As the Holidays are nearing, golf is slowing down a bit in the United States, while it is picking up in other countries across the globe. Our team has been busy keeping all those international courses up to date, with the help of our users.  If you notice your course needs updating, just email an image of the course scorecard to support@golfshot.com and we will get it updated for you. When updating our database, we map and enter data for each course by hand. To help ensure the accuracy of our database, our users provide us with images of their course’s most recent scorecard when possible. This month we updated a total of 131 courses worldwide, with 37 of those being in the United States and 131 of them being International courses.

The top played International course that was updated this month was Real Sociedad Hipica Espanola located in San Sebastián de los Reye, Spain. Real Sociedad Hipica Espanola hosts a number of sports at their facility, but their golf course is top notch. Most fairways are tree lined, with water features on a few. This course is set up as two nine hole courses: North and South, and provides elevation changes to add to the course difficulty. Be sure to check out this course next time you are in the area!

Does your course need to be updated? Let our mapping team know by submitting a Course Request: https://golfshot.com/contact

Contact Golfshot support at support@golfshot.com