Over the last decade, Golfshot has continued to grow, both in the community as well as in technology. In 2020 we sent out a survey to better gauge our audience, who our users are, what their goals are, how long they’ve been playing, just a better way for us at Golfshot to get to know you better! 

Based on our responses, we wanted to share some data with you! It appears that our members are spread out across the board when it comes to length of use for the app. It looks like our community is pretty split, with about 57% of our community having used the app for just under 3 years, while the other portion are seasoned veterans having over 3 years of experience!

We hope you all remember at the end of 2020 we shared with you that you accumulated over 9.8 MILLION rounds of Golf! With those rounds, 85% of Golfshot Pro members, 86% of Golfshot Plus members, and 72% of Free users played at least 20 rounds in 2020. 

Within those rounds, it looks like a lot of our members were looking just to have a bit of fun while playing a round of golf. Others were more focused on obtaining a specific goal or just focused on being a better golfer!

As you’re all aware, Golfshot has some quality features. Thanks to you we are always looking to improve our app and features. You’ve let us know what features you find most useful and we can’t wait to bring you more!