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Would have paid double after using it the first time!!! m.mcmullen - Version 1.5 - 20/03/2010 - États-Unis

Just used golfshot today for the first time and it's incredible. I've tried other iPhone golf applications in the past as well as a few scoring programs for an old palm treo. Nothing compares to this program. I have a 3G iPhone and the GPS is extremely accurate and faster than expected. I didn't use the aerial views at all, the GPS list view is great. I was looking for a scoring/statistic application and thought that the GPS would be a bit gimmicky. I also wanted a Mac program for syncing the stats to the computer, but this is different. It is so much better than I expected. In case you're unsure it goes pretty much like this...

Awesome App theunderlord - Version 1.5 - 15/03/2010 - États-Unis

Was apprehensive, glad I got it. Very helpful tool on the course, get it, you won't be let down.

Really use this during play and post game analysis AZkahuna - Version 1.5 - 14/03/2010 - États-Unis

I have used this for about 20 rounds now. The first time out, there was a little learning curve to sort out. But it became a keeper by the 10th hole. Not overly burdensome with data on every shot like some apps - slows game down. Best for traveling golfer who is sees many courses.

Tough to trust. Dabadass7698 - Version 1.5 - 08/03/2010 - États-Unis

Perfect often, but many times over 20 yards off! Like the scorecard and stats function.

I do like this app SteveinOly - Version 1.5 - 07/03/2010 - États-Unis

This does replace GPS programs for a very fair price. Value: $300 for a gps handheld vs. $30 for my iphone and this app. I was looking to buy a golf gps handheld but this does a nice job.

Incredible App Mikey_Likes_it_33 - Version 1.0 - 06/03/2010 - États-Unis

Apple is smart to feature this app - it shows off everything great about the iPhone! Works great on every course I've played. Scores my entire group and sends us all an email scorecard after the round. The GPS is more detailed than any product I've ever seen...from any golf company. If you doubt paying $30 for this app, ask to see it from someone else at your course. You will be amazed!

Toby Maxx TobyMaxx - Version 1.5 - 26/02/2010 - États-Unis

I downloaded the app a few days ago. Right away I printed the manual and decided to learn as much about using Golfshot as I could, so I wouldn't have to fumble around on the golf course. I had read about the battery draining nature of the app so was prepared with 100% battery for my round and my setting were optimized per the manual.

Great! mewruff - Version 1.5 - 24/02/2010 - États-Unis

I use this as a caddie and it gets me slot of tip and it's always within 10 (more often the same) yards as the marker. I don't know how to use the scorecard but I like the rest of it.

Great app BrodieBoxer - Version 1.5 - 23/02/2010 - États-Unis

I bought this app last season and have been thoroughly happy. The only problem I ran into is the Overhead view would not pickup in NE alot but in NC it was better and I think that quern was worked out in an update. Very very happy.

Great! DCM 5090 - Version 1.5 - 18/02/2010 - États-Unis

Have used app twice and love it!

Best iPhone Golf GPS app by a mile Chris Tong - Version 1.5 - 16/02/2010 - États-Unis

I have bought and tries several golf gps apps including viewTI and Pro Creative Golf 10 (which is gorgeous, but lacking substance).

Best iPhone Golf GPS app by a mile Chitostyle - Version 1.5 - 16/02/2010 - États-Unis

I have bought and tries several golf gps apps including viewTI and Pro Creative Golf 10 (which is gorgeous, but lacking substance).

Best most Flexible GPS/scorecard APP!!!!! 7Palms - Version 1.5 - 15/02/2010 - États-Unis

I have been using this app for about 6 months and it is awesome. I even have course that wasn't on here and they gave me directions to have it added. Even helped me map it by GPS so I could get distances. (No updated satellite view yet.) I have even made suggestions of things I'd like to see and as with every thing else they have been very quick to reply. And I have used it in multiple locations and states. And I love getting the results emailed to me. I hope they keep up the great work!!!!

