Auto Shot Tracking for Wear OS

Enjoy a hands-free experience with our latest technology on your Wear OS device. Let Golfshot track your shots and give valuable insights into your game!

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How it Works

Golfshot uses machine learning to teach your Wear OS device what a golf swing looks like, so now it can detect each shot you take!

Approach the ball and take your swing, then when you go take your next shot we use GPS Tracking to see how far your ball has gone, and we save that distance as a Tracked Shot.

How to Use your Wear OS Device for Swing Detection and Auto Shot-Tracking

It’s just 3 easy steps to start tracking your first shot.

Make sure your Wear OS device is connected and on your leading hand’s wrist*, then enable Auto Shot Tracking.

Start a round and take your first shot!


Your Wear OS device will ding to let you know it detected a swing successfully and will start tracking your shot!

*The leading hand is the hand on the front side of your golf swing, usually NOT your dominant hand.

Step by Step Directions

If you’re having an issue or would like to learn more, this guide is for you.

1. Wrist Set-Up. Ensure your watch is set up for the correct wrist. Head to Settings → Wearables and select whether you play Right or Left Handed. 

We are working on support for having the Wear OS device on your trailing wrist.

2. Enable Auto Shot Tracking. Open the Golfshot app and navigate to Settings → Wearables and enable “Auto Shot Tracking.”

You can enable “Haptic/Audio Feedback” if you would like to be alerted when a shot is successfully detected. Be sure the correct dominant hand is selected on this screen.

3. Wait for SwingML to download and be processed. This is our proprietary Machine Learning model that uses the watch sensors to detect when you take a golf shot. There is a progress indicator to let you know when it is ready.

You will need to open the Golfshot app on your Wear OS device while the model transfers, this can take several minutes to complete.

4. Start a round in Golfshot and step up to the tee box, take your shot and Golfshot will automatically start tracking. If you have “Haptic/Audio feedback” enabled you will hear the “happy” success tone on the watch and/or a vibration if your watch is set to silent mode.

Golfshot will continue tracking your shot until you take your next strike, which will end your current tracked shot and begin tracking a new one. 

If you take multiple shots in one spot, don’t worry Golfshot will only track one. 




5. Tracking Shots. On the watch GPS screen, you will see a small white golf club icon in the bottom center of the screen, letting you know Auto Shot Tracking is enabled and working.

Once a shot starts tracking, you will see your selected club and the real-time distance next to this icon. 

6. Changing Clubs. If you need to change the caddie recommended club displayed in the top left side of the GPS screen, tap on the club type. This will bring up a screen where you can scroll to choose the club that will be tracked for this shot.

Don’t worry if Golfshot accidentally starts recording a practice swing, it will be replaced when you hit you ball. While the club icon is orange, taking another shot will simply replace the current tracked shot.

  1. While tracking a shot from the Wear OS device, page left from the GPS screen to view the full Auto Shot Tracking Screen.

 From here, you can change the club for the shot that is currently being tracked at any time. You can also Start, Cancel or mark a Missed Shot from this screen by paging right to the Wearable device Settings screen.

 8. If Golfshot doesn’t detect your shot, you can still manually track the shot by swiping to the Wearables Setting screen and selecting “Missed Shot.” 

If Golfshot detects your shot and you don’t want to track it (“Breakfast ball”), you can cancel the shot from the Wearble Device Setting screen before moving location (while the club icon is still orange).

9. Once Golfshot detects a putt, it will end the shot that is currently being tracked. Golfshot detects putts but does not track their distances

If Golfshot fails to detect your putt, and you are still on the green, you can end the shot that is currently being tracked by accessing the Wearble device Setting Screen and selecting the “End Shot” option.

* Auto Shot Tracking requires Wear OS devices running Wear OS 1.4 or newer.

** Newer Wear OS devices have shown better general and battery performance than older devices when using Auto Shot Tracking.


Get in contact with our Support Team for any questions, concerns or comments and we’ll get right back to you!