Why in the world did Golfshot remap 28,000 golf courses this year?

Golf is a sport that requires a deep understanding of the field you are playing on, and golf course maps are a critical tool for players to navigate the fairways and make strategic decisions about their shots. Golfers need to know the layout of the course, the location of hazards, and the distance to the green. Golf course maps help players visualize the course, plan their shots, and execute them with confidence.

The importance of golf course maps is not lost on the Golfshot team. In fact, in partnership with StrackaLine, collectively we have spent thousands of hours over the past year updating 28,000 golf course maps to improve the accuracy and reliability of our product. This is no small feat, and it speaks to our commitment to providing golfers with the best possible experience.

The new maps take into account Tee Box Locations, and native fescue areas, in addition to fairways, rough areas, and fairway/greenside bunkers. This level of detail is essential for golfers who want to improve their game and understand their strengths and weaknesses on the course, and it optimizes the accuracy of our maps. With this data, Golfshot GPS will provide automated, reliable Strokes Gained output and better data analysis, giving golfers the tools they need to take their game to the next level.

In addition to helping golfers improve their game, accurate golf course maps are also essential for safety. Hazards like water, sand traps, and steep slopes can be dangerous, and accurate maps help golfers avoid these hazards and stay safe on the course. Course management is key to shooting lower scores, and players who take their time planning out shots based on course layout ultimately gain an edge on the competition. 

Golf course maps are a critical component of Golfshot GPS and are essential for providing golfers with the best possible experience. We think our effort in updating 28,000 golf course maps speaks to our dedication to providing golfers with accurate and reliable data that they can use to improve their game. With these new maps, golfers can navigate the course with confidence, avoid hazards, and make strategic decisions about their shots. The future of golf data analysis is bright, and Golfshot GPS is at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

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