This weekend at SXSW, Golfshot is joining Bose as part of a new partnership to bring an all-new audio and voice experience to the golf course. The new Bose Frames are sunglasses that integrate AR audio and Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience unlike any other.

Bose and Golfshot’s partnership lets golfers around the world use Golfshot to enjoy a more hands-free experience. Information like distances to the green and hole par, distance and number are already available on iOS using Bluetooth. This means no more pulling your phone out of your pocket if all you need to know is your distance to the green or the next hole information.

The built-in speakers in the Frames are small yet powerful so you can listen to music and get your Golfshot GPS information while wearing them. It’s loud enough for the person wearing them, but quiet enough for none of the other members of your group, or players on the course to be distracted.  

“Being innovative and integrating with wearables has always been a priority for Golfshot,” said Alex Flores, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Golfshot. “Our Golfshot members are always asking how they can have a more streamlined on-course experience and put their phones in their pockets. With Bose, we saw a great opportunity to address both of those needs and partner with a leading technology company that has the same mindset of continuous innovation to bring better experiences and products to their customers.”

Download the latest version of Golfshot iOS to ensure you get the best experience possible and want to try Bose Frames.