The Golfshot app has just got even better with an industry-first feature that promises to take your game to the next level.


Photo via. Kevin Murray

Every year we make some kind of promise to ourselves: ‘This season I’m going to break 90,’ or ‘This season I’m going to become a single figure golfer’. Some of us simply vow to practice more. Good intentions, sure, but we don’t always follow through – excuse the pun. This could be about to change. Whatever goals you’ve set, THIS is going to be the year when you can finally become that better golfer and shoot lower scores.

For golfers who are serious about making gains, golf GPS devices are a must-have piece of equipment. Using one can save a bunch of shots by improving your course management and helping you to steer clear of card-wrecking hazards. Some devices, however, offer more than the standard ‘front, center and back’ yardages to the pin.


Golfshot is one of the most feature-packed GPS apps on the market – a product that tracked over 57 million shots in 2023 and played a combined 24 million hours of golf. As well as GPS Distances, Auto Shot Tracking, Auto Strokes Gained, and Voice Assistant, there are one or two additional advanced features that sets Golfshot apart, one of which is about to be taken to the next level.

“Golfshot is one of the most feature-packed GPS apps on the market – a product that tracked over 57 million shots in 2023 and played a combined 24 million hours of golf”

Swing ID allows golfers to collect swing data for every shot during play. By using cutting-edge machine learning technology to measure metrics such as Hand Speed, Swing Tempo, Transition and Swing Path, this feature provides personalized swing stats and visual analysis, giving golfers the power to identify why they might be struggling with a certain shot and improve their golf swing. Was that hook on the 7th backswing related? That top on the 15th… was your tempo out? Perhaps those pushes with your pitching wedge occur when you deviate from your normal swing path? All guesswork is removed, for the feedback is right there, clear to see on your phone and Apple Watch.

What you do with the data is up to you. However, by highlighting faults and weaknesses, it will identify what you need to work on. Together with your instructor, you’re in a far better position to eradicate the bad shots that are holding you back and stopping you from putting good scores together and getting the most enjoyment from the game.


What’s coming next is a first of its kind: Swing ID On-Range Mode. Set to be released by the end of April, this is a feature that Golfshot says will bridge the gap between on-course performance and practice for game improvement through real data that you can take to the range or to your golf instructor.

With Swing ID On-Range Mode, golfers will now be able to track every shot that they hit in practice, which is a significant advancement. It’s set on the range where many of us will spend hours each week trying to groove a better swing. Being able to track each of these shots makes this excellent app even more effective. In short, On-Range will give golfers a ‘venue’ to collect all of their data, whether that’s on the range, practice green or with a golf instructor.

On-Range Mode will also come with a number of new and improved features that Golfshot has planned for later this year. What do you do when you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie? We’ve all been guilty of going to the range and just hitting ball after ball without a goal. Not only do you risk embedding bad habits, how do you know if you’re making any improvements? 

“With Swing ID On-Range Mode, golfers will now be able to track every shot that they hit in practice, which is a significant advancement”

Through all of the data collection automation that Golfshot provides from Auto Shot Tracking, Swing ID (on-course and on range), and Auto Strokes Gained, two, new features will arrive later this Summer: Golfplan and Player Performance Reports (PPR). With Golfplan, you’ll be able to obtain your own personalized plan that identifies the greatest opportunities to lower your scores. With access to videos from expert coaches, golfers will receive lessons, tips and advice for the specific areas of their game where they need it most, a feature that will give your practice purpose. 

Meanwhile, Player Performance Reports (PPR) will provide golfers the data they need to understand their game, improve, and discover trends over time that give them the insights they need to play better golf. The PPR is set to redefine how golfers approach game improvement by providing unmatched and unbiased insights into their gameplay.


If you’re tired of going round in circles with your game, and if you’re really keen on playing to a higher standard this year, the good news is that you can download Golfshot for free on iOS or Android and get a 7-day free trial of Golfshot Pro.

Swing ID On-Range will be available to purchase annually, which includes a free 7-day trial, or on a monthly basis with no trial. Whichever option you choose, this could well be the best golf investment that you ever make, one that for as little as the cost of a green fee, can transform your game.

To find out more about the many different features and how to download the Golfshot app, visit golfshot.com.