handicap and I haven't figured out if it actually does. Also they charge and extra $10 for an upgrade after already paying $30. Overall love the usefulness though.

Nothing Better! Pecos64 - Version 3.1.1 - 15/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

This is a superb app. It does everything but keep track of your bets. Great customer support! I had a glitch, emailed the problem in the evening and had an answer that solved my problem the next morning. The developers listen to their users and add new features accordingly. Highly recommend this app if you're serious about golf and want to improve. On course info is spot on and the statistics will help you work on your weak areas. Well worth the price!!

So far, so good Warnerstyle - Version 3.1.1 - 12/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

After only 1 use, $30 seems worth it. I like the club distance tracking, although remembering to track every time takes some getting used to. Have yet to compare the GPS to other devices for accuracy.

golf in Sacramento golf 2012 - Version 3.1.1 - 11/02/2012 - Estados Unidos

I love this program. it is easy to use, accurate, gives great information, and is very reasonably priced. I have used it on 4 different courses in the Sacramento area and it has been excellent. The score keeping is also very easy to use and makes tracking puts effortless

Excellent and priced "right" Minister of Mirth - Version 3.1.1 - 29/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

This is the best golf gps going. I use it and not my Callaway gps. Battery life on my iPhone is no problem.

Worked perfectly Old mcdonald 44 - Version 3.1.1 - 29/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Have recommended to friends!!!

Now Illegal Keith Panco - Version 3.1.1 - 29/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

This is a great app. Unfortunately, it is now illegal to use in any USGA event. 2012 rules change forbids the use of smart phones on the course, including any golf app.

Worked perfectly Ricky Bobby 44 - Version 3.1.1 - 29/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Have recommended to friends!!!

Bill Kcabj - Version 3.1.1 - 27/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Love this app, able to record shots/distance, gps is accurate as anything else out their, take it with me every Saturday record scores fairways hit,# of putts , club used and distance, great tool.

Sarasota golfer Bob Schroeder Avid Golfer - Version 3.1.1 - 26/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

This is probably the best overall golf GPS available. Distances are accurate within a yard or two of the dedicated golf only GPS units (Skycaddie , Golflogix, Golf Buddy). The satellite photo view gives you the distances and also shows your position on the course. My friends with dedicated GPS units wish they had the features of this App. It is a battery hog and you must use the battery savings features to get through a long round. I use a back-up battery case and have lots of reserve left. I have had many updates at no extra cost. You can't go wrong, especially for the low price.

Good app. Just as good as the more expensive handhelds Erin and Todd's iTunes - Version 3.1.1 - 24/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

The app uses GPS to calculate the distance from your golf ball to the green on thousands of courses throughout the country. It is great for golfers who know approximately how far they can hit each club in their bag. It gives clear ariel images of each hole on a course and allows you to drag a marker so you know the distance to specific spots on the course. It gives accurate distances to the green, hazards, bunkers, and other things associated with a golf course (accurate enough for someone at my limited skill level). It keeps detailed statistics and aggregates them from round to round. It is very easy to navigate and it ties into a web-based site where you can track your scores and statistics. The only downfall is that I would like to take notes about each hole on the course in case I play it again and want to remember where I should/shouldn't hit the golf ball. Although it is a little pricey for an app, it is much cheaper and more convenient that the hand held alternatives.

Great app to track your scores/progress k2-1299 - Version 3.1.1 - 23/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Love this app and practically use it everytime I play. Between the GPS and score tracking, it's the best way to get a sense on progress but also learn how to manage distances with your irons. Just wish it had better integration with an online account.

golf shot no golf - Version 3.1.1 - 21/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

downloaded the night before and didn't activate till at the course.

Great app willrod - Version 3.1.1 - 20/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Works great !!! As promised it does the job ...

Best golf app BigAFPD - Version 3.1.1 - 16/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Forget any other gps technology. This is all you need for golf. This is my first review for any app and I stand by this one. I can't play a round without it.

GHIN Integration? Rugby Joe - Version 3.1.1 - 14/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

The app works fine for me; I wish I could just press a button at the end of my round to send my score to GHIN.

Awesome Jeremy Shankle - Version 3.1.1 - 10/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Has worked great everytime I have used it except for the places with bad service (obviously). much cheaper than buying an actual gps and much more convenient! Overall, it's a great buy!

Sir Swing-A-Lot NukeWarrior - Version 3.1.1 - 06/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

This app works great on my iPhone 4s. Customer service is outstanding - I downloaded scorecard pictures of 3 new couses and they were updated the next day. These guys want you to be satisfied !

First GPS purchased for Golf Dave Clayton - Version 3.1.1 - 05/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

Value: Excellent

Great app 50+golfer - Version 3.1.1 - 01/01/2012 - Estados Unidos

I have used this app since July and I love it! No problems at all.

great app gunman1f16 - Version 3.1.1 - 31/12/2011 - Estados Unidos

Does what it says. I use an external battery on my phone but I'm not sure it's required for 18.

Look no further TB2inAZ - Version 3.1.1 - 29/12/2011 - Estados Unidos

This is the best GPS app out there! I even sold my SkyCaddie for this application. Works better and tracks your stats!!! Unbelievable quality.

Look no further Tom Bonanno - Version 3.1.1 - 29/12/2011 - Estados Unidos

This is the best GPS app out there! I even sold my SkyCaddie for this application. Works better and tracks your stats!!! Unbelievable quality.