Golfshot recently partnered with Swing Caddie to provide members a way to truly know their club distances, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor. With more sophisticated and expensive launch monitors like Track Man or Foresight unavailable to most golfers, we decided to test out the Swing Caddie before providing it to our members.

The Good

The Swing Caddie was super easy to setup and start swinging away. Shot distance and swing speed were pretty accurate based on about 100 swings. Every golfer wants to know how far they can hit – especially when using their driver, and we were not disappointed in the accuracy of things.

You get a digital reading of your stats as well and a robotic voice telling you your distance which super helpful so you’re not looking at the screen after every swing.

The Not So Good

Transitioning from club to club and resetting the stats was a bit of a learning curve, but once we got to about 12 swing in, we got the hang of it. The digital screen was a bit tough to read at times while outside, but that’s when the voice caddie part really comes in handy.


We’d give the Swing Caddie an 8.5/10 for those golfers looking to get some helpful stats on their swing without breaking the bank and spending thousands on a launch monitor or lesson. The packaging and case are all quality and after banging the device around a bit, it still performed well.

Knowing your distances and swing speed can help make all the difference when you’re trying to shave a few strokes off. Obviously, Golfshot is here to help with that but should want to learn more about your game you can still pick up your own Swing Caddie.

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