Over the last few months, Golf has taken a hit with COVID along with all other major sporting events and competitions. However, with Golf, many people were still able to get out and play as some courses remained open with some changes.

We wanted to share with you just how great our golfers are and share some of the data we have gathered over the last few months.

You can see that in such a short amount of time, our golfers have racked up some pretty serious numbers! General rounds started from May to June have grown from -57.8% to 42.8% in just over a month!

In comparison to May of last year, Golfshot saw 124,333 rounds started and a year later, 202,302. When it comes to rounds played through May 2019 the numbers were reported at 194,767 rounds played vs. 2020 there were 278,294 rounds played. 

On top of our increase in rounds played and started, we have been working on our infrastructure to make things a bit quicker on the back end.

Let’s keep it going and we will see you out on the course!