Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a minute, I’ve been busy trying not to die in this Arizona heat. I’ve gone out a few times to golf, but only make it through nine holes or so, then I give up. Call me a weenie, but no heat stroke for me! That does mean, however, that I have not gotten any more birdies but that’s okay–soon enough it’ll be tolerable out there and I’ll be whipping them out every round.

Okay, enough of that–you clicked on this link to hear all about the Open Championship, which just concluded this past weekend. I want to talk about how it was a nail-biter and had me on the edge of my seat, but if I am being honest, I had more fun watching players squat funny in the bunkers than I did trying to guess who was going to come out on top. 

Photo via. SBNation

It’s no secret that Brian Harman–the southern gentleman straight out of Savannah, Georgia–came out on top at the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, which was really no surprise, to me at least. He came into the final round with a 5-stroke lead after essentially leading the entire tournament, which is impressive in and of itself. 

It’s kind of funny, it seemed like the entire country of Great Britain wanted anyone to win but Harman–he practically turned England’s pride and joy golf tournament into a runaway contest. Cheers erupted for Tommy Fleetwood, Rory McIlroy, even American Cameron Young, but never for Harman. Look, I’m all for underdog players coming out of the woodworks and absolutely dominating, especially at one of the four Major Championships in the golf world. He was a 125-1 underdog to win, and really wasn’t on anyone’s radar. I also found out he’s 5’7”–buddy is shorter than me! This is a win for the short kings, am I right?

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Harman had a 6-stroke margin of victory, which matches the second largest in Open Championship history by someone from the United States, up there with Tiger Woods who won the Claret Jug with an 8-stroke margin at St. Andrews in Scotland back in 2000. 

It was a pretty hefty payday for Mr. Harman, who took home a mean $3 million. Boy the things I could do with just a fraction of that money. I can only imagine how winning made him feel after all the crap he had to endure throughout the tournament. Gosh, the satisfaction he must have–nevertheless with this win he is expected to move to number 3 in the Ryder Cup points. 

Photo via. GolfDigest

Overall, while I didn’t think it necessarily was the most exciting out of the four major championships, it sure was exciting to have an American win it all, and now we have to patiently wait 250 days until the next tournament. See ya next time!