Critiques des utilisateurs - Canada

Best golf app of there! jones833 - Version 3.4 - 02/10/2012 - Canada

Works like a charm for all the courses I attend. Customer support is amazing at updating and adding new courses on request as well. Saves a lot of money not having to buy a seperate GPS!

Great app! Canuck10 - Version 3.4 - 30/09/2012 - Canada

Absolutely love this app! Easy to use, great detail and has info on courses I did not expect it to have.

Don't debate it. Download it. DJ_def - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - Canada

It's biggest benefit to me is when you shank it to another fairway. The yardage helps you perfectly. In the 3+ years I've used it, I've dropped 3-5 strokes per round.

Best Golf App SaskLA - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - Canada

It's the best golf app overall!!!

Sportscan Sportscan - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - Canada

Excellent app, has not improved my golf swing but it has made choosing my clubs much easier. I love the stats feature as well. One time payment for so much, great deal.

Great app! Olympiakos7777 - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - Canada

For 29.99 you replace or avoid buying pricey GPS gadgets and this has more capabilities. Aside from te accurate an amazing GPS the stats keeping and shot tracking is amazing.

Awesome Jocelyn Roy - Version 3.3.4 - 28/09/2012 - Canada

Great app, worth every dollar. Precise and never crashes. Best caddy ever!!!

Awesome Josh524 - Version 3.3.4 - 28/09/2012 - Canada

Great app, worth every dollar. Precise and never crashes. Best caddy ever!!!

Great! adam lesniewski - Version 3.3.4 - 24/09/2012 - Canada

Great app! Don't play a round without using it. Would recommend it to anyone.

Great app Leaseking - Version 3.3.2 - 04/09/2012 - Canada

Best app on my 4s. I have only played 2 rounds with it, but it is easy to use, love the scorecard, and swing tracking. I have checked yardages on my course and they seem accurate. Love it. Best app on my phone by far.

Great App JJ Jefferies - Version 3.3.2 - 27/08/2012 - Canada

I have used this app all summer and find it fantastic. I love the handicap tracker and the score card - saves on paper!

Golfshots can count - Version 3.3.2 - 25/07/2012 - Canada

Whata great product - so helpful when determining yardage, plus you get a complete score card and statistics. Wish I had this years ago

Tremendous Bu bu bum - Version 3.3.1 - 22/07/2012 - Canada

Great app!!! The GPS on the carts at two of the first courses I played matched Golfshot to the yard. My buddy's Skycaddy matched Golfshot as well (he hid my phone ... I guess he was jealous).

Love it!! Madtokes - Version 3.2 - 18/07/2012 - Canada

Bought the app and only have used it for 6 rounds and I will never get another range finder. I compared it with my buddies skycaddie and it was within 2 yards. And so easy for tracking scores and stats. Definitely worth the 30 bucks!!

Hall of Fame app Raymond Lam - Version 3.2 - 17/07/2012 - Canada

I've used thus for 2 years now and I have out away my standalone gps. So much more convenient to have it on your phone, so easy to use, and certainly as accurate as any other gps unit. Highly recommended.

Fantastic tool! Golf-()-ace - Version 3.2 - 22/06/2012 - Canada

Great tool to make up your mind and create a good game plan. Affordable. Love the stats and graphics. Great tool in my phone.

Great app ! Big Jet II - Version 3.2 - 20/06/2012 - Canada

Very interesting app for stats. Yardage tends to be accurate with patience. It can take between 30-60 seconds before we get a fair yardage but it's worth every penny.

Golfshot Bensummum - Version 3.2 - 10/06/2012 - Canada

Excellent app. The yardage is very accurate. 18 holes only took me 40% of the battery. All the same info of a 400$ GPS for 30$!

Golfshot. Excellent. Jessup7227272 - Version 3.2 - 30/05/2012 - Canada

This is a great app. The yardages are accurate and I love the stats. I use my laser finder along with this app. It's great. I recommend this app for everyone. It gives yardages to the 100-125-150 and obviously the front/middle/back of the green from any position you are at. If you don't buy this you aren't into golf. Well worth the price. It uses 30% of your battery for every round on the iPhone 4s. Not so bad.

Great App! Must have for any golfer with an iPhone BirdieAll18 - Version 3.2 - 29/05/2012 - Canada

This app is better than most $300 range finders out there, for a tenth the cost. I am surprised those products are still around (not much longer I assume). Only minor issue is battery drain. Fix that and you get 5 stars! I sometimes play 36 and it only lasts the first round.

cool Habs81 - Version 3.2 - 29/05/2012 - Canada

vraiment bien fait et détaillé trop bien pour les golfeurs amateur tres précis

Sweetest $30 ever spent Pavlov hairs - Version 3.2 - 23/05/2012 - Canada

Bought this app based on all the reviews given that were positive. They were totally right. Great app. Would and have recommended it to anyone. Easy to use. Was going to buy expensive gps but now I don't have to. No brainer.

Terrific App!! db820 - Version 3.2 - 06/05/2012 - Canada

Love this app. I dont really care about the cost of it versus other GPS untis, though I can see how people like the relative cost. I simply want something that is easy to use, provides accurate information, gives me round by round stats, and I dont have to worry about charging before a round. SInce its on my iphone I just keep my phone charged. It doesnt kill the battery, though I havent played a course where I need to be looking at the GPS Aerial every hole. (not sure if that makes a difference but I am assuming it would zap the battery a bit more).

Hawkeychic Bohawks - Version 3.2 - 22/04/2012 - Canada

I think this APP is the best out especially for your money one time fee after that it's yours every season. I how where ever you are you can sync any course and it picks up all where ever you are . I compared this to the gps from some courses and it was picking up the same distance I think this is the best APP out there and before you buy one where you have to pay yearly and then you can't pick up all the courses around you buy this one easy to use and has all features of the best.

Awesome app Dr_El - Version 3.2 - 15/04/2012 - Canada

This is worth every cent you pay for it!