Reviews dos clientes - Estados Unidos

Great job Bonzia - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I've used this for about a year now and I love it's ease of use. Wouldn't trade it for any of the other systems. I use in conjunction with my Leupold rangefinder and find it to be quite accurate.

GolfShot mch877 - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This is a really good iPhone app. It shows correct distances, loads all the courses I play regularly, and I love the ability to automatically email the scorecard to the players at the end of a round. The only thing keeping it from a five-star rating is that it sometimes takes a few seconds to update the distances when the phone is "awakened" from a sleep state, which has caused me to use the wrong club from time to time. But, patience, it will soon give you the right distance!

Golfshop GPS v 1.6 Pinkymansr - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

The new view screen is brighter. GPS access is too slow. It needs to work faster. Add long left, long right, short left, short right to the fairway screen. Overall good app. stat sheet and scorecard review are great.

Golfshot is Great Rock N Rick - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I am very pleased with the support info you get, ie stats, electronic scorecard, etc. However, my only complaint would be the yardage to pin is slow. It causes a slower round and at times you have the wrong info to base your club selection on.

I think it is very useful. girl golfer - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I have used this at my home club and others in the area. I find it very helpful. Even though I have played there 15 years it still helps you choose clubs and manage your game.

Version 1.6 peterdwight - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Only problem I find is that it is slow updating distance as I change locations on the course.

Golf shot 2dlrbill - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This is a great product. Easy to use and appears to be accurate on the courses I have played. Love the scorecard function and the ability to email the scores to myself and other players in the group.

Most Usable Golf Application Weedend Golferlady - Version 1.6 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This application is amazing. As a weekend golfer, it has all the features we could want. Having our scores and other information automatically e-mailed is an additional feature that we enjoy. We would and have recommended it to others.

The stats really help. Bobby P. - Version 1.5 - 15/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I have found this app very enjoyable. I am focusing in on the stats, fairways and GIR and my scores are going down. Nice graphics and smooth. I also see I am losing strokes abound the green so I am working on that. Love this high tech stuff.

great app!!! countrygrammars - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

i love this app. its very helpful and i look forward to it getting even better with each update. why buy a just a golf gps when u can get golfshot on the iphone.

easy to use Patricia Kopnicky - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Not a computer nerd, love to golf and this is easy to use

Golfshot GPS Review Winnnad - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This app is great!! I have used it on 25 different golf courses since the first of the year. It has exceeded my expectations. I was not looking for another gadget to carry around and the iphone app from Golfshot was perfect for what I was looking for. Yardage distance was on target for all courses played. Tracking your statistics for all rounds and analyzing ultimatly will help a serious golfer improve. The cost for the app is well worth what you get in return. Highly recommended.

best golf app Munir Ahmed - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I think this application for golf is the best application for the money.other apps close you in for a yearly subscription.never had any trouble playing in any course

Golf review sflash - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Great app

Great application rwc007 - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This is better than golf Logix application. Only problem I encountered is sometimes I loose everything on some holes. Must be poor location satilites not picking it up. Do we auto get updates,or how do we get updates

Happy Camper JohnnieYuma - Version 1.3 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I have been very pleased with Golfshot added to my i-phone. I have used it almost 20 times at numerous different courses throughout California and Nevada. I have not played a course yet that it could not find and download. I usually download the night before and it even shows how many miles that my home is from the first green. My game has definitely improved since Golfshot has taken out the guess work and allowed me to concentrate more on the shot at hand and course management.

Golfshot YodasDad - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I have played nine rounds of golf since I got this application. I think it is excellent. It was rather hard to get used to at the beginning but is easier now. It is a great scorecard and the email feature is superb. I have golf friends with other GPS devices like Garmin, etc. The distances are pretty close to theirs. It is hard to tell which is right. The downfall is that it eats the battery so you have to be very careful how you use it. It is the most expensive application that I have purchased for the iPhone.

Golfshot Oldskicop - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Uses battery quickly, but if you turn off iphone while not actually using Golfshot you can go a complete round. Scoring and Statistics are good.

Great App dcleve24 - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This is a great app... Ive been using it for everything. However i wish the app would keep track of club distances and build them in for the layup calculations

Golfshot Golf GPS Jeff Thomas - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Very good, accurate in most cases. The one exception I have found is on the third fairway at Oxmoor Country Club it reads to the seventh green and the seventh fairway reads to the third green. Interesting that of the 10 or so courses I have used it on that the only misread is on my home course. Overall I am very happy with GolfShot and do reccommend to my friends. Excellant response, the next time I used GolfShot on my home course the error had been corrected. I couldn't be happier, several of my friends are headed towards adding GolfShot to their iPhones.

Great golf app tbarra - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This app is great for tracking score and a couple key metrics. Best part is very fast interface to enter score and stats, you cannot be fussing aroung on the course with a cumbersome app. I use the track shot distance occasionaly for tee shots and GPS distance is acurate. I have played in many staes and not hit a course that was not in the database.

Great App PR1957 - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

I've been using the app for over a year and very happy. The price is right (as compared to dedicated GPS golf devices) and features continue to improve. I use this each round primarily for score and stats. The yardage function is only used when I spray the ball outside an area where fairway markers don't exist. Battery life isn't an issue when used in this fashion. GPS refresh is still slower than a dedicated device but that is the phones issue.

The Best Fuskie - Version 1.5 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

This is by far the best range finder app on the market! I have mostly all of them and this is the only one I use and trust! The others are back up just incase Golfshot doesn't have my course which is unlikely. I play 2-3 times a week and find the Stat section of the app is very useful in improving my game. I use a Ipod touch with XGPS 300 Cradle and it works great just as good if not better than most standalones just $300 cheaper! 15 STARS!!

Yippee~! Divot man - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Works great. Stats allow you to improve your game.

Buy this!!! Scgirard - Version 1.6 - 14/06/2010 - Estados Unidos

Very accurate & I love the ability to input the clubs in my bag and set how far I hit them so that the GPS tells me where my various layup targets are at. The only drawback is the battery life of the iPhone, but that is not the fault of the app.