The time has finally come! The official updated version of Swing ID is here! As you know, Swing ID is one of the first of its kind. Swing ID analyzes your swing and provides you with a personalized Swing Analysis, identifying areas for improvement and helping you reach your full potential on the course. With our newest feature, a 3D animation of your swing, you can have it rendered on your iPhone or Apple Watch. This allows you to truly visualize your progress and refine your technique like never before.

WatchOS 10 is the latest update to Apple Watch, and with this new update comes new and exciting features. Golfshot was featured on the Apple Developer site, highlighting the High Frequency API, which allows for 2X increase in measurement frequency compared to Core Motion; up to 200 readings per second. This new state of the art technology allows us to detect rapid changes in direction and an acceleration during your swing. Apple has even improved the Gyroscope and Accelerometer for Apple Watch Series 8+ and Ultra.

With this new update comes new Swing ID features, including Wrist Rotation, Impact Plane, and Closure Rate.

Wrist Rotation: Wrist Rotation is the rotation of the wrist from Address to Impact. Wrist rotation is important because the rotation closes the face in your downswing as you approach impact. This metric is helpful for realizing over/under rotation of the wrist at the point of impact.

Impact Plane: The angle of your wrist at impact in relation to the horizon. Impact plane can vary between different golfers, and there is no perfect impact plane, however, knowing your impact plane can help you achieve consistency in your swing.

Closure Rate: The degree per foot, at which the face closes just prior to impact on the downswing. A high rate of closure indicates that the club has more rotation immediately prior to impact, which can make it more challenging to hit the ball square. Lower rate of closure indicates that the club is rotating less prior to impact, which may make it easier to square the club at impact.

These new Swing ID metrics join a host of other valuable data insights that were available in the first iteration of Swing ID,  including: Tempo, Rhythm, Hand Speed, Swing Path, Back Swing Arc, and Transition. 

Golfshot’s Swing ID feature captures all of this data on every single shot. This allows you to retain your data and analyze your own person swing tendencies–with the goal of improving your Swing ID. As of September 25th, we have recorded 28,521,309 swings amongst nearly 70,000 members that have tracked their swings! 

Try it out today to unlock the power of advanced machine learning technology! Golfshot Pro members not only have access to the number one Golf GPS app in the world for iPhone and Apple Watch, but you’ll have the ability to use these tools to upgrade your game to the next level. 

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