Critiques des utilisateurs - États-Unis

Great tool Greveshaw - Version 3.2 - 19/06/2012 - États-Unis

A great tool to have, at a fraction of the cost of a laser. I'd say accurate within a few yards, easy to use,

Great! Distances right on the money... Jwjwfl - Version 3.2 - 17/06/2012 - États-Unis

Not only does this app have every course in my area, but when I compare the yardages to the guys I play with who use the $300+ yardage binoculars the #s are right on. Highly recommended!

A+ Bartholomew Domino - Version 3.2 - 17/06/2012 - États-Unis

Great app. Works on almost any course. No complaints at all.

works as advertised mckid - Version 3.2 - 16/06/2012 - États-Unis

I have used the app twice and was amazed at how quick and accurate the yardage numbers were! Only reason I haven't rated as a 5 is because I'm wating to try it in more "rural" areas where the signal may not be 4G. Documentation on web site could use some improvement, but would definitly recommend this app!

Sweet! Jmacte - Version 3.2 - 14/06/2012 - États-Unis

Just used it for the first time yesterday. Yardages were more accurate than skycaddie. It was cool keeping track of score, gir, fairways hit, etc. The stats will be helpful down the road.

Works great! Gtwlaw - Version 3.2 - 12/06/2012 - États-Unis

Love this app and don't like playing a round without it!

Excellent SethtallicA - Version 3.2 - 10/06/2012 - États-Unis

Once you get the hang of it, this app is great. Worked perfectly at Traditions in Bryan, TX if you're wondering.

Excellent! granstra - Version 3.2 - 09/06/2012 - États-Unis

I do not, as a rule, submit product reviews unless it is negative sort of a buyer beware. That being said, I used this app yesterday for the first time. I had been considering a purchase of a pricey rangefinder for quites some time. I am no longer considering this purchase thanks to this app! It worked perfectly throughout the round and indeed aided with club selection. The battery level on my iPhone4s after 18 holes was just over half.

Awesome Causeyman - Version 3.2 - 08/06/2012 - États-Unis

This app is fast and is as accurate as my laser I carry. Faster than any gps I've seen. You can trust this app! It's worth more than you pay!!!!

Great!!! Peterwatiseemo - Version 3.2 - 08/06/2012 - États-Unis

Makes my friends that have spent hundreds on handheld versions jealous!

Awesome. ccgj - Version 3.2 - 08/06/2012 - États-Unis

Worth every penny. I have used it six or seven times now and have been nothing but impressed. I am sure there are features I haven't used yet, but it is really improving my game to track shots and distances by clubs to really get a feel for my game and where to improve.

Aerial Not Loading. PortTack - Version 3.2 - 07/06/2012 - États-Unis

Any word on a fix for this. Still not loading available aerials.

Update terrible Prodaytrader - Version 3.2 - 07/06/2012 - États-Unis

Ariel mapping still broken!!! Please fix soon

Improve your score! Tony Nguyen - Version 3.2 - 05/06/2012 - États-Unis

Great app! I use it every time I golf. Well worth the $30!! I bought it a year ago and I still have no regrets. Just don't tell your wife! Haha

Improve your score! ToNyTouCH859 - Version 3.2 - 05/06/2012 - États-Unis

Great app! I use it every time I golf. Well worth the $30!! I bought it a year ago and I still have no regrets. Just don't tell your wife! Haha

great app cdrrlm - Version 3.2 - 02/06/2012 - États-Unis

played 3 rounds with golfshot. I have more confidence in my distance and clubs. Great app.

great app cdrrx - Version 3.2 - 02/06/2012 - États-Unis

played 3 rounds with golfshot. I have more confidence in my distance and clubs. Great app.

Best App out there - Suggested Improvement TRIGESQ - Version 3.2 - 01/06/2012 - États-Unis

This is simply the best golf app out there. It is easy to use. The GPS is accurate. The stats are great for helping to keep track of your game. Two suggestions - add feature to track your results right/left, long/short on approach shots, and maybe for putting. Also, the feature I use a lot is actually from the Azinger Golf Plan - comparison of your stats to your handicap. I think this should be on both features. I use Golfshot for stats andplaying and Golfplan for practice and imporvement. I'm almost scratch and find these two programs do basically everything I need. I help a lot of beginners and have turned them on to it as well.

Scorecards are dumb Mike brownstein - Version 3.2 - 31/05/2012 - États-Unis

No need for a pencil or one of the silly score cards they give you. Your phone will do everything for you. It's the best app I've owned and I love going back and reviewing a round. Amazing how bad I am at GIR's. Try it and see where your game needs work. It's helps out more than you think and it's very accurate with yardagea.

Great app Rootball - Version 3.2 - 27/05/2012 - États-Unis

Used this for the first time this week. It took me a little to get through all the options but once I figured it out it was amazing. Very accurate. The guy I was playing kept asking me to check his yardage. This is a must have.

Fantastic jjfrommelt - Version 3.2 - 27/05/2012 - États-Unis

Best app I have installed!! First time I used it on the course, I played with two golfers who had Sky Caddie, this app was within 1-2 yards on each hole. Scorecard feature is awesome. Well worth the $$!!!!!!!

Awesome app! The polish power - Version 3.2 - 26/05/2012 - États-Unis

Just played my first 18 with this. Battery took 60% for a 4.5 round not bad! When I unlocked phone adjusted yardage within seconds. Accurate next to markers and my buddies sky caddie actually they all read the same. Real easy to keep score this app is all you need. I never write reviews but if u need a gps for golf this is it. Great job Golf Shot.

Love it but kills battery Abulr - Version 3.2 - 26/05/2012 - États-Unis

Read the user manual. But still, this thing destroys battery life. Sometimes don't make it through a full round (on an iPhone 4S!). But well worth the money since you're saving on getting a separate GPS device. Just wish the battery was better (only thing preventing five stars).

Best golf gps app GolfinCO - Version 2.5 - 25/05/2012 - États-Unis

Best app out there... Hands down.

Works great Stlaw - Version 3.2 - 24/05/2012 - États-Unis

Battery just lasts me 18. Seems very accurate, always within a few yards of my dads scycaddy.