It’s been almost two years since the USGA has announced the new changes to come with the World Handicap System. Now just months away from 2020, here are a few things to keep in mind and understand about the new system coming into place. 

1. Daily Updates
Unlike the current handicap systems where your GHIN
® is updated on the 1st and the 15th, you will now be able to see your updated numbers daily after posting a score.

2. Get Your Handicap established sooner
With the new system in place, you will be able to enter fewer rounds to receive your Handicap Index®. Where the old system required 90 holes to establish your handicap, this new system will only require 54. Also, the new World Handicap System will take your best 8 scores of your most recent 20 instead of your best 10.

3. Keep Your Scores Low
The World Handicap System will now have a maximum hole score. Capping it at net double bogey, this system will keep your score closer to your true playing potential.

4. Blame the Weather
As with most outside events and sports, the weather is unpredictable and can play a huge role in how well, or how poorly, you play. The new system will take into account the weather on your course and adjust your score accordingly.

5. Everyone gets a Handicap Index
It’s better to have everyone establish a Handicap Index®, even if you’re a first-time golfer. Thanks to this new system, that will now be possible and less intimidating. The maximum Handicap will now go from a 36.4 for men and a 36.4 for women, to 54.

For more information on the World Handicap System and some more frequently asked questions, visit the USGA FAQ page!