There is tremendous amount of confusion and resentment out there in the Golf and the Fitness worlds, and the moment you combine those two worlds, it seems there is an explosion of #Knowitallism! So this little summary will NOT be filled with any of that sort of banter!I want to talk about 3 coaches in this game WHO GET IT! This is about 3 coaches who are actually very humble, hard working, TEAM oriented and not to mention the major underlying commonality amongst all three coaches; they get RESULTS!

 Coach 1 – Ryan Kennedy – Rustic Canyon, California (The Kennedy Academy).  Ryan is one of the best club pro golfers in the state and region. He knows the game well which allows him to transfer that very important information down to his students!  Ryan is constantly helping his students learn from the hard lessons that he continually learns at the higher levels of golf.  Ryan uses the CoachNow platform to continually communicate and teach his students. Ryan blends technology, on course knowledge to harmonize the learning experience for his students. Ryan has recently begun to really dive deep into the world of health and wellness as it is associated with his teachings and his own game. This has unlocked a whole new arena of learning for Ryan and subsequently his students. For this reason, Ryan is able to provide his students something that they might not get elsewhere. Full system coaching….And for that I wanted to take a moment to recognize him.

 Coach 2 – Chris Doos – Fresno California (On Target Performance). While Coach Doos specializes in elite juniors, he sees golfers of all levels at his MASSIVE indoor training facility located in Fresno CA. What Chris does really well is he fully integrates learning into an atmosphere that is conducive for growth and allows unlimited practice time. Also his students have access to the coaches and continual online learning (via CoachNow) whenever they need it. Coach Doos creates independence within his students and demands that they put forth the effort to help themselves learn as well. He teaches the students how to ask questions and be mindful of their feelings, progress, regressions and growth so that they are in charge of their own destinations. In short, Coach Doos uses a team approach to develop his athletes fully and at the next level and keep his facility FULL all year long. He is one of the best developers of young talent that I have personally ever seen.

 Coach 3 – Cameron McCormick – Dallas, Texas (Trinity Forest Golf Club). Coach Cameron has really transcended the game by adding a holistic and peaceful approach to coaching, one that is not often found amongst golf pro’s. Cameron’s demeanor is very unassuming and quiet, but inside the ropes you get a different perspective of the coach that has launched so many players to greatness. Coach Cameron has continually impressed me by his willingness to listen to people from all areas of expertise as long as they will serve the end goal of helping his students learn. He holds the STUDENT at the center of every circle, be it Jordan Spieth or the beginning senior female member from Trinity Forest. He treats all of his students like tour pros. Every one of his clients is put onto an online coaching platform and given drills and updates and is requested to be a part of the “communication” process by adding content and information as well. He holds his student accountable for their own games and their own paths. Cameron also uses his online platforms to disseminate information he has accrued on his amazing journey. Learning from Cameron McCormick is a true blessing and he makes it easily accessible! While so many people hoard their information, Cameron gives it away freely as he sees this as a way to grow the game that he been involved in for decades.

I hope this has given some insight into how some of the better coaches in this game are doing it. They are doing it right and are getting amazing results with their methods. An underlying theme amongst all three of these coaches are as follows;

  • Using more than just technical coaching to get results
  • Communicating with students using an offsite platform (CoachNow)
  • Involving health and wellness into their coaching strategies
  • Demanding that clients be involved into their own progress
  • Constantly learning
  • Freely passing information downhill to the rest of the coaching world (Fitness and Golf)

Lance Gill is the Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board. Along with his partner Jason Glass, Lance helps to establish player development protocols when it comes to functional movement restoration, physical screening, strength and power screening. In addition, Lance is the Lead Instructor for the TPI Level 1 & @ Fitness seminars that are put on globally. Lance has taught over 10,000 experts in his past 13 years, in a variety of fields;  from Golf fitness to Junior and Biomechanical proficiencies. If you’re interested in working with Lance, you can contact him here!