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Great With Distances bbyrdhouse - Version 3.4 - 22-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the accuracy of the distances.

Replaced my SkyCaddie SG5 Donltx - Version 3.4 - 22-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Golfshot: Golf GPS app is an excellent replacement for my SkyCaddie SG5. I have played two rounds since purchase and the iPhone5 app has worked as advertized.

Love this App! Teemoomaw - Version 3.4 - 20-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Best App I have on my phone. A lot cheaper than sky caddie and just as accurate. Layup option took some time to figure out, but works great. Battery will last a long time if you hit the little green button in the lower left after each approach shot. If you take a lot of approach shots it could wear out your battery :)

Great app Kpgillan - Version 3.4 - 18-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Excellent app. Use it every round.

Great app Irongus - Version 3.4 - 14-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Love seeing my handicap improve

Amazing App Matt the Bogeyman - Version 3.4 - 14-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I never write reviews but feel the need to tell everyone how great this app is. WELL worth the money! I use this app every time I play golf. It's very accurate as well. Get this app and you will understand.

Golfing Dame BK - Version 3.4 - 13-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

This is the best app that I've used

Best Golf App Ever! Dale Muir - Version 3.4 - 12-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

It's fantastic!

Retired golfer LtGPA - Version 3.4 - 12-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

OMG...Wow… Cannot believe how good this app is I had checked out GolfBuddy, SkyCaddie, Golf Buddy watch,Leopold rangefinders, Callaway rangefinder Bushnell Range finder and Bushnell lateral rangefinder Before I purchased Golfshot. I am amazed at the clarity, technology, and performance of this $30.00 app!!!

Outstanding Smsaunders1974 - Version 3.4 - 10-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I downloaded this app for the first time in January 2013. I have a friend that has used SkyCaddie for years and buys the new model each time it comes out. Although we play often together I also play with other foursomes that do not include him. I bought this app for such occasions. I always read other users reviews before purchasing and this one had as close to 5 stars as possible so I bought it. When I bought it I played next to my friend and the SkyCaddie and Golfshot was never +\- 2 yards. It has front, middle,back; distance to bunkers, water, carries, and layups of 100, 150, and 200 yards. It also allows you to track distance on shots which comes in handy as I bought a set of TM burner 2.0 irons for Christmas and as the are 2* strong I knew I would add distance but didn't know how much. I had changed clubs previously and it took at least 10 rounds to figure it out. With this app I had it dialed in in four rounds. It tracks handicaps as well. A bit of advice, the Golfscape is quite useless as the regular app has everything you could possibly want. Don't waste your money... Sorry Golfshot. Get the app. You'll shave 4-5 strokes off your game by doing nothing more than ensuring you hit the appropriate club for layups and to hit greens closer to the green.

Awesome!!! Ganzo5601 - Version 3.4 - 9-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I've used it for a few years now and well worth the money. Haven't been to a golf course were I wasn't able to use it and just as accurate as those really expensive GPS units.

Love it! jgreen7143 - Version 3.4 - 9-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Had it two years now. Best golf app!!

Good app W3rd2784 - Version 3.4 - 9-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Great for keeping score and tracking your statistics. The GPS seems to be off a bit but nothing major.

Great App WyoCoach - Version 3.4 - 8-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Have used it for last two years and it is as accurate as many of the expensive rangefinders. Enjoy keeping scores and looking back.

Fantastic, versatile golf app! Trivia Jockey - Version 3.4 - 7-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I've tried several, Golfshot's GPS is the most reliable. The satellite hole views are amazingly useful. Score keeping ability also top-notch. Worth the price.

Love the club tracking bean_ville - Version 3.4 - 6-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Great app! Nothing better for stat tracking.

Really good app tidwall - Version 3.4 - 5-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

After 3 years, Golfshot is still the gold standard..

The best golf app out there SeatMech88 - Version 3.4 - 2-3-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I have had this app for over a year now and love it. I have a hand held golf gps as well but I never use it because it doesn't seem to be as accurate as my golfshot app. Great app and a must have for all golfers!

Works amazing!! 802-Steeze - Version 3.4 - 28-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I used this app all last season and never had a problem. It's just an amazing app. Save money on an expensive GPS and just get this. Love it

Great golf app Sangfarmer - Version 3.4 - 28-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Does everything you need. Improved my game overall and challenges me while on the course.

Is there even a close second? AWM33 - Version 3.4 - 22-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

The best and keeps getting better (need to add Streamsong courses).

Awesome Notorious H.I.G. - Version 3.4 - 20-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Awesome best golf app I've found

Perfect, but... H Woody - Version 3.4 - 18-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

I love everything about this app except that when you input a golfer's handicap index, there are Instances when the app assigns a handicap that is different than the USGA handicap for a particular course and/or tee box.

GPS for Sale Cheap CSiRun - Version 3.4 - 15-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

Took my SkyCaddie 300+ dollars out to play on a clear day. I was on the 4th hole and I still could not get the SkyCaddie to connect to the Satellite. My buddy had Golfshot(29.99) and had a signal to the flags instantly. Needless to say it took 1 hole for the app to download from Appstore but I have never looked back. The skycaddie now collects dust with some old irons. Still trying to figure out how to get the aerial view to work.

What more could you ask for? cmyktaylor - Version 3.4 - 14-2-2013 - Verenigde Staten

GolfShot GPS is simply perfect! Every time I've had a question or a recommendation, I get a note quickly from the dev team explaining how to do what I'm asking for.