The best App on my phone. ah64ip - Version 1.5 - 08/02/2010 - États-Unis

This is the best app on my iPhone. Very easy to use and the entire user manual is available quickly with the press of one button on the main screen. User manual available as a PDF online, also. GPS feature, aerial view, and instant email of scorecard can't be beat by any other device or app. Stats tracking helps improve your game quickly. Scoring and stat tracking are very fast and easy. Check your past performance on each hole before you tee off and strive to improve. Adding golfers is intuitive and super fast. Select their name from your address book and you're done. NEVER hangs or crashes. Take a call and get back to the app quickly and reliably, right where you left off.

Nice job guys!!! apocpeter - Version 1.5 - 07/02/2010 - États-Unis

This I a great app! The best app for the $. I love every part about it... I tryed fold shot and this is way better for the $. A golfers must buy!

Awesome app Rjsksiyabdm - Version 1.5 - 06/02/2010 - États-Unis

This app is the best ever. If you play golf often it is a must have. The GPS might take a little while to load but it isn't too bad at all. I played a full round on about a 6500 yard course and I still have a little more than 50% battery life. Personally I don't have to use it for every shot. If I was on a par 5 and I knew I was 250-270 yards out I didn't use it I just knew I needed a 3 wood. The scoring is completely awesome and the stats are unbelievable. All in all if you are an avid golfer this app is a must have.

GPS Kevindeep - Version 1.5 - 30/01/2010 - États-Unis

This is hands down the best golf gps o have I have ever used

Holy Moly! Touch My Susu - Version 1.5 - 29/01/2010 - États-Unis

I won't repeat all the good things about this app. I agree with all the positive reviews here. Definitely worth the 30 bucks.

Golfshot on iPad/iTouch. And Mophie Tony_123459876 - Version 1.5 - 28/01/2010 - États-Unis

Get Golfshot, its great. But I was just thinking...

A Excellent Product ldp1953 - Version 1.5 - 27/01/2010 - États-Unis

With the average iphone owner regularly using only about 7 to 10 apps on their iphone, well, Golfshot GPS is part of my short list. I use it every time I play. Here are the 'pros':

Great App Rick8363 - Version 1.5 - 26/01/2010 - États-Unis

I bought this app 2 weeks ago and finally got to use it this past weekend. It Worked much better than expected and I was sceptical. Two of my golf partners now have on their phone and they too were sceptical when they heard the price. The yardage matched exactly to the markers in the fairway. As for the battery, mine was almost drained at the end of the round. I started locking my phone between holes beginning at number 13 to conserve since I read that the GPS took up to a minute to lock on, but mine only took 3-5 seconds to lock on. My phone is a 3G. Does anyone know how many rounds you have to play before it figures your handicap? Bottom line- this is the best 29 dollars I've ever spent

Why buy a sky caddie? mike9814 - Version 1.5 - 26/01/2010 - États-Unis

This app is excellent.

Don't bother with expensive gps units superfonic - Version 1.5 - 19/01/2010 - États-Unis

This does everything they do and costs 90% less! My golf buddies were drooling at the scorecard that was emailed to them after the round and the distances were the same as my friends skycaddie.

Great app, but one problem! Rickwesone - Version 1.5 - 19/01/2010 - États-Unis

This is truly a great app for the golf lover, however it has one serious drawback. Navigating from hole to hole is cumbersome and tiresome. I play in a lot of shotguns in which I start on later holes. When I finish hole 18 I move onto hole 1. The app makes me cycle all the way backwards to hole 1! And forget about it if I've made a scoring error on 18!! I'd have to cycle all the way back!!! This a serious oversight that desperately need to be corrected.

Good functionality and value. Biggdavethewave - Version 1.5 - 19/01/2010 - États-Unis

Application was recommended by a cousin of mine and I absolutely love it. Easy to use score tracking, aerial view, and GPS tools makes this an inexpensive life saver on the golf course.