Being in the business of attracting, acquiring, and retaining golfers, it’s no secret that the game of golf has had its fair share of struggles bringing in the next generation of golfer. Although soccer was my sport of choice growing up, I remember golfing since I was 8 because it was fun, gave me something to do in the summer, and it was a way for my friends and I to be out on our “own” (even just for a few hours).

Luckily, my passion for sports and specifically golf has been passed down a generation to my son who just completed his fourth, week-long PGA Junior Golf Camp. Since partnering with PGA Junior Golf Camps, Golfshot has helped provide over 20 scholarships to camps for youth in an effort to help grow the game.

Being on the other side of this as the “dad” of an athlete and not the athlete, I’ve experienced lots of youth clinics and camps. In all honesty, I’ve never seen my son have more fun, get more 1:1 instruction from great PGA instructors, and actually improve in a week’s time than I have when he attends the PGA Jr. Camps. In the week’s time that he’s there, he’s made new friends that golf, developed great relationships with coaches who care about the game, and his enthusiasm for golf skyrockets because HE loves it, not dad.

The benefits of these camps go beyond the kids having a blast and getting better, it gives them a shared passion they can take with them forever. Having done this for four years, it also gives me something I can do with my son forever. Just two days after he completed his week of camp, we were out on the course together playing a round and it was amazing to see how far he’s come since he was 6. Driving the ball 160 yds and using terminology like check-up, what’s the read dad?, and who’s out?, I realized I really have a new golf buddy and we had our best round yet just having fun and being out there together.

PGA Jr. Camp Video Analysis
PGA Junior Golf Camps use CoachNow, an all-in-one coaching and video analysis platform that enables coaches in all sport to coach better and smarter. CoachNow is part of the Shotzoom portfolio of apps that enhance they way we play, coach, and experience sports on a worldwide basis. 

CoachNow video analysis link: https://app.coachnow.io/posts/5fa4d43f4fab4c21985982cc19d5218e