Finding the right Golfshot membership is important, especially if you have an Apple Watch. At Golfshot, we have 3 main levels of membership, Free, Plus and Pro. The membership with the most features for Apple Watch is our Pro subscription. 

Here is what each subscription entails when it comes to the Apple Watch.



Golfshot Plus and free members users can view a hole’s par, handicap, and length, as well as real-time GPS distances to the center of the green. 



Golfshot Pro members enjoy the above features plus additional benefits including:

  • Real-time GPS distances to the front, center, and back of each green
  • Real-time GPS distances to all key hazards and targets
  • Crisp aerial images of each hole
  • Close up aerial views of the green
  • Scoring, including putts
  • Shot tracking
  • Auto Advance

You can review our more extensive side by side product guide and subscription costs HERE.