Hello again! Welcome back to this week’s edition of Kaitlyn’s Corner. Today we’re going to talk about the recent launch of our newest–and coolest–feature, Swing ID. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know we launched this super cool feature about three weeks ago, and boy is it a cool one. 

Just in case you’re blissfully unaware of what this product is, here’s a quick synopsis:

Using advanced machine learning technology, Swing ID analyzes your swing and provides you with a personalized Swing Analysis, identifying areas for improvement and helping you reach your full potential on the course–and with our newest feature, a 3D animation of your swing rendered on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can truly visualize your progress and refine your technique like never before. Swing ID also gives you data for each of your specific clubs you’ve entered in your club and can review and adjust your personalized benchmark targets per stat and club to make sure you get the most in-depth data possible.

Ok, so I don’t know about you, but personally I am a visual learner. So, when we were given the inside scoop a few months before this thing was released, I was confused and wasn’t quite sure what this was going to look like. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the launch we got an in-depth look at the new feature and got to see how it works where I began to get really excited about it.

Now fast forward to after the launch, you guys are super excited about it, we’re super excited about it, the entire world seems to be super excited about it–but I still hadn’t tried it out yet! So, I took it upon myself to head down to the golf course and test it out and all I could say is, wow!

Not sure about you all, but I have a nasty habit of slicing my ball. Unfortunate, I know. It’s been a problem for me since I started golfing like 15 years ago. But guess. what. Swing ID is here to save the day! It uses super cool technology that I don’t understand to track tempo, rhythm, hand speed, swing path, back swing arc, and transition to practically help solve whatever it is you’re doing wrong with your swing. 

These are my actual analytics from my first round using Swing ID. Like I said, it uses technology to track tempo, rhythm, hand speed, backswing, transition and swing path. Then for each of those metrics, there’s a visualization (which is what is shown at the top of the pictures). Another cool feature, it tracks it for each individual club–so when you’re golfing you can choose the specific club and it will save the data for you to then look after the shot. HOW COOL!!

So in layman terms, you take a swing, your apple watch detects the swing, and will give you not only a detailed analysis, but it shows you a 3D animation of your swing. It really is the dopest feature. I’ve told all of my friends about it and got them to all sign up for pro memberships, and they say it’s worth every penny. Not to toot our own horns, but the people seem to absolutely love it. Here are just a few glowing reviews: 

“Love the new Swing ID feature!” 

“Wow I am impressed at these new options to know all of my tracked shots on the golf image itself AND now can analyze my swings and see how I’m doing. Learning a lot, thanks Golfshot”

“Just tried the new Swing ID swing analysis feature with my Apple Watch Ultra  – and talk about wow! This is normally information I could only get from a launch monitor or my golf instructor. Great feature for all golfers and know how they’re swinging!”

As of May 1st, we have recorded 2,966,656 total swings since we launched in mid-April. Almost THREE MILLION SWINGS!! I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a hit. And you know what, I am here to toot our own horn–we have the best gosh darn golf tracking app out there. If you don’t have Golfshot Pro, you’re missing out. Download today for Swing ID and all of our other awesome features and have the best golf game of your life.