In the world of golf, the pursuit of improvement is an endless journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, the desire to lower your scores and enhance your game is universal. That’s why, we at Golfshot, are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new feature: Auto Strokes Gained. By bringing Strokes Gained analysis to the masses, we are revolutionizing the way golfers analyze and improve their performance on the course.

One of the biggest hurdles in analyzing one’s golf game has always been the laborious task of meticulously recording shot data after each round. Golfers have traditionally relied on pen and paper, jotting down every shot and noting the distance, club selection, and outcome. This time-consuming process often leads to inaccuracies and incomplete data, limiting the effectiveness of any subsequent analysis.

With Auto Shot Tracking, a proprietary feature of Golfshot GPS, we have eliminated the need for manual shot data collection. By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, our app automatically tracks your shots, accurately capturing critical data points such as distance, club selection, lie type, and shot outcome. This seamless integration simplifies the data collection process, enabling you to focus on your game while the app handles the analytics in the background. Though putts must still be entered manually and verified, we commit to continuously optimizing our technology to better automate the process in the future. 

At the heart of our new feature, Auto Strokes Gained, lies a powerful concept: understanding not just how far off the mark you are but also in which specific areas of your game you can improve the most. Strokes Gained is a game-changing metric that goes beyond a simple handicap. While a handicap provides a generalized measure of your overall skill relative to par, Strokes Gained breaks down your performance into specific categories revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your game. This creates an outline of where your biggest opportunities are, so you can be more productive on the practice range, dialing in on your biggest weaknesses.

With Auto Strokes Gained, you no longer need to spend hours poring over scorecards or struggling to make sense of raw data. Simply Track your Shots, Add the Flag and enter your putts; after your round, the app will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your performance. You’ll receive detailed insights into which aspects of your game are costing you the most strokes, allowing you to prioritize your practice sessions and focus on the areas that matter most.

The ability to identify specific areas for improvement is invaluable in golf. Auto Strokes Gained empowers you to take a data-driven approach to your practice regimen. By pinpointing the areas where you are losing strokes, you can tailor your training sessions and dedicate your time and effort to addressing those weaknesses. This targeted approach enables you to optimize your practice and make tangible progress towards lower scores and an improved game overall.

With the introduction of Auto Strokes Gained, Golfshot GPS is democratizing the world of golf analytics. We are bringing this powerful tool to the masses, enabling golfers of all skill levels to take advantage of detailed data analysis for better performance on the course. By leveraging Auto Shot Tracking and providing Strokes Gained insights, we are empowering golfers to unlock their true potential and take their game to new heights. Say goodbye to the old ways of writing down shot notes and embrace a more efficient, accurate, and data-driven approach to golf with Auto Strokes Gained by Golfshot GPS.

Kyle Schomer, Senior Product Manager