We all know that a GPS app can give you yardages, but can they actually improve your game and how else could one help?


GPS technology has become more and more prevalent in the game over the past few years, but how can it tangibly improve not only your game but also your enjoyment of it? Well here are 6 ways a Golf GPS app can do just that…


It is no coincidence that two of the game’s greatest ever iron players, Tiger Woods and Colin Montgomerie massively prioritised being pin high in their approach play. Their theory is that, if they were on their games, their approach shots wouldn’t generally be significantly offline, so the only thing stopping them from hitting it within birdie range on every hole would be controlling distance. Even in the recreational golfer’s game, it is hugely beneficial to be pin high as much as possible. If you hit an approach shot 50ft wide of your target, but are pin high, you will have a 50ft putt, however, if you miss the mark by the same amount left or right and are 10 yards short as well, then you have a significantly longer distance to the hole.

Used correctly, a GPS app, such as Golfshot, will teach you how far you hit each club. Ensuring you input your club selection correctly, the app will store the actual yardage of each stroke and create accurate data for the exact average you hit each club. This will in turn help you make better club choices and be closer to the hole more consistently.


One of the most important jobs a PGA Tour caddy has is guiding their player around the golf course, steering well clear of any hazards or potential pitfalls. They do so by creating a robust club selection strategy based on where the trouble is on each hole. GPS apps can act as your virtual caddy and do the same thing. In fact, they can probably do it even better as one of the Pro Features of Golfshot allows you to not only get real-time distances to hazards and other parts of the hole but also to zoom in and get a closer look at the severity of those hazards.

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Another way a GPS app can improve your golf game is by highlighting your tendencies with each club. For example, the Auto Shot Tracking feature of Golfshot automatically tracks every shot you take during a round and can be analyzed with the 3D round review feature. Here you can see any patterns developing or miss tendencies and can take the necessary technical or equipment-related steps to address the identified issues.


Apps that utilize Strokes Gained statistics can offer a real insight into the overall state of your golf game and make it extremely easy to identify your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you notice that you are +1.2 strokes gained from the tee, +1.8 strokes gained in approach play, but -2.9 strokes gained putting, then it is very clear that some extra time on the practice green may be the key to lowering your score. While there are some common misconceptions about Strokes Gained, most golfers know it’s the most accurate way to analyse your play. 


No one likes slow play. Fact. GPS apps can really help to speed up the pace of play in a number of different ways. Firstly, you are very likely to take fewer shots if you are a GPS app user, and fewer shots means less time! Secondly, having access to accurate yardages on your wrist negates the need to fumble around in your golf bag for a laser rangefinder, wasting valuable seconds.


We have all probably been that playing frantically eyeballing the 150-yard marker and making a random guess as to how far short of it we are, then making our yardage calculation from there. Equally, we have all probably been that player bemoaning their luck as the ball fails to carry the bunker at the front of the green. Aside from their many other features, high-quality GPS apps like Golfshot take the guesswork out of golf and provide accurate yardages from anywhere on the course.