Have you ever timed yourself, or had a friend time you as you’re in the tee box? If you have, what’s your time limit over the ball? Is it consistent on every hole? If you haven’t, why not?

According to Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson, of Vision 54, some of the best players in the WORLD are in the tee box for about 3-9 seconds. That includes Tiger Woods, well when he’s playing well. When Tiger is on point, he’s in the tee box over his ball for about 8 seconds. When he’s off, amp that time up to about 12 seconds.

On the other side of the spectrum, Golf great Jack Nicklaus usually spent about 18-20 seconds in the tee box according to Golf’s 8-Secret: What separates golf’s greatest champions, by PGA pro Mike Bender and accomplished amateur Michael Mercier.

Each golfer has their own unique set up and will vary in times. Although the time change doesn’t seem like much, just a few seconds while over that ball can lead a golfer to start overthinking the shot. On the other hand, a golfer who hits too quickly could be rushing the shot, but then again they may not need as much time to set up.

Next time you’re out on the course, have your partner time you on a few holes. Let us know what your second counts are, if you’re consistent and if you noticed if you did better or worse depending on your time spent in the tee box!