We were very fortunate to be able to make some adjustments and carry on with our beloved game. We wanted to share some data with you to show you just how much we’ve grown! 

According to the National Golf Foundation, July of 2020 saw a huge increase of rounds played, Golf equipment sold and Junior level participation. With numbers going up through the Summer, we decided to check our numbers as well.

Below, we have compared January 2019 through August 2019 to January 2020 through August 2020. 

  • Our rounds started have increased by 1.32 million
  • We have increased our tee time bookings by 1,695
  • Course updates have been done to 556 more courses this year already
  • Tops states and top countries are showing us that Golf is well and alive!

We hope you’re enjoying your time out on the course! We can’t wait to return to our regularly scheduled programming and get out there with you!