The default Apple Watch wake screen setting requires that you manually reopen apps after reactivating the screen. During your game, when speed and ease of use are a big factor this default setting won’t cut it! With the right watch setting adjustments, Golfshot can be a quick wrist raise away.

You know you have the default setting if you find yourself seeing the clock face when reactivating the screen during play, requiring locating and reopening of the app to resume Golfshot function. Adjusting your wake screen settings will help avoid this problem and allow Golfshot to resume on the current screen upon activation of the screen. 

Please check your Watch settings:
  • Settings > General > Return to Clock > 1 hour
  • Scroll down to the Golfshot icon on the ‘Return to Clock’ screen > When in session > turn this option to ON

If you need any help with your current Apple Watch configurations contact our support team!