Thanks to our members’ requests, Golfshot is the ONLY golf app to allow scoring for up to 8 golfers! We heard you loud and clear, and our latest iOS release of Golfshot 3.4 and Golfshot Plus 5.4 brings back the ability to score for up to 8 golfers. Thank you to all our members for your inquiries!

“I just received the upgraded golfshot app this morning. Is it possible to play with 5 players. I was disappointed to be unable to add the fifth player in our fivesome. Am I missing something?”

“Thank you but you need to accommodate more than four. The old program did so why not the new one? Just a suggestion.”

“I am not able to keep track of more than four players, we have a group tournament and can no longer track everyone’s score.”

“I like the new feel, but you’ve removed the ability to keep scores of more than a foursome. We have a group of 6 and we tally our scores after each game, but we haven’t been able to do that since the upgrade.”

Simply add your entire golf group during round setup:

Update today on iOS to enjoy this feature and more efficient battery and GPS performance for your phone and Apple Watch. #yourbestgolf