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Great With Distances bbyrdhouse - Version 3.4 - 3/22/2013

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the accuracy of the distances.

Replaced my SkyCaddie SG5 Donltx - Version 3.4 - 3/22/2013

Golfshot: Golf GPS app is an excellent replacement for my SkyCaddie SG5. I have played two rounds since purchase and the iPhone5 app has worked as advertized.

Love this App! Teemoomaw - Version 3.4 - 3/20/2013

Best App I have on my phone. A lot cheaper than sky caddie and just as accurate. Layup option took some time to figure out, but works great. Battery will last a long time if you hit the little green button in the lower left after each approach shot. If you take a lot of approach shots it could wear out your battery :)

Great app Kpgillan - Version 3.4 - 3/18/2013

Excellent app. Use it every round.