Like your own personal caddie, Golfshot is here to point out your accomplishments and improvement on the course. With the latest updates, you can now earn, share and view awards based on your performance on and off the course.

Earn awards for:

  • Breaking major scoring milestones, like 90, 80 and par
  • Mastering the course by scoring birdies, eagles and more
  • Getting on the green and hitting an impressive GIR percentage
  • Tracking your own score and the scores of your playing partners
  • Getting out on the course with Golfshot and recording more rounds
  • Going the distance and hitting long, powerful shots
  • Using Golfshot’s features to help you know your game

We could all use a little motivation, and the more you get out and play with Golfshot, the better your game gets and the more awards you can earn!

Share your awards with your fellow golf buddies to show your progress and push them even further to improve their game over text, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Turn on push notifications for Golfshot to stay on top of your awards! Open up your iPhone Settings > Notifications > select Golfshot and switch on “Allow Notifications”.

Current Golfshot members’ awards will begin recording with the first use of the app after the 3.0 Golfshot GPS and 5.0 Golfshot Plus updates. Awards will not gather information from rounds posted before the updates.