Critiques des utilisateurs - États-Unis

Awesome! BabcockB - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Fantastic golf app, the best. One time fee, then free. Great imagery and GPS is always accurate. Has improved my game with pinpoint yardages for courses that have poor markers. Get this app!

Still the very best. iTouchN.E.Where - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Golfshot is awesome. I don't feel I need anything else. Great app.

Golf ShoeGart - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Nice app, works well!

Great App! JerseyBob - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Have used it about 10 times on various courses. I used this side by side with my brothers $350 GPS and this was dead on. He was upset that he spent so much money after seeing this. It does use a lot of battery power. I bought an external battery pack at Radio Shack just in case, but haven't had to use it yet although once it was pretty close after 27 holes. Highly recommended!

Best By Far Nugzfosho - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Best golf GPS app by is great. If your course is not on the app, you can request it and it only takes a week at most before it will added to the course sync list. Great app overall 👏

Golfshot amazes on iPhone 5 HelloWld - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

The best golf app just keeps getting better. Golfshot works really well. If you're worried about spending $, just ask to see it from someone at your course. You won't be disappointed! Golfshot makes those handheld gps alternatives seem ridiculously overpriced. The swing tracking features are a big plus in figuring out my club accuracy.

Great App Big Apod - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Does what it needs to do with no problems.

Awesome App!!!! Jason Russell - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

This is an awesome app and a must have for the serious golfer. I've had this app ever since I've had my iPhone. It has been well worth the app price and has become just as important as my clubs. The great graphics and stats feature keeps my handicap low.

Worth the Price stomasko - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Great program, excellent support, Examples new course request, about 1.5 days

Absolutely Great !, Jonathan Harkless - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Wonderful app, ez to use..don't know why I stopped using it but I will never again.

GREAT!!! Reader... - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Hands down, the best golf app for the iPhone...I have used it for over a year now, and I am able to track more stats that I ever thought possible...not to mention, I can play new courses and not have to worry about figuring out distances...GREAT APP!!!

Awesome app!!! JoshuaKa - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Best golf gps and golf scorecard app.

Love it!! Lee Wood - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Golfshot has help me stay on top of my problem areas.

Nice Job Guys! bacinsd - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Full screen utilization on my iPhone 5 just in time for weekend golf!

The best GPS app spielzeug - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

I play a lot of rounds with Golfshot GPS. Aside from my clubs it is absolutely essential for me to shoot good (and improve my) rounds.

Excellent! Corey Brunstetter - Version 3.3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Awesome app, there's no better golf app out there. Yea it's pricy, but totally worth it if you play often.

The best GPS tool! CubbyBlu - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

From the interface to the stats to the online tools this app leads the pack! Highly recommended.

Incredible! dwatling83 - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Perfect app for golf, must buy.

WOW!!! pillyeagles - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

For a 1 time fee of $30 you can't BEAT this app!!! Very accurate and has all the courses including international... No fees to download courses or change states... This app is GREAT. The score card works like a charm and will even email your 4some the scorecard. Do yourself a favor and forget golflogix $100 fee and get golfshot!!!

Golfshot is awesome!!! Jdelaney1 - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

This is the best golf gps/stat tracking app for iphone PERIOD!!! Nothing compares, well worth $29.99 one time fee!!!

Awesome golf app Ramman345 - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Best golf app I've seen. Awesome collection of courses and gps info. Great scorecards.

Troppo Robert Maschke - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

This is awesome! I have used this app in over 20 different countries since it was released and its works wonderfully, my golf game has improved by being better informed

Best golf app. pishster - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

I've had this for 5 years. Never a regret. Don't hesitate.

Stellar Caduceus - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

I have used this app for over a year now and it has never failed me. Now I never have to guess yardages to greens, bunkers, water hazards, dog legs, etc. it's incredibly easy to use, so much so that I can't remember the last time I used a paper scorecard for myself or the grouping. A final bonus is the stat tracking and club distances. Using this feature religiously has really helped in lowering my handicap. All in all, this is a fantastic app that I can't imagine playing golf without it!

Best Golf App .... PERIOD! Marc Couvillion - Version 3.4 - 29/09/2012 - États-Unis

Been using for 3 years now. Simply one of the best apps I own. The stats available for my game justify the price of the app alone. Every golfer interested in improvement (from stats analysis) should have Golfshot in their bag. GPS and Map portion of app are awesome